Creative Blog Post w/ Links


Creative content written on our blog to promote your new business, brand, shop or blog! With our professional SEO and backlinking strategies you will receive a lifetime of promotions and leads to your website. All content is created and supported by us. Must be pre-approved before checking out.


Your new website needs all the organic traffic it can receive to build a healthy relationship with Google. We are SEO driven with professional content that drives readers to your site. Our blog posts receive over 3 million monthly views with Pinterest and Google alone.


What’s included:

Creative Content With Backlinks

  • You’ll receive a well written post by us with over 2,000 characters
  • Pinterest graphics for easy pinning
  • up to 3 backlinks
  • ad space (1 Month Free)
  • SEO rich keywords, descriptions
  • lifetime organic traffic
  • YouTube video (yours or something that relates for SEO purposes)
  • social media shares, story mentions and unlimited shoutouts

Our well written articles are targeted for a specific audience. With that in mind please reach out to let us know what your website is before ordering this service.

Please read:

  • Your Website MUST be secure (SSL)
  • You do NOT get to guest post. We write everything from start to finish
  • Absolutely NO refunds. Once you pay you will not get a refund even if we do NOT approve the website. So, before you PAY, contact us and let us know what your website is so that we can approve or not
  • Continue to checkout AFTER our approval letter

Want to boost your online traffic and drive more sales to your business? This service is for you. Creative online marketing is our specialty and we work best when whipping up content that builds an authentic, healthy relationship with the real boss, Google. Feel free to reach out for more information.

  • Drive traffic and sales to your business website
  • Everlasting promotion because the post is up for a lifetime
  • Constant marketing strategies that directs traffic to your specific post
  • Up to 3 backlinks because we don’t want the Google police to ban us
  • FREE ad for one month on our blog (we create the graphics)
  • ++ bonuses galore (mentions, shoutouts, post sharing and more)

1 Blog Post creatively written with tons of promos that drive traffic to your secure website. Hurry! Deal ends soon.

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