Geometric Cache Pot


Allen and Roth Geometric Ceramic Cache Plant Pot | Fast Free Shipping


This gorgeous minimalist cache pot is perfect for 3-4″ growers pots. Easily switch plants to give them a more classy look. The ceramic pot does have a drainage hole if you prefer not to have a nursery pot inside.

Black and White Geometric Ceramic Pot

  • drainage hole
  • fits 3-4″ growers pots
  • displays lovely on any shelf, desk
  • minimalist vibes with a somewhat busy style
  • no cracks, chips

When it comes to cache pots, I prefer to place the nursery pots in them for quick swap outs. The plants can grow quickly in some cases and this 4″ pot can certainly serve a number of live houseplants a variety of purposes. Whether you’re wanting a tall snake plant or a vining pothos, the cache pots are lovely on display.

I used to fill ceramic pots with soil without the growers pots and then learned that it was much easier to stick a plastic pot in the ceramic ones to make my “Living With Plants” life much smoother. But you can do either.

  • Plant NOT Included
  • You can purchase houseplants that will fit lovely in this specific pot separately
  • Excellent Gift Idea
  • Nice Photo Prop
  • Brick and Mortar Display
  • Succulents, Vining Plants or Any Indoor Plant Looks Good In It

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