George Anthony’s Response To ‘The Lie Detector’ Results

George and Cindy Anthony recently took a lie detector test to prove their innocence in the disappearance of granddaughter Caylee Marie. The allegations Casey revealed in her documentary, Where The Truth Lies, were also all about her father abusing both of them. Anthony’s parents have always claimed to have no involvement in Caylee’s murder, concealing the body or helping Casey in any way. The series, Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test, premiered Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on A&E and Lifetime.

Leading up to the lie detector test George was having a difficult time answering the question, “Did you conceal the body?” While Cindy watched from another room she burst out, “It’s a yes or no question!”

What Happened To George Anthony

In 2018, George was in a bad car accident that broke his neck. He and wife Cindy have been recovering from his suicide attempt as well. According to George, “I didn’t want to go on anymore without Caylee!”

The couple have been living a quiet life in Orlando Florida, the home they purchased in 1989 with their children and still keep the rooms in memory of Caylee Anthony. Cindy explains in ‘The Lie Detector’ interview that home is where she feels peaceful, close to her granddaughter.

George Anthony suffers on a daily basis from all the emotional turmoil that has been happening since Caylee’s murder. Cindy had a panic attack and was having trouble breathing multiple times throughout their interview. They both agreed to do this after hearing of the lies Casey revealed in her documentary. Although they did not watch it until they were filming their A & E story, they felt it was necessary to unveil their truth with this polygraph test.

The Polygraph Test

The polygraph test was performed by ex FBI polygrapher who specialized in this performance. He asked a series of questions, repeated them and makes sure The Anthony’s understand what’s being asked.

George Anthony takes a lie detector test

FBI Special Agent George Olivo reads the polygraphy test results to George and Cindy stating, “You Passed!” His genuine response to the entire questioning was that in his professional opinion (along with another specialist who looked over the tests) both parents were telling the truth about everything. He also mentions the nature of Casey’s demeanor and body language in her story, “Where The Truth Lies” is untruthful. Watch this:

Viewers Reactions To Casey’s Texts To Cindy

In the meantime, viewers who have been attached to this story for years are still speaking out. This clearly took a toll on the entire country. Caylee Marie Anthony was loved by many.

In this A & E special, Cindy shares a text message exchange between her and Casey. You can watch the full message here and weigh in. I think it’s incredibly brave of her as a mother to respond the way she did. It’s heartbreaking to say the least.

Casey’s own mother is now revealing what she knows her daughter did to her granddaughter. How? One may never know. But we all know now that the parents did not have anything to do with this.

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George Anthony’s Emotional Response To The Lie Detector Test Results

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