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My absolute favorite thing of all time is searching through good rummage sale boxes and bins to find the most unique items to put in our shop! Coffee Addict Mama has been a passion of mine for years and I can finally add items and products now to it weekly. Most of my finds come from yard sales, clearance racks and Re-Store.

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To be truthfully honest, any day of the week is for thrifting. And I’m shocked that ‘THRIFTING’ is not a word because my spell check keeps coming up with a red line underneath. It is. I thought it would be fun to share some of my tips with you as far as a frugal mom and gal in general goes! Don’t get me wrong……I’ll buy expensive pieces but they really have to be worth it to me!

  • SET A BUDGET– or just take ten dollars with you when you go to rummage sales. The most I usually take is $20. That way I don’t get any hard feelings when I see an item for more than what I can afford.
  • ASK REPEATEDLY– take an item and hold on to it but ask yourself repeatedly if you need it that bad or if you think it’s going to resell. If you find yourself having a hard time letting it go then buy it.
  • NEGOTIATE– I will and have even negotiated prices in retail stores. If there’s flaws or it’s just too much, ask for a discount or even better at garage sales…….talk them way down. People typically want to get rid of things, so they tend to say, ‘ALRIGHT’. Don’t be afraid to walk away if they don’t. Their loss not mine!
  • HUNT WEEKLY– often times you have to go back to places like Re-Store, Salvation Army’s and Goodwill’s. TJMaxx and Home Goods too. These places get new stuff all the time. Make it a weekly habit to scour through clearance racks.

What’s your favorite thing to hunt for and where do you shop the most?! Show us some pics on our FB page.

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