House Cleaning Guide { Session 1 }


Cleaning 101 is the first version to my ebook collection featuring mindset, decluttering and cleaning challenges. Packed with homemade cleaning product recipes, how to clean stainless steel, plants that purify the air, inspiration and laundry goals! Welcome. Home is where the sanity is!



how to declutter the kitchen

In the 30 page Cleaning 101 EBOOK, we introduce you to a lifestyle that helps transform the way you look at cleaning. Simple and easy tips for the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Laundry goals, what plants are good for cleaning the air you breathe and more. Cleaning is a way of life and certainly an important aspect in all of our homes. When you learn what is good for you, you incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle.

Hi! I’m Victoria and I’ve been cleaning since I was 12 years old. Yes, I was taught how to scrub a tub ( the right way ) at a very young age. Call me Cinderella if you wish but I call myself a sassy gal! Let’s face it… one likes to clean, especially if it involves back breaking, knee bruising, inhaling toxic chemicals and a workout! No thanks. I like to think of cleaning our homes as a stress free event and don’t mind letting something else do the work for me. I teach clients how to let go of what they don’t need, how to maintain a cleaner home with simple routines and transform the mindset to live a healthier lifestyle.

In this first edition ( more to come ), I wanted to introduce the inspiration behind the term CLEANING. Is this a book that teaches you how to clean out your refrigerator? No. It’s a simple guide to help you look at it in a whole other way. What’s Included?

  • an intro to what cleaning truly is
  • everyday simple tips to make your homes run smoother
  • how to clean stainless steel
  • a few of my favorite homemade, non toxic cleaning recipes
  • inspirational quotes
  • daily cleaning rota
  • what supplies you need for everyday picking up
  • and so much more

I am so happy that I’m able to create a life well loved through minimalism and simple everyday structure. It’s just that….balance and structure. Craft a life you truly love and don’t hold back any longer. Join me in my monthly decluttering challenge that helps heal the mind, body and soul!! Stay tuned for more courses and ebooks. I’m so glad you’re here.



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