I do love my iced coffee. It’s not my choice first thing in the morning but once afternoon hits, it doesn’t even matter what the temp is outside. If you like trying new flavors, don’t miss our fall favorites. There’s some delicious recipes in there.

If you’re curious what you could possibly do with that left over morning coffee sitting in the bottom of the pot, don’t dump it down the drain just yet!

Grab an ice cube tray and pour right into those slots for a tasty treat the following day. I left mine in the freezer for one full day. This gives it a better flavor than just letting it sit for a couple hours. I wouldn’t let it freeze too many days though.

Now grab a glass and dump those coffee cubes in. They come out extra smooth.


My first instinct was the same as Doug’s…..it’s not going to turn out all that great. However, it did. And it was a quick and easy way to create an iced coffee without the hassle of brewing anything right away. We use a medium to dark roast every morning. This was Folgers. I can only imagine a bolder flavored coffee tasting that much more delicious just because of the amount of milk you add.

I do not add a ton of milk though. I only pour halfway. And I use a low fat milk. I was going to try almond milk, if you do please let me know how it tastes. No one drinks it fast enough in our house and it was spoiled by the time I had a chance to test it.


you’ll need-

  • leftover or freshly brewed medium roast coffee to pour into your ice cube trays
  • low fat milk
  • salted caramel mocha skinny syrup
  • a glass

how to make-

simply place your frozen ice coffee cubes into the glass, pour some milk over them and add a drop of syrup! tasty, delicious, and so very easy to make!

Now if you don’t have any ice cube trays, the silicone ones are fabulous. My favorite thing to make is iced coffee. It’s super fun and you could play with different recipes, ingredients and enjoy the low cost experience in the comfort of your own homes. I’m truly thinking of buying a vintage cart just to sell these bad boys on the beach!! GOAL DIGGER. #coffeeaddictmama on IG if you try this. Give it a twist and let me know how it comes out. Until next time, more coffee please.

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