Custom Design Cleaning Schedule


Custom design house cleaning schedules for the everyday busy families who need a checklist for decluttering, room by room cleaning, organizing and more. Get your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning rota today.


Custom Design Cleaning Schedules


Custom Design Cleaning Schedules

Need a custom design cleaning schedule perfect for your everyday life? We’ve GOT you. No problem. This rota is specifically designed for you. We work with our clients to better guide them on their healthy road to stress free cleaning and we are super happy that you chose us to create a schedule catered for you, your family and home!!

How It Works

Once you pay for your custom design we will reach out through email to get more information about you and your home! You can also choose to have your email ready to send to us upon checkout. We will need to know what you need help with in terms of daily, weekly or monthly cleanings, decluttering and/or organizing. If you need a little bit of everything it will be limited to a few tips per presentation/rota

Based on your needs we will create a cleaning/decluttering/organizing rota just for you.

You will receive it within 24-48 hours, maybe a little longer

It includes a detailed cleaning schedule based on the info you give to us

We can either do a presentation filled with photos and tips ( up to 30 pages ) or a cleaning schedule with checklists, to do’s, tips and more! You just let us know.




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