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The Sanseveria “Snake Plant” or Mother In Law’s Tongue is a hard to kill plant that is succulent type. This particular species is the Boncel. It was rescued from a Nursery here in SW FL and placed in this elephant mug for an additional lucky experience. Sanseveria’s are well known Feng Shui houseplants that bring prosperity, long life and wealth to the home. Any beginning plant lover will enjoy this handsome young man.

Sanseveria Snake Plant – Boncel AKA Starfish Plant

This baby plant was found alone and carefully repotted. The only reason I put him in the mug is because these plants can tolerate drought (which is good because this doesn’t have a drainage hole).

  • Easy to care for – set it and forget it
  • Tolerates low light but loves a well lit room (avoid direct sunlight)
  • Drought tolerant : DO NOT overwater. Let the soil dry completely before adding little tap water to the cup
  • Leave in mug for a few months before re-potting (this allows him to adapt to your space and doesn’t shock him into immature growth)
  • Will grow lovely in a well lit room much faster than a dark one
  • Carefully pull the base of the plant when ready to re-pot and use a 4-6″ growers pot with fresh soil containing peat moss to watch him grow up healthy. Again don’t overwater but add some water to pack into the soil.
  • If you wish to watch this baby grow in a jar of water, simply fill the water enough to cover the roots and place in a well lit room. Change the water every 3-5 days. Don’t use cold water, rather lukewarm.

Comes with care guide. If you need any assistance once he arrives, just reach out. Comes in the elephant mug and is super snug so keep him there for a few more months (at least)!

Great gift idea for the office! Looks lovely on any shelf.

Because this is a rescue plant please do not remove from the soil for at least a few months. Keep an eye on drought and water a little when dry. I’m so excited for you to own this baby and watch him grow.


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