Heartleaf Vining Plant


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The Philodendron Heartleaf Vining Plant is a beautiful addition to any space. It grows and vines so lovely.

Heartleaf Vining Plant

  • easy fast growers
  • loves some bright indirect sunlight but low light tolerable
  • can dry out between waterings
  • add some cinnamon in the soil if you accidentally over water to avoid fungus gnats
  • simple propagation process
  • receive cuttings or potted in soil (please select which option you would like)

We do have the Brasil vining plant if you’d like that stay tuned for more listings (they’re coming)

Philodendron’s are my go to plants for thriving in low light areas, but they do actually love the natural sunlight and they grow big when given the right amount of light! Like us and watch our stories for plant mama success tips.


  • cuttings- the cuttings will be clipped from a mama plant or already growing in our greenhouse in a glass jar (these plants also grow well in jars with water; simply avoid the leaves from falling in the water) + they will come with anywhere from 4-6 leaves
  • potted in growers pots- if you select the potted in soil option please note that some come with roots already developed and some are not. Depends on what we have available. Either way, leave in the pot for several months so the plant can get used to it’s new atmosphere


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Cutting, 3.5" Growers Pot


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