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Hello I’m Here

Welcome to our coffee room- a place to network like a boss ++ get shit done! 

Grab a cup……yes, you’ll need one! Ever feel so lost in this networking game?! Yeah, scratch that. The Coffee Addict Mama Gang is a sisterhood that helps you accomplish all the goals you’d like to achieve! I can’t think of a better way to help us mompreneurs grow than by coming together to share ideas, posts, tweets, pins, and mention each other in stories, etc! It’s a community like no other.

Do you want to learn how to blog, make some extra money, build your brand but feel like that’s what everyone else is doing, so how can you?! I’m calling negative. If you want to thrive and be successful, you CAN + WILL be. It’s starts when you network with the right boss bitches! We’ll show you how a simple LIKE & FOLLOW goes a long way!!! Trust me, we’ve got you! 

Ok, since you’ve all had your coffee by now, let’s start networking! Follow the simple instructions below and start bossin’!!

  • Grab a banner and display on your website so we know you’re a ‘real’ boss
  • Comment below with a simple introduction to who you are and where we can find your links
  • Head to the comment before yours and go stalk their blog/website
  • Come back here after you’ve shown them some love, followed their social media and leave another comment saying how awesome it felt to meet another sister
  • Visit as many friends who comment on this page daily for your fabulous networking experience

Do NOT shameless self promote, use copy + pasted comments when visiting other bloggers or small businesses! If we see that happening you won’t be welcome here. 

Give everyone enough time to show some love back- don’t get your panties in a bunch if someone is taking too long to reply to a comment, follow you back, etc…..we’ve got more important shit to worry about. 

If you need help or assistance with anything, comment below! We don’t know how to help you if you don’t ask. This is an all in one package community—–we help you flourish! Start by leaving comments, so others can get to know you and if you are confused about anything business related, blogging, how to’s, anything…….just reach out! 

3 thoughts on “Network Like a Boss

  1. Hey bosses! I’m Victoria. Most of you have either met me on Twitter, IG, FB @coffeeaddictmama or know me in real life! Welcome to the networking page. Here is where I will switch it up from time to time to give it a little more fun to play with. Everyday will be something similar or completely different. I love to collab, so let’s work together and learn from one another. I’m not into catty crap so leave that drama for the FB groups! I want everyone to feel welcome and feel like this is their home away from home. Leave a comment and tell us who you are…….nice to meet you! Welcome.

  2. Update as of 10/12/19 Our Pinterest Account has skyrocketed to almost 400K! Yes, our strategies work and we don’t use a paid app! Have you started your business account on Pinterest yet? And do you need help?! Let’s network. I’m here to help. Ask questions and get shit done! Happy weekend my friends.

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