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Self Care Challenge


Free Self Care 30 Day Calendar With A Fun Challenge To Do Everyday + Bonus Journal | printable | download


This 30 day self care challenge is not only fun but important for your overall well being. I’ve included some really neat ideas that I think you’ll absolutely love and find helpful in pampering you back to wealth!

The 30 Day Self Care Challenge


Follow Us On IG and Tag For Features/Shoutouts Self care isn’t selfish. I wish I had some guidance years ago when I was super busy taking care of everyone else (and forgot about myself). Print this and hang somewhere you can see it everyday!

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  • 30 days of self pampering and all about taking care of you. Even if you think one is silly still do it. These are proven ways to support your mental health, mind, body and spirit. Remember to take time for YOU.

Page 2 A Journal. 3 things to write down to help you accomplish your goals and get back to nurturing yourselves.


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