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Are you someone who has been interested in blogging for a long time but never know where to start? Or, you started a blog and it’s just sitting in limbo with no clear guidance?

Either way, it’s clear you’re here because blogging sparks interest in you and you need to learn how to master it once and for all.

Build Your Brand From The Blog Up
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The Beginners Guide To Starting A WordPress Site With A Boss Blog Attached To It

It can seem intimidating, overwhelming and that’s when I see people giving up. I want to make it very easy for you to learn how to create a boss blog and successfully keep it growing.

A Step by Step process to getting your blog up and running, mastering how to grow organically and leveling up your business to be the boss woman you’ve always dreamt of being.


Back in 2010, I started a mom blog on that platform blogger, so I’ve been around the block a time or two. My passion began when I learned what writing could do for my mental health and well being. It’s like that natural journal therapy, so to speak. The community is fantastic and although there are tons of articles on how to start a blog, it’s just not the same as getting all the information in one clear space.

Level Up Your Business and Blog Like A Boss!

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  • The Set Up

    Basics to getting a WordPress site and the difference between hostings.

  • Plugins

    Installing plugins video presentation to help you install what needs to be incorporated, what to delete, etc.

  • Themes

    As a new blogger free seems to be the way to go which is perfectly fine for the time being. But, in due time you'll want to know about Elementor, themes that support.

  • How Often Should You Post

    Video presentation with fun ideas to elevate your blogging skills.

What To Look Forward To

From basic to advanced, we give you inside sneak peeks at the WordPress dashboard, how to get creative on Canva if you don’t want to show your face in videos, blogging for business, SEO tips and tricks throughout each video, more insights on what you need to be successful, make money and grow a brand.

Grow your business with a blog: is your small business struggling? Are you in a constant state of  ‘FUNK’, not understanding why you can’t grow? Do you dislike social media and dread the fact that everyone says, “You need to put yourself out there?” 

You don’t need social media to grow your brand. Your blog is going to do that for you boss 🙌

I’ll say it again…You don’t have to put yourself in an uncomfortable place to be the boss you know you want to be.

Start Now

Even if you have no idea on what you want to do in terms of growing your business, the key is to simply start because it needs time to sit on the Google market anyways (I’ll explain more below). 

Your blog is your lifeline on the web. If you already have a website but don’t have a blog section attached to it then ask yourself why you’re not growing. The growth is in your articles.

Your website and blog is all yours. Social media can fall flat tomorrow and all your content would be gone right along with it. Mastering your blog content can lead you to more success than you’ll ever imagine.

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Why Every Business Needs A Blog
how to grow your blog super fast
Make Money Selling E-books
How To Turn Your Blog Into Money
But blogging is dead they said...
Ah No! Your blog is a crucial part of your website (that's why the section titled POSTS is there). It's your writing material that people discover when doing a search on the internet.

The likelihood that your business will grow far faster with a blog is a no brainer. When you learn how blogging works (I will teach you exactly how to do this), you create lead magnets and a community all within your own website.

Are you ready to start learning the ins and outs of this whole blogging world? I bet you are. Something tells me you have an ahhhmazing business idea that needs blogger action immediately. I can’t wait to see what is in store for you!

If you’ve been thinking about blogging for some time now but you just don’t know where to start or how to finish what you’ve started, we’re going to walk you through this amazing opportunity to learn how in plain English so that you can become a better blogger in 2023. The time is now. You deserve the exposure, the money and the chance to grow your business like the real boss that you are.

But I don’t know how anything I’m doing relates to a blog! That’s the most important thing for you to understand right now. Without a blog your business could mean absolutely nothing. If it doesn’t make any sense to you right now, it will later. Just believe in the boss blogger mentality.

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– more leads

– more lists

– more learning & evolving

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