Work With Us

Coffee Addict Mama is a proud supporter of small businesses, blogs and entrepreneurs! We currently work with brands and products that are positive, healthy, related to coffee, blogging, lifestyle and marketing. My name is Victoria! I run the Coffee Addict Mama social media accounts and author of this blog. In 2010, I started a mom blog and then built a bloggers community featuring well over 300 lifestyle bloggers.

We’d like to collab with lifestyle bloggers, moms, boss women and even foodies! I personally love recipes and featuring delicious desserts, coffee anythings. Sponsor ads will be rotated monthly with new links. If you’re interested in advertising with us, our tribe membership is super affordable. But we also offer text link ads and sponsored posts.

I love sharing tips and tricks on how to grow your social media, skyrocket your Pinterest accounts and I’m a grammar addict. If a topic needs to be researched, I’d be happy to do the work. I thrive in lengthy blog posts and SEO optimization. With Pinterest being my main focus right now, I will be sharing tips on how to make money with this platform as well as growing your own accounts. However, if you do not have the time to tackle, I would be more than happy to manage it for you.

PROOFREADING – Are you a perfectionist when it comes to publishing fantastic content but don’t have nearly enough time to write, edit and read all of it before it goes live? I’m a proper grammar addict who specializes in critiquing and my business partner is an English nerd from Wittenburg University. I often look to him for advice on writing my own content, grabbing the perfect ‘big’ words to capture more readers and we can also edit for you as well. Email for more information. Price based on article size.

PINTEREST MANAGER – I’ve currently mastered the 1 million monthly mark on my account and have been working on a ‘test’ account off and on to see what strategies work in GROWING fast and effectively. Our Pinterest management service includes:

  • Polishing Boards
  • Adding New Boards
  • Pinning Daily
  • Monitoring Broken Links
  • Creative, Clean and Professional Appearance
  • Pinning As Much Of Your Content Mixed With Several Others
  • Rapid Increase In Monthly Views and Engagement

Pinterest Management $895/Month ( 2 Month Minimum )

Graphics Are Not Included in the monthly management but I can certainly create 100 Graphics for $695.

Let me know if you need anything at all! I’m happy to help.