Why I Don’t Use Email Marketing or Sales Funnels To Make Money

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Ello Coffee Addict’s! Today I’m discussing why I don’t use email marketing or sales funnels to make money! I am an experienced blogger who created Coffee Addict Mama to share tips and talk a lot about coffee. Haha. I also wanted to help you learn more about blogging, growing your social media accounts and genuinely give real advice without you having to pay for it. Just recently I changed my money mindset. Six income hustler, coming soon! It’s a book about growing up poor and how I have worked my ass off since I was a little girl. I can’t wait to publish it.


First of all, I don’t understand much of it. I am a very simple person and like to keep my blogs, websites, ‘making money’ all easy! Oh, you feel the same way…..whew!!! I thought I was the only one who enjoyed simplicity. Email marketing has been going on for decades. This is nothing new. I never really heard the term ‘Sales Funnels’ until I joined some groups on Facebook. And this was just recently. Long story short, I tried signing up for affiliate marketing back in 2010, never understood it, so I never applied it to my life. Fast forward to this year, I signed up again ( with Amazon ) to try and understand, learn more about it and perhaps teach those interested in the truth. Everyone makes it sound so easy, it’s totally fucking NOT! More about that coming soon!!

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Disclaimer: I am not a sales expert, don’t participate in MLM’s ( new term as well ) and I’m only speaking on behalf of what I believe in as far as making money goes. I don’t wish to offend anyone who chooses to do these styles of marketing, this is just my personal business.

I’m currently mastering Pinterest and stumbled upon a blog post telling new bloggers the top 5 things that they fail to do when starting a blog- email marketing being one! I beg to DIFFER. It’s your blog and you don’t have to listen to anyone. Listen to me and be yourself. If you feel it’s not for you, don’t do it! Personally there is something about it that I don’t like or feel comfortable with. Will I send individual emails to share tips, absolutely. But you’ll never catch me sharing emails to try and lure you into spending money with me.

Email Marketing Schemes

A lot of you may read or hear that you have to join these types of marketing schemes in order to make money. I don’t like them. When I started a mom blog many, many years ago; it was great because blogger would send email reminders to everyone following my blog as soon as I published a new post. That’s what people subscribe to your blog for. This is totally okay. That’s the thing about blogging. You start a blog and have something quite attractive to offer, so you make the subscription available for those that want to get updates.

People who start a blog to make money typically blast their readership with email marketing that is quite frankly, unattractive. To each their own. I don’t care for them and here’s why.

Again, I’m not trying to bash anyone who uses email marketing and sales funnels to create an income. Make money how you like making money. I personally do not like it.

I first became aware of sales funnels when I signed up for a FREE course on staging homes. As most of you know, I clean for a living and wanted to expand my services to staging, interior styling. I knew that I had to have a degree of some sort for interior design and that just wasn’t in the cards. Personally, I love styling and upon researching, I stumbled across a fantastic AD on FB, signed up for free and learned a LOT!! Those email marketing and sales funnels tactics are GENIUS. At the time that I signed up, I did not know that it would lead to courses you needed to pay for. That’s when I said, ‘AHA’ that’s what sales funneling is. Did I opt in?! No. I learned enough from the free courses. I knew by the time that the free emails were over with, that I wasn’t ready to pay for something that I could teach myself.

That’s all really awesome. So why don’t I use email marketing and sales funnels to bring in added income?!

  • It’s A Lot Of Work– a lot of writing, a lot of work….oh, I said that…ha! I’m not going to lie, it’s all great tactics as I mentioned above. It’s seriously amazing that people have the patience for this. I do not.
  • Creativity– I’m creative but not that creative. I tried sending out emails one by one for my cleaning business and it was all personal. And what I mean by that is, I talked to each client personally not writing one email for mass marketing. If that makes sense. I signed up for Mailchimp and started looking at the templates for Email Marketing and got confused after 5 minutes. I mean really so much goes into understanding something that should be super simple. I told you, I’m an easy gal. If I can’t figure out how to create something pretty fast…..goodbye!
  • Confusing– It is confusing to me. Email marketing is simple in it’s own entity. I guess I understand it. But it’s like creating new content all too often. Maybe I’m confused with how it really works. From what I understand, you create content related to whatever your brand or business is ( whatever you would like to sell ), send out mass emails to everyone on your list, in hopes they will purchase your product, services, etc……..Perhaps I’m making it confusing when it doesn’t have to be. I mean, am I the only one who doesn’t get it. Okay, I get it. I understand what it’s all about….but I get confused with how one has that much time on their hands to constantly create posts and ads. I don’t know. Am I confusing you yet?
  • Spammy– It wasn’t nearly as ‘SPAM-MY’ when I first started receiving emails about the staging. It became spammy when I learned what I wanted to know and then it started getting annoying. I felt like she just kept talking about NOTHING. Does that make sense? If you understand where I am coming from, I like to get to the POINT. I’ve always been a chop-chop type of person. Let’s get to the point. If I’m teaching you something, I want you to stay tuned in. I get bored fast okay?! The other thing that gets me peeved is too much. Too many emails, one after another and that’s all I’m seeing in my feed. You gotta go. I guess there’s a right way to do things and some people are just way TOO MUCH.
  • Feels Pushy– As mentioned in the spam section above, it’s just down right pushy. A little too much. Desperate. I mean, not all are. Seriously, don’t take me wrong. Not everyone is like this. It’s the ones that are, that ruin it for the rest.
  • Authentic or Fake– While many people that use email marketing and sales funnels are genuinely authentic and speak the truth; there are many, many, many people out there FAKING it to lure you in. That’s just not attractive to me. I would NEVER do that to anyone to make a quick buck, that’s just my take. I’m not going to create courses for you to pay for when the information is on the web for free! If you search hard enough, you will find it. For free.

I believe in genuine relationships and email marketing for me, just sends bad vibes. That’s why I don’t use email marketing or sales funnels to make money. I can find other ways to generate income. If someone wants me in their inbox, they will ask me to be there. My box is always open. I often get messages asking for help on how to blog, what to do about starting a business, how to grow Pinterest, etc. And that’s good enough for me. I’m not going to spam potential clients. I feel like if what I have is good enough, they’ll email me! Until next time, more coffee please.