How To Get Rid Of Plant Bugs For Good

how to get rid of bugs on houseplants

How to get rid of plant bugs for good. It’s nature my plant mama’s. Houseplant pests will invade your indoor space and you’ll want to know these very important facts if you want to maintain some style of sanity. They do a fine job of teaching us what patience truly is. Confession: I didn’t have … Read moreHow To Get Rid Of Plant Bugs For Good

30 Day Decluttering Challenge

The 30 Day Decluttering Challenge is powerful…life changing! Let’s do this. Welcome home lovers! This season we are going to be posting individual challenges for the months ahead. If you’re new here, join The Uncluttered Project for a fresh start to minimalism, healthy living and please subscribe because these posts will be updated often throughout … Read more30 Day Decluttering Challenge

How To Speed Clean Before Bed

Your nightly clean up around the house should be simple and stress free. If you’re overwhelming yourself, stop. The floors don’t need to be cleaned as much as you think they do. Now, if you maintain a healthy morning routine then this edition should be rather breezy. And relaxing! Nightly Cleaning Routine Assuming we keep … Read moreHow To Speed Clean Before Bed

What Is Greenwashing and How We Can Put An End To It

What is greenwashing and how can we as consumers identify it/put an end to it? Hello my coffee addict mama’s! If you’re new here, say hi and welcome to the real NO TOX LIFE. I think it’s safe to say that not a lot of people understand the term Greenwashing, so today I wanted to … Read moreWhat Is Greenwashing and How We Can Put An End To It

How To Properly Clean Your Kitchen Sinks

Hello Mama’s! It’s the talk of the town and I’m here to share the absolute best way to clean your kitchen sinks. I mention all of the time that the kitchen sink harbors more bacteria than your toilets, so let me just say this once and for all; Yes, there’s a proper way to clean … Read moreHow To Properly Clean Your Kitchen Sinks

Housekeeping Hacks : Floors 101

best floor cleaning tips

Whether your floors are laminate, hardwood, ceramic tile, or marble; it doesn’t really matter as long as you know how to clean them! It’s important to know that floors don’t need a lot of attention to maintain that natural beautiful look you’re trying to achieve. Everyone wants that perfect shiny floor yet, they’re constantly confusing … Read moreHousekeeping Hacks : Floors 101

6 Ways To Make Your Homes Smell Fresh & Clean

Hello Mama’s, here’s 6 ways to make your homes smell fresh and clean naturally without the chemicals. As an added bonus I’ve edited this post with kitchen and bathroom cleaning tips as well. The trick to constantly keeping your homes ‘smelling clean’ is to actually clean. But that’s not the only thing. There’s tons of … Read more6 Ways To Make Your Homes Smell Fresh & Clean