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The Uncluttered Project

The Uncluttered Project: Bathroom Challenge

You basically got a glimpse of how easy it is to grab a recycled bag and start disposing of things that you don’t truly need in the bathroom from the mini challenge above. Now let’s declutter this room quick and easy, every month.

  • Grab a small bag each time you enter the bathroom to start decluttering
  • Open the medicine cabinet and look for expired products. Toss
  • Open the drawer and shift things around getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong (store in a box until you find a new home in case you need it later)
  • Keep items in the drawers and medicine cabinets that make sense. If it doesn’t make sense that it goes there; put in a basket, bin or box until you find a new home for it
  • Don’t keep excess shampoo bottles in the shower stall. Store extras in a closet or basket under the sink
  • Keep the vanity area free from clutter. Move appliances below or in a closet, keep toothbrushes in drawers and display only soap and a towel for a minimalist bathroom vibe. You can keep a small plant or décor piece to make it feel homey but don’t overwhelm the sink area

Things that should NOT be in our bathrooms

  • Travel Size Products – this is not the Ritz, don’t try to decorate your home bathrooms with travel size beauty things… actually takes up more space and if no one is actually using them it’s a waste of space. When you want to add touches for guests or style like a spa, simply use full size containers and soaps. 
  • More Than 3 Bottles – The shower stall is not a place to store your products. Limit to what you use and put back in a basket under the sink or closet when you are finished.
  • Full Size Trash Bins – I’ve seen this a time or two in home bathrooms. A small bin is all you need. Empty it daily by transferring to the kitchen bin or a small garbage bag.
  • Beauty Gadgets – Do not leave your curling iron on the vanity. Put in a organizational basket or back in the closet when you are finished. 
  • Towels – Yes, do keep one on a hook, the others go in a linen closet. 
unclutter your space

Boast Of Energy Challenge- the bedroom

Step 1: Grab a trash bag, a fairly decent sized box and head into your bedroom. This seems to be an area that most people use to store things but this is bad energy so, we need to create a new location for said items.

Please note: if you have space under your beds, do not use it for storage. The underneath of the bed should always remain clutter free. Because this is where we sleep and we need good sleep in order to function well. When the area around your bed is free and clear from clutter your energy is much different; JUST TRY IT and you will feel amazing.

Now, here’s the challenge. If you do NOT use something at least monthly then it goes into the trash bag. Those shoes that you think you’ll wear next summer, forget it. You’ve already committed to decluttering because you’re here reading this challenge, so stop thinking and just toss. Holding onto something is just a sign of unwillingness to LET GO. Give yourself 2 seconds to ask yourself if you actually need it. If you don’t, it goes in the bag. 

Step 2: Open the drawers. If they are full to the top with clothes stuffed in, toss them on the bed and sort through. Toss anything that gives you an IFFY feeling. Fold whatever you say 100 % yes to keeping and place back in the drawer. Do this for each drawer until it’s no longer overflowing. 

Step 3: Remove excess furniture. Yes. If you have more than 3 pieces of furniture in your bedroom, choose the 3 that are most important. The bed, nightstand and dresser. You do NOT need 2 full size dressers in one room. If you have that many clothes, get rid of them NOW! 

-Your wardrobe should consist of 5 at the most. 5 shirts, 5 pants, 5 tanks, etc. If you have more than the days of the week, it’s FAR too much. You’re decluttering your space. Remember that!! You don’t even wear that many clothes. 

-Limit your shoe collection to 7 pairs

-When you enter your closets you should see some space between the clothes that are hanging and the shelving should not have things piled to the ceiling. Use one corner of the closet for storing boxes that you’re saving. That’s it. One corner. The other corners are for travel bags { that which BTW, can be used to store items in when you’re not traveling }. Shoes that you are keeping should fit nicely on a shelf or a shoe rack. Not piled on the floor. The shoe rack door hangers are also fantastic. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t need to fill the entire slots because you are downsizing. Use the other slots for socks, bras and smaller items.

Since many of you mentioned that you use your bedroom for storage…what are you storing? Holiday boxes and things you only use once a year? Stuff you are hoping to use at a new house? It doesn’t matter. It cannot go in this room. You either get a storage unit or let go. A storage unit aside from your bedroom. So, create another location in the home where you can eliminate another closet to store the new stuff in. If you don’t have room, you have too much. That’s the point of decluttering. You MUST let go. Down size. Eliminate. Forget about whatever it is you’re holding on to. It’s just stuff. If it has sentimental value. Keep. If it doesn’t you are being challenged, right here, right now to let go. If you do…..I promise you will feel an immense amount of gravity lifted.  

Learning to let go is part of the process. You are not here to negotiate why you need these things. You are here to start fresh, discover the power of less and adapt to an entirely new lifestyle.

Blankets and Throw Pillows are my weakness. However, I managed to get our sheet sets down to 1 per bed, yes, praise the cotton thread fairies. Can you believe that? The blankets are another story! I want you to take this mini challenge (because it takes real determination to let go of blankets): Pull them out and fold them nicely if they aren’t already. Stack in a pile either on your premade bed, a clear table or the sofa. Look at them in the stack and contemplate on which ones you can donate immediately. Only keep what you really need. NEED. Not want. So pick and choose.

The Slower Pace Challenge

Whew! That boast of energy challenge is intense. And not everyone can tackle a project like that without taking a few breaks. Sometimes it’s days at a time when we don’t quite get back to a project we’ve started. I get it. Been there, cluttered that!!! 

That’s why these challenges are monthly and you can go at your own pace. We all need to breathe, start and start again. Don’t give up! There’s more tips below that will have you where you want to be within the 30 day challenge. 

Oh you feel like this? You’re not alone mama. We’ve been tricked into believing that we need so much stuff to live. The truth is, we don’t. We need very few items to survive. If the “STUFF” is overflowing, we’re going to take these challenges and help you eliminate the clutter for good. 

Now that you’ve thrown a few things away, let’s do little things every single day for the next month. Moving forward you will establish a healthy routine that gives your mental well being a new, positive outlook on your homes and your everyday surroundings outside the home as well.

The Uncluttered Project Gives You Back Your Life. Your Power. Your Sanity! The Daily Challenge

Tip 1: Empty the trash bins in the bathrooms daily or at least every other day. This creates a routine when decluttering. Transfer the garbage into the kitchen bin. Get into the habit of emptying the bins in your rooms often {even if it’s only 1 tissue} because this creates a lifestyle of structure + balance. 

Tip 2: Look into the medicine cabinet and check for expired products or things you never take/use. Toss. Do this daily until it’s clean with only items you absolutely need.

Tip 3: Check under the sinks daily to slowly start eliminating items and products that are being wasted. Use plastic bins to organize the things you need to use and toss what can be tossed. Try to get this under control within 1 week. You have 1 week to throw a few things away everyday until there’s ONLY 2 bins or baskets holding the products you need. 

Tip 4: Open the shower curtain and make sure there are no half bottles in there. Convert and place excess containers in a basket ( in the closet or under sink ). The shower is not a storage unit for beauty supplies. Your shower should only have products that you use on a daily basis in there. If you only use that body scrub weekly, put it back under the sink. 

Tip 5: Your floors are not storage units. Look in your rooms every single day to see if there’s stuff on the floors that don’t belong. One hamper per room, rolling carts for papers, office supplies, books and even beauty products. 

Tip 6: Take a peek inside the kitchen cabinets daily to see what you have too much of. If you hoard mugs like I do, take one mug out today and give to someone or sell online. Tomorrow take 2 mugs and do the same. If they’re old and you couldn’t care less about them anymore just throw away. 

Tossing things that clutter my space (and obviously my mind) helps relieve the anxiety when I’ve had a bad day. Sometimes I don’t have time to think about donating stuff. It’s just better, easier and faster to send to the dumpster.

Here’s 26 Creative Ways To Declutter Your Space Now and Some Budget Friendly Storage Ideas

If you’re bothered by the fact that things shouldn’t be thrown away because you believe someone else could use them, remember this important thing; You are NOT doing this for them. You are doing it for YOU! It’s okay to be selfish. Put yourself first. 

The Uncluttered Project: Closet Purging

Closet purging was the hottest trend on YouTube. It became extremely popular years ago and when I was introduced to it, I started doing it as a monthly project. Nothing overwhelming because if you do try to tackle it the way some people on there do….it just gets intimidating. Leading to an unsuccessful nightmare.

Gather things you’ll need for a successful purge:

  • Baskets, bins, boxes and/or trash bags
  • Sticky Notes + Marker to label donate, toss, give to sister, etc 
  • Shoe Racks

Closet Purging 101

Do not attempt to enter your closet and pull everything out. This is a complete disaster. Instead, take a peek inside and look at the overall design, how much is in there and envision the outcome. 

  • Piece by piece – when you take on a closet purge, go from left to right, bottom to top. Starting at the left corner of the closet as you walk in, take the clothing on hangers and skim through those that need to go. You cannot keep everything, so mindset must take over. Pull at least 5 items that need to be thrown away or donated. Put them in a basket outside of the closet. Try hard not to throw any clothing on the floor because this leads to more stress. Use garbage bags or baskets/bins, boxes.  
  • Now that you have eliminated 5 pieces of clothing take a break and look at the floor along the left side of the closet. Pick up everything in that small corner and relocate outside of the closet. If it’s shoes, decide which ones to keep and which ones have seen better days. Place the keepers in or on your new shoe rack.
  • If you had just removed boxes or pile up that needs to go in boxes or baskets, line them up along the side of a wall to go through later. Do not put back in the closet unless it belongs in there. Remember your closet is not a storage unit and this is a purge. Either relocate or toss, donate the things clogging space in your gorgeous dressing area. 
  • 15 minute breaks are crucial when attempting even the smallest closet purge. It allows you to rethink, refresh your YOU game and breathe. Walk away and get some water/drink/cocktail. 
  • As you head back into the closet area, look up above where the clothes hang on the left side. Remove and refold, relocate, organize in baskets and call it a day!

Do not attempt more than that in one day. You can schedule the middle and right side of the closet for another day. The key is to take it in slow steps to provide a stress free experience. Not rushed. Just a daily project. 

Lastly, do one small thing each day in the closet until the 30 days is up. If you take one pair of pants that you haven’t worn in like, forever and toss them, you’ve made progress and doing something small each day sets you up for a lifestyle of less clutter. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You’ve Got This Mama

Minimalism is not about living without the things you love. It’s learning to live with things you appreciate that much more. It’s incorporating a lifestyle that doesn’t just involve ‘stuff’ but places, people and the way we go about our day to day living.

Coffee Addict mama

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