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Start A Successful Blog & Learn How To Keep It Growing

Are you someone who has been interested in blogging for a long time but never know where to start. Or, you started a blog and it’s just sitting in limbo with no clear guidance? Either way, it’s clear you’re here because blogging sparks interest in you and you need to learn how to master it once and for all.

I’ve got you Mama

Back in 2010, I started a mom blog on that platform blogger, so I’ve been around the block a time or two. My passion began when I learned what writing could do for my mental health and well being. It’s like that natural journal therapy so to speak. The community is fantastic and although there are tons of articles on how to start a blog, it’s just not the same as getting all the information in one clear direction.

It can seem intimidating, overwhelming and that’s when I see people giving up. I want to make it very easy for you to learn how to create a boss blog and successfully keep it growing.

Level Up Your Business and Blog Like A Boss!

A Step by Step process to getting your blog up and running, mastering how to grow organically and leveling up your business to be the boss woman you’ve always dreamt of.

Grow Your Business Like A Boss

Is your small business struggling? Are you in a constant state of ‘funk’ – not understanding why you just can’t grow? Do you hate social media, dread the fact that everyone says “You need to put yourself out there to grow”?

I’ve got news for you boss friend.

You don’t need social media to grow your brand.

I’ll say it again. You don’t need to put yourself in an uncomfortable place to be the boss you want to be.

Start Now

Even if you have no idea on what you want to do in terms of growing your business, the key is to simply start because it needs time to sit on the Google market anyways (I’ll explain more below)

Blogging Secrets

Your blog is your lifeline on the web. If you already have a website but don’t have a blog section attached to it then ask yourself why you’re not growing. The growth is in your articles.

You Own It

Your website and blog is all yours. Social media can fall flat tomorrow and all your content would be gone right along with it. Mastering your blog content can lead you to more success than you’ll ever imagine.

Accepting Early Access

But, Blogging Is Dead They Said…

Um, Your Blog is your writing material that everyone sees when they Google search, ‘How to cook chicken in boiled water’!

If you don’t have a blog attached to your website how is anyone going to find out about you or better yet YOU don’t own social media…you own your website

Social Media Just Isn’t Enough

Not only is the competition fierce but Instagram is super hard to keep up with. I don’t know about you but I don’t have time for that. However, I have plenty of time for my BOSS BLOG.

how to start a successful blog

So How Does Blogging Help Me In My Business

The likelihood that your business will grow far faster with a blog is a no brainer. When you learn how to blog like a boss (I will teach you exactly how to do this), you create lead magnets and a community all within your own website.

But I don’t know how anything I’m doing relates to a blog!

That’s the most important thing for you to understand right now. Without a blog your business could mean absolutely nothing. If it doesn’t make any sense to you right now, it will later. Just believe in the boss blogger mentality.

  • more leads
  • more sales
  • more lists
  • more learning
  • constant evolving

Boss Blogger Bootcamp Now Open For Beginners

Are you ready to start learning the ins and outs of this whole blogging world? I bet you are. Something tells me you have an ahhhmazing business idea that needs blogger action immediately. I can’t wait to see what is in store for you!

Boss Blogger Bootcamp

How To Start A Boss Blog In 2023

If you’ve been thinking about blogging for some time now but you just don’t know where to start or how to finish what you’ve started, we’re going to walk you through this amazing opportunity to learn how in plain English so that you can become a better blogger in 2023. The time is now. You deserve the exposure, the money and the chance to grow your business like the real boss that you are.

  • Private support group where you can ask all the questions
  • Unlimited access to the course just in case it takes you longer than 6 weeks
  • Presentations to show you exactly how to do what you need
  • Tutorial videos, audio, text and reading workbooks

Learn All There Is To Know About WordPress

how to design with canva

Weekly Live Tutorials

Step by step live tutorials so you can ask questions, learn as you go, get comfortable with using the platform.

Unlimited Support

Meet like minded business entrepreneurs and bloggers who are there to help you GROW and succeed.

Bonuses + Resources

In Boss Blogger Bootcamp you’ll receive plenty of bonuses and the course will be updated each year with new content because algorithms change, things evolve and that’s just how we roll!

  • How To Use Woocommerce For Your Boss Shop
  • Promote Your Site In Our Community Weekly For Constant Growth
  • Additional Links and Videos From Pro WordPress Bloggers + SEO experts
  • 1:1 training if you need
  • Multiple chances to win Ad Space on our website to help you with your backlink skills
  • Pinterest Strategies, Story Secrets and SO MUCH MORE
  • Canva

Sign Into The Group

Are you interested in becoming a better blogger, learning how to grow your brand without ever having to face the social intimidation ever again? Let’s get you signed up for FREE. You’ll have access to our private community to get your website started. You also need to fill out the form below to get into the group.

successful blogging tips

Still Not Sure If This Blogging Thing Is For You?

Let me just clarify a few things then. This isn’t just any old blog. It’s your website. This is your business, your brand. Having a blog attached to it is just necessary for growth, more sales, building a community. Your content is either going to make you or break you. If you don’t start a blog and write weekly content to publish for SEO purposes then you’ll never know what it was like to expand, go big and make your dreams come true. So I want you to toss the fear in the sand and start kicking up your feet because you’re going to make it my boss friend.

You’ve got a blog in you!

Still hesitant and on the fence? Fill out this simple form below so that I can reassure you that this is the right thing to do for your small business, your future, becoming YOU! We’re going to win this together.

Boss Blogger Bootcamp

Get inside our free community to start your Wordpress website and learn all there is to know to grow that boss blog of yours! Boss Blogger Bootcamp is now open. You can enroll for the amazing deal above and I would snag it now because the price goes up after September 30, 2022. You need to launch a successful website in 2023 but the secret is getting the content out there as soon as possible (SEO hack). Let's get your brand making the money you deserve mama!


Q – How long do I have access to the course?

A – Lifetime access so that you can take breaks and come back when you’re feeling your best (yes, we all take bloggy breaks), continue to learn new things over the years and if you know Victoria she likes to fancy things up from time to time and we don’t want you to miss any of it!

Q – What if blogging isn’t right for me?

A – Blogging isn’t for everyone, but it is essential if you’re a business owner, so we do our best to teach you how to come to love doing it and we think overtime you will enjoy the website you’ve created. Plus you can always hire a freelancer or collab with other boss babes to write your articles for you. There so much you can do with your blogs it’s insane.

Q – Can I get access to the group for FREE

A – Yes, for a limited time you’ll be able to get into our community where we share tips daily. You can also share links when prompted and promote accordingly to help grow your sites.

More Q + A Coming Soon

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