Home Cleaning Guide { Session 2 }


A Coffee Addicts Guide To Cleaning is a detailed ebook that simplifies the everyday routines of maintaining a healthier home! You’ll learn more about myself in this version, why I’m such a lazy cleaner and fun, inspirational quotes that will change your mindset forever. I’m constantly telling everyone that cleaning is a lifestyle, not a chore! Join me on this journey…….


Welcome! Hello. I’m so glad you’ve stumbled across my latest, simple guide to cleaning routines. In this version, I go more in depth with detailed daily, weekly and monthly things to tackle in the home. I also share some confessions and more about my experiences as a professional cleaner.

This ebook is PDF download and easy to print off for the at home rota lovers!

You’ll receive an immediate download after payment. It’s packed with fun, inspirational cleaning quotes, sayings, and mind blowing routines that become your lifestyle. I teach clients that this is a way of life, not a chore or a daunting task.

Some things you’ll find in this 31 page ebook:

  • decluttering challenges
  • everyday tasks
  • homemade non toxic cleaning product recipes
  • how to clean a mirror
  • plants that clean the air
  • detailed routines in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • rules
  • checklists
  • and more

My ebooks are meant to be a learning experience for a better, healthier lifestyle. I do not go into depth talking about how to clean a specific thing, such as : the oven or deep cleanings. This lifestyle is for simple, everyday living that changes your mindset in how you think cleaning should be in your homes. It’s not meant to be stressful, it’s supposed to be home. It’s supposed to be your safe haven.


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