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Hello and welcome, it’s so nice to meet you! My name is Victoria and I’m a lifestyle expert who focuses on healthy living through minimalism, no tox house cleaning, stress free routines, monthly decluttering and mindset challenges. I’m also a Pinterest pro who skyrockets accounts to the million monthly viewers to help boss women grow their brands. I am an SEO expert who recommends every business to own a blog!

Mentorship- at least a four week commitment to a healthier home, business and/or blogging. My programs are strict with up to 4-6 days/week of constant contact whether it’s through texting, phone calls, emails, video chat, etc.


In the first week we will cover:

  • Getting to know you and establishing a plan to help you finish the program successfully
  • Basic routine set up to help you simplify tasks that need to be tackled
  • Submission of before photos and videos
  • Healthy mindset and lists, to do’s


In the second and third week we will continue to check in on a daily basis with updates on progress, steps moving forward and ideas to maintain this healthier lifestyle. In the final week we will talk about how comfortable you are with ending the program and decide on further sessions if needed. You will be able to submit your progress with after photos/videos to share your work feeling well on your way to a new you, a new home and new style of comfort.


If you’re interested in the blogging and business program you will get a total of 8 calls walking you step by step with WP tutorials/website help, tips and tricks to SEO writing, keywords and hacks to get your business up and running in no time. I can also go into your platform (if it’s WP, ETSY or Social Media/Pinterest) to edit changes and make sure everything is running smoothly- ++ additional fees may apply.

Whether you’re looking to regain control of your home, business or both…I’ve got you! Let’s talk and get you on the right path to conquering your dreams. Ain’t no mama got time for drama whether it’s inside or outside the home. XO- V

Full disclaimer– you are the ultimate result of your success, I’m just here to guide you. There are no refunds, guarantees, or promises. You and I both do the work to get you to where you want to be in your life. I’m a dedicated, hard working mama who doesn’t always have all of the right answers but I can definitely be your cheerleader when it comes to bossing up!


  • Social media and shop banners, ads, headers
  • Pinterest graphics
  • WP page design

Please contact me and let’s work together! If you need something not listed here, just holler…chances are I probably just didn’t get time to update my services page. Thanks boss!

-Victoria D.

Let's Work Together

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