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Little Bambino Alocasia Live Houseplants

The Alocasia Bambino Exotic Most Popular Gift For Her Plant

  • comes in a 4″ growers pot (terracotta pots sold separately in shop)
  • Alocasia is a genus of broad-leaved, rhizomatous, or tuberous perennial flowering plants from the family Araceae.
  • easy to grow, fast and fun to watch
  • tolerates medium indirect sunlight, loves semi humid areas
  • keep leaves in tact until new ones grow in and the distressed ones will fall off naturally or wait until they turn yellow to clip (baby leaves will still get nourishment from a dead mama leaf)
  • water when she’s half to 3/4 dried out…don’t wait until she’s fully dried out
  • filtered water is best

The bambino is one of the most exotic houseplants to own. Super neat and fancy. Can be finicky when adapting to new spaces, so upon receiving follow these steps:

  1. unpack carefully and inspect for stress/dryness
  2. water with filtered lukewarm water until it runs through the base of the container
  3. set in a room with relatively high humidity and medium/bright indirect sunlight to start
  4. don’t move until she’s been in her new space for a few weeks
  5. keep in growers pot for 1-2 months (repotting right away will shock the plant)
  6. wash leaves with a damp cloth or spritz with water a couple times a week

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