Philodendron Brasil


Philodendron Brasil Vining Plant | Starter Plants | Free Shipping USA Only


The Philodendron Brasil Starter Plant is already vining beautifully!

Philodendron Brasil Vining Plant

  • Easy to grow
  • Tolerates low light
  • Can start propagating soon
  • Leave in this 3.5″ pot until it’s roots become more developed (typically 6-8 weeks)
  • Repot when outgrows the grower pot
  • Cache pots and mugs that this size plant will slip into easily are listed in the shop
  • Mugs and pots sold separately….you will receive this plant in a growers pot

Follow us on IG and share the growth of this beauty. Just tag or use our hashtag #coffeeaddictmama We’d love to see how well it’s doing. Very easy to care for:

  • clip dead leaves often
  • wash leaves with damp cloth monthly
  • place in a more humid room for rapid growth
  • jungle style
  • great office gift
  • set it and forget it
  • tolerates drying out in between watering’s (water every 6-8 days)
  • bounces back lovely after distress

We have more starter plants like this. The heartleaf is another one that can be purchased with this one. Stay tuned for more listings to come. If you are local and want to pick up text 843-424-9558.



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