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Coffee Talk

5 Perfectly Good Reasons To Love A Coffee Addict

Before I started calling myself a ‘coffee addict’ I would see people carrying Starbucks disposable cups around like it was part of their wardrobe. Wait a minute. It Is. It’s essentially an accessory. An accessory to sanity, I say! Kind of like a kid who carries a security blanket. Us adults carry coffee. 5 Reasons …

a coffee addicts morning routine

A Coffee Addicts Morning Routine

Hello, good morning! Rise and grind, it’s coffee time. I love mornings. They just really make me happy. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s a brand new day, the coffee is fresh and I’m afraid of the dark. There, you know a secret about me. Since my girls were born, I barely ever sleep …

Coffee Talk

How Coffee Addict Mama Came About

And this is the story how Coffee Addict Mama came about………. Hello & Welcome. It’s so nice to meet you. When I first started the Coffee Addict Mama site I knew exactly what I wanted it to portray but didn’t know how to go about publishing it (retired blogger funk!) Hi! I’m Victoria, feel free …