Burle Marx Cuttings




If you’re a Philodendron lover and don’t have the BURLE MARX, now is the time to scoop up some of these beauties. Never heard of cuttings? No worries. I will tell you exactly how to care for these babies. The Burle Marx is a gorgeous plant with shiny dark green leaves. The mama plant is easy to propagate from and your plant grows big if in the right setting.

Burle Marx Cuttings

  • You’ll receive 2-4 healthy cuttings (non rooted)
  • Dip the base of the plant in fresh soil with Peat Moss to promote healthy root development (I add a scoop of PM in the soil when it’s half full in the pot and give it a stir)
  • Use a 3.5″-4″ pot for these cuttings (anything bigger might shock the plant but I have used bigger glass jars : check out our FB and IG for plant care tips and propagation) The nodes look different than these ones
  • Finish adding soil to cover the node of the plant and then sit in a well lit room
  • These plants love humidity
  • Water when half the soil is dried out (when first growing they need more water than they typically would to grow)
  • Do NOT overwater

When you receive your cuttings simply remove from the package and get them in soil asap. They will bounce back just lovely. Try to keep in a well lit area BUT avoid direct sunlight. The leaves will burn.

The picture is of the mama plant! She’s healthy and growing everyday with new babies. We try to send big luscious leaves but you may get some that are small or medium in size. Just depends on where a good cut is.


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