a coffee addicts morning routine

everyday morning routine

Hello, good morning! Rise and grind, it’s coffee time. I love mornings. They just really make me happy. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s a brand new day, the coffee is fresh and I’m afraid of the dark. There, you know a secret about me. Since my girls were born, I barely ever sleep an 8 hour night. I almost always only sleep a couple of hours, wake up, take forever falling back to sleep, get a few more hours and then it’s sunrise. A total of 5 hours a night { if that }. My morning routine is typically always the same and pretty boring. But I want to hear about yours, so let’s discuss!

I’ve been blessed enough to live near beaches for the better part of my adult life. There’s really nothing more soothing. It’s calming, beyond relaxing and beautiful. If I can take my morning coffee down to the beach every single day to watch the sun rise, believe me…..I would. Not lucky enough to own a house on the beach quite yet.

Between 5-6 am I wake up naturally. The sun usually rises here around 6-7. Birds are always chirping and that’s when I try to grab at least another hour before I crawl out of bed. If that doesn’t happen I just go flip the coffee pot on early. The coffee pot is set the previous night. I usually won’t get up unless I smell it brewing. Sorry. I’m tired now that I’ve been up all night. Once I smell it, I get up. And that excites me to start the day.

Morning Routine

I wish I could have coffee in bed but nahhhhh, that never happens. Ha. And trust me, I’ve tried a time or two and it’s not all it’s caked up to be! Let’s just say I’ve spilled it and that’s that.

  • Check my phone ( M is away at college and H is with her dad sometimes ) and make sure I either text them or see if they didn’t text me for anything

When Hannah or both the girls are here on the weekends we always make a big breakfast after we sleep in for a few more hours. We’re all so busy during the week that we crash early on Friday evenings and wake about 9 am on Saturday.

  • Open the blinds
  • Move the stuff in front of the door back to it’s normal space ( I have severe anxiety before I go to sleep but that’s another topic )
  • Pour the coffee ( usually the first thing I do if it’s finished brewing )
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Sit on the couch for a minute ( we barely use our furniture, so I find time in the morning to drink my coffee on the sofa and just look outside )

None of these are in a specific order because it usually depends on the day but that’s what happens when I rise. We’re rather boring people. We don’t get a newspaper delivered, have no kids to check on and get ready for school, no dogs to walk ( the girls took Jack ) and truly just sipping our coffee is the highlight of our early mornings. Oh, but we now have our ragdoll cats. We adopted them about 6 months ago and they are two sisters age 6 that really highlight most of our days now. Mornings especially.


I then get the laptop out and respond to emails, use the phone to reply to FB messages on our business page and gather my notes for blogging. We barely talk in the morning until our second cuppa. LOL. Doug absolutely hates when I bring the laptop out into the main living space to start working. He gets anxiety. But I don’t like my desk some mornings. The natural light is better in the dining room. I check my plants and rearrange them if they need. UPDATE: I’ve kind of taken over H’s room with her desk space while we’re in quarantine (COVID-19) – the sunlight in her room is so much more inviting. I whip back the curtains, open the window and let the fresh air in.

coffee addict mama office life

Cleo is our wild mama. She has three names….KeKe, Mama’s and Cleo. This is by far her favorite room. Especially in the morning. She sits up on the ottoman and watches the birds. It’s cat heaven!! And that’s her morning face.

ragdoll cat sitting in front of window

It takes me about 2 hours to do everything I need before attending any appointments or anything. I can’t really function if I don’t have at least 2. With us being in lock down ( state of SC ) we are just taking everything day by day and I’m working online with no incoming monies. I will start selling everything from our shop on FB but haven’t had the energy or desire to do it just yet. For me, I survive with less stress, so I try to remain faithful and hopeful during times like these especially.

Obvious things I forgot to mention above was rinsing my face with plain cool water. I don’t wash my face in the morning unless I’ve slapped a ton of coconut oil on my hair the night before. Washing my face less often has been something I have done for the past year. I normally do a good wash at night, so washing again in the morning is not good for my skin. I do however use the homemade coffee scrub if I feel I need but typically I rinse my face, apply ponds and use a face roller. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the way my face feels since I’ve been doing this.

Bouncing back and forth between the bathroom, the kitchen and wherever the laptop is, I find a way to figure out what time I’ll want to head out for the day. I’m lucky enough to make my own schedule so typically I wake up 3-4 hours before I need to leave the house.

I start washing up about an hour into my mornings. I don’t wash my hair everyday, so I’m pretty happy that my natural locks don’t get greasy or anything like that. I just spray some dry shampoo in and fluff with my fingers to give it a bounce. If I’m heading out to go cleaning, I’ll throw it up in a sloppy bun. My attire is usually yoga pants, a tee, an apron and some sneakers. Not a whole lot of prettiness going on for this house cleaner, so getting dressed is a breeze!

Please note that I am not cleaning right now but if I was this would be what my morning was like:

Packing up my vehicle. Depending on the day, I gather whatever cleaning supplies I need for the appointments that I have and load up. This takes about 10 minutes everyday. I always clean everything the night before so my mornings are not insane.

Routine is everything for me. I love being organized and having things in order. Little things like not having the coffee set the previous night could throw my entire day off.

Oh, this is Chloe…..she’s the other ragdoll. More sweet and lazy!

ragdoll cat playing

Mornings Ain’t Mornings Unless You’ve Had At Least 2 Cups

Or 3! I typically cannot start functioning until at least a good few cups have kicked in. Our mornings consist of cats, coffee and sports news. How does your day start off? I’d love to hear.