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Hey There Mama’s! Welcome. We are obsessed minimalists, no tox house cleaners, moms who drink coffee and healthy living enthusiasts. Join our community by liking our FB page, then clicking on the groups tab and becoming a member of the ones you find most interesting.  

I wanted to create this online coffee shop for everyone who needs a fresh breath of air, because sometimes it’s not always about the perfect white picket fence or all of the crumbs being picked up off of the floors. It’s about living. And living well. Even if that means we need a break from all of the chaos, the whining, the dreadful laundry that you don’t know how to manage.

Minimalist Mom Community

We focus on all natural house cleaning, stress free routines, minimalism, decluttering, organizing and sanctity. Healthy living is our mission! No Mama should ever feel helpless or shame because they never learned how to clean their home. The secret to constantly keeping a house cleaned is decluttering and becoming minimal. It’s just a fact. I’m here to share my best house cleaning tips that are chemical, stress and anxiety free! 

Best House Cleaning Tips

We’ve got you Mama! Cleaning is a skill. It is also a very relaxing hobby when you learn how to clean toxic free; which creates a passion for maintaining a healthier home.

The inside of our homes is more polluted than the exterior. It’s important to learn all you can about fresh, clean atmospheres especially if you have a family and pets. You must also realize that clutter is the root of all evil and needs to be tackled at least monthly to prevent overwhelm. When you live with less, you simply don’t have as much stress. While some stress can be healthy for you, it’s a good idea to try to create a nice balance. Our downloads will be updated every month with NEW house cleaning tips. Be sure to subscribe to the blog as well. There will be fresh posts often with full blown details on how to clean surfaces, diy recipes and more on minimalism. 

how to enjoy cleaning

Create everyday morning and evening routines that are specific to your homes! Anyone can share ideas but it’s your house. What do you want it to look like? How do you want to wake up in the morning? 

Go Green- the no tox life is the absolute best! I never realized it until last year and it makes you want to clean.

Natural All Purpose Cleaner

1 tbsp alcohol

2 drops tea tree oil

top with water

shake bottle and spray surfaces for a quick clean up and wipe down of appliances 

If you’re more of a vinegar cleaner you can do half vinegar and half water in a bottle and keep nearby for quick counter top ( if you don’t have stoneware ) and appliance clean ups.

Dump some baking soda in the kitchen sink everyday to wash out the bacteria. Did you know the kitchen sink harbors more bacteria than the toilets? #truefact


All Natural Enzyme Cleaner

I absolutely love this concoction of all natural enzyme cleaner because it eliminates odors and really cleans up the surfaces well. 

Mix 2 tbsp peroxide, 3 drops lavender and tea tree oil in a spray bottle, top with water and give it a good shake. 

Spray on blankets, pillows, baskets, carpets and more to get rid of funky odors, pet urine, and mold. It’s amazing.

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