Syngonium Bold Allusion


Syngonium podophyllum ‘Bold Allusion’ indoor houseplants | FREE USA SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS

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The Syngonium Bold Allusion is a beautiful and vivacious arrowhead plant. It’s leaves are hardy and grow lovely with pink veins. These plants tolerate low light but love a well lit room. Avoid direct sunlight and dry out between watering.

Syngonium Bold Allusion

  • Easy to grow
  • Tolerates low-medium light
  • Likes some humidity
  • Fairly easy to re-pot and propagate through root division
  • Feng Shui plant (good luck)
  • Fast growing

I personally adore the arrowhead plant family because they don’t always look the same. Each day the leaves grow uniquely and new buds pop out of nowhere. Simply cut dead leaves often and rinse the leaves monthly to avoid pests.

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