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coffee addict mama

I’m Victoria, most of you know me from my Instagram account. Welcome to our website, a community of coffee lovin’ moms ( women in general ), anyone who really craves the good stuff! We’ll be posting a lot about coffee, duhhhh! Haha. I’m an avid coffee addict {Mama}, however……you do not need to be a mother to join us. Our blog posts will be filled with how to’s, coffee recipes, featured bloggers and more. Currently I run C + S but coffee and blogging is my passion.

coffee dates

Coffee dates are my favorite. Whether it’s with my fiance, girlfriends, my daughters, co-workers or sisters, I absolutely love them. Cute little coffee shops make this gal happy. I come from a big family and we all pretty much drink it.

My mom was the eldest of ten children and she drinks enough pots a day to make us all sane. Recently I switched to all black but I do occasionally sneak a little creamer in if it’s during the day. I do like some sugar in my iced coffee but not much. It’s crazy how much I used to add to my coffee. Not good. Now I don’t even like the taste. Awful. I’d love to hear how you drink yours, leave comments below.

Coffee + Me = Sanity

Coffee Talks are a must here. I would invite everyone reading to submit a post to get featured if they have a blog they’d like to share. Since the site is rather new, subscribe because we like to update often.

Coffee Addict Mama has been a driven passion for years. I was obsessed with mugs so much that I had to start selling/giving them away. But creating a community here for people who love this drink as much as I is just pure awesome. We welcome you to join in on discussions, meet like minded friends, talk about parenthood, family, kids, life, and of course, COFFEE! If there’s anything you need from me, just holler! Let’s get the brewing started.

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