Coffee Addict Mama is a proud supporter of small businesses, blogs and entrepreneurs! We currently work with brands and products that are positive, healthy, related to coffee, houseplants, blogging, home, lifestyle and marketing. Hi! My name is Victoria. I run the Coffee Addict Mama social media accounts and author of this blog. In 2010, I started a mom blog and then built a bloggers community featuring well over 300 lifestyle bloggers. With over 20 years experience in the cleaning industry I’ve transformed clients homes into spaces they feel alive and well in. Focusing on minimalism, non toxic and stress free environments. In 2021, I decided that I wanted to steer away from promoting and build our brand. That doesn’t mean that you cannot still use our hashtag in your posts to get featured. This website will be all things related to coffee, plants, home life and being your own boss!

Let’s Collab

Feel free to contact us at COFFEEADDICTMAMA at GMAIL dot COM for any collaborations. Currently we are not linking to your website posts unless you list on your main websites home page.

Product Reviews

We are product lovers and would be happy to share yours with our readership. Promoting brands we love and trust is our mission. If you have a product you’d like us to review please send us a sample to our location listed on this page.

Blogging/Pinterest + Branding Help

If you’re interested in growing your blog/business please check out our blog. It’s packed with free tips to help you grow that boss brand of yours. When you’ve tried all of that yet, still find yourself needing an extra pick me up, let’s talk. I’ve got you.

I promote blogging more than anything else because you can grow it fast and easy with my famous Pinterest tips.

Selling Live Plants In Our Group

If you’re here to start selling live houseplants in our ALL THE PLANT FEELS community, please follow these steps:

  • Submit a screenshot of your nursery license to our email –
  • Once approved you can start listing your plants for sale
  • Be sure to put prices and shipping info on each post
  • Remove the listing when it’s been sold
  • Feel free to ask more questions if you need

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