In The Home Coaching Program


Our In The Home Online Coaching Program is a six month lifestyle change for healthier living! We focus on non toxic routines and cleaning that empowers clients to naturally adapt to their new surroundings. A sense of freedom, control and power kicks in the moment you click the buy it now button. Welcome! I’m so proud of you. Living this lifestyle is going to make you a better mom, a better wife, a better person! Let’s do this Mama!!!


Welcome to our in the home online healthier living coaching program! It’s a six month system that provides a success rate of over 99%! Our clients begin slowly adapting a new lifestyle through minimalism, learning to let go, no more impulse shopping, routines and structure within the home that they come to love and value.

In The Home Online Coaching Program

Hi I’m Victoria! Since you’re a fan of our blog/social media you already know that I am super passionate about stress free cleaning and all natural living! I went completely no-tox last year and it’s so much easier to clean now. I have always kept our own home tidy but eliminating the toxins in the air we breathe is forever life changing. That’s why I want to make a huge impact on your lives!

Over the next 6 months you will begin to change your style of cleaning, unclutter and do simple things daily that provide a sense of sanity in the home now.

-Step by Step, Room By Room Goals

-Power Challenges

-Rota’s and Routines

-Wellness Sessions

-Weekly Updates

-Simple Cleaning Tips

-Phone + Video Chats

-Before and After Walk Throughs Monthly

-Progress Reports

-Everyday Must Do’s

-Unlimited Online Support

-Goal Digger Series For Cleaning ( On our FB page )

-Private Access To Rooms In Our Groups

-Get Excited About Your Home Life Inspiration

and the list goes on and on

Are you ready to start living again!? Let’s take you on as a client! I’m ecstatic for you! A little background about myself; I went to nursing school in my 20’s and worked on the Dementia/Alzheimer unit for nearly a year. Decided that I wanted to work for myself and began all kinds of side hustles but the major one was house cleaning. With over 25 years of experience and 18 in the industry, I was able to transform clients living situations from toxic to healthy in 6 months or less. I worked with them weekly, bi-weekly and monthly until they felt like their house was a home again.

Cleaning Is A Skill That One Must Possess

Not many people know how to clean and that’s totally okay! It’s a skill that must be learned in order to successfully manage it. That’s where I come in. I’m so proud of myself for truly making a difference. House cleaners get a bad wrap for just being a ‘maid’ or a slave and I believe that with my whole heart! But in my experience I created a niche within my business that set the tone for our relationship. I am not a maid, I am indeed a house cleaner…….and a damn good one that deserves top pay!

Hire Me To Help You Expand Your Small Cleaning Business

Need a coach to help you grow your boss cleaning business?! I’m your gal. I teach clients how to grow their brands fast and easy in six months or less! Let’s talk babe! I’ve got your back. Follow and Like Our FB Page and Join Our Group of over 50K members. Ask for the CODE to get your Badass Discount! I’m ready to watch you flourish. You’ll receive tips and tricks to learn how to get TOP dollar for your cleaning business. How to set the tone, rates and more! You are your own boss! Let em’ know it.


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