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Our delicious coffee scrub is for the face and body. Rejuvenating, invigorating, cleansing. The body scrubs we make here on Coffee Addict Mama are All Natural with no preservatives. Long lasting. Excellent gifts, spa like experience.

Coffee Scrub

  • exfoliates
  • deep cleans
  • makes skin super smooth
  • enhances a natural glow
  • fights the signs of aging
  • cellulite attacker
  • overall wellness feelings

To use this as a face scrub simply dip your fingers into the jar and rub gently in both hands to create a smoother effect. Apply generously to the face and neck avoiding eye contact. Allow to sit for a good minute or two (walk around and snap a selfie to send to our IG fans) and then rinse with lukewarm water. I like to follow up with a cool water rinse for the best effect.

To use this coffee scrub as a body cleansing wash simply take in the shower with you and rub generously all over parts of your body you’d like to scrub. I normally wash with this after I’ve cleaned with my normal soap for best results. Allow it to soak into the skin and then rinse.

Use our coffee scrub 2-3 times per week for best results.

Product comes in an amber plastic jar with lid labeled.

Made with organic coconut oil, almond oil, organic sugar, grapeseed oil and essential oil for fragrance. If you’d like yours without the fragrance please select that option.

To make your own follow this recipe. Creating your own DIY Coffee Body Scrub at home is delightfully easy and fun especially with the kids. You can add more or less ingredients depending on how you like.

When you order our coffee body scrub it is packed with all kinds of deliciousness and ingredients that are safe, natural and effective.

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