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Coffee Addict Mama is a proud supporter of small businesses, blogs and entrepreneurs! We currently work with brands and products that are positive, healthy, related to coffee, blogging, home, lifestyle and marketing. Hi! My name is Victoria. I run the Coffee Addict Mama social media accounts and author of this blog. In 2010, I started a mom blog and then built a bloggers community featuring well over 300 lifestyle bloggers. With over 20 years experience in the cleaning industry I’ve transformed clients homes into spaces they feel healthy and comfortable in. Focusing on minimalism, non toxic and stress free environments gives us a clear outlook on life in general. When you have a cluttered mind it’s impossible to get motivated about work, our homes, and obviously our lives!! Join our groups on Facebook. You can find them through our page CAMI’m an expert house cleaner, obsessed minimalist, plant mama and healthier living coach! 

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