The Uncluttered Project Course


The Uncluttered Project is a revolutionary course to help you declutter, minimize and feel freedom in your own homes. Mind blowing tips and challenges for a dramatic improvement over the next 6 months. It’s targeted towards a 30 day goal but let’s face it……we must declutter every day of our lives. Join the journey. We’re so excited for you!


Welcome! The Uncluttered Project is a detailed e-course ( password protected ) to help you unclutter your homes, minds and learn an entirely new lifestyle. Our decluttering routines are mind blowing, addicting and stress free! A chance for you to improve the quality of sanity, sanctity and power! A lot of information but you have access to it whenever you want to take a break and come back to learn more.

Declutter In 30 Days Or Less


Tips in the bathrooms, kitchens, pantries and more

My personal story

Healthy + Non Toxic

Daily tasks to prevent burn out

Boast of energy challenge { for those that like speed cleaning }

Go at your own pace

Closet Purge + Bedroom No No’s

Don’t think, just toss

Constant Updates and Interaction Through Comments + Feedback

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