Stalk Them Boss Babes – a weekend link party

Stalk Them Boss Babes – a weekend link party

Hello My Coffee Addict Bosses! Each week we will host a Saturday and Sunday link party. You can share your website, blog, social media accounts, etc…..on each of our threads. We are looking to team up with new boss babes to feature different ladies every single weekend. As you can see, the FB at names are mentioned on the photo below. To co-host one of these parties and get your name out there, all you have to do is join the gang! Message us for more details. We can feature as many as 5-7 boss babes per party. This allows everyone to go follow, like and support your business pages and social platforms. The rules will be tweaked the more that get involved!

This is a fun way to GROW your blogs, business pages and social media accounts. Everyone commenting on the weekend thread MUST follow the hosts of the party. If you want to host one week, just ask! More exposure for everyone.

How It Works:

  • Follow the hosts of the party { hosts are highlighted in the featured photo }
  • Comment on the thread up to as many different accounts you have – EX: if you have 2 FB pages, comment separately with each link. Same with social media and blogs/websites
  • Share these parties { the more boss babes, the more you grow } – community over competition
  • Become a host { PM, DM or email us if you are interested in hosting one week- up to 5-7 boss babe hosts will be included per weekend and hosts must share on all their social media accounts as well. This forms a loop and we essentially grow and meet new faces!
  • Don’t request follow backs…..Do it authentically. EX: nice to meet you, I am so and so….glad I found you!
  • Be kind, support each other and ask if you don’t understand something

Stalk Them Boss Babes Saturday + Sunday Link Loop

Have an idea and want to collaborate? Follow our FB and message us directly. Let’s stalk some boss babes!

Comment below with your links.

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