Our monthly membership is an affordable option for businesses and bloggers looking to expand their clientele. Coffee Addict Mama offers tons of free ways to advertise your websites. Simply become a member and get listed, guest post and more! We mention on our social media a lot. With the tribe membership, you get VIP MAMA BOSS status.

You’ll Receive:

  • sponsor ad
  • mentions on our social media
  • several text links throughout our site
  • re-tweets, pins and story features
  • optional giveaway post
  • featured post
  • personal VIP tips and advice for blogging/building brands

Your monthly membership gets you an abundance of advertising that will help build your business, bring your brand to reality and give you sales like you wouldn’t believe. If you’re on a budget, this deal is for you!!! If you continue with the CAM advertising, each month will be creatively different to target more readers for you.

MONTHLY RATE $39 (Limited Availability)

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of posting you have to do to get your new business noticed? Is it becoming a hassle instead of something you enjoy?! Victoria is a professional blogger who specializes in promotional advertising, networking, and organic growth. The intimidation of social media marketing, SEO optimization and promoting your brand is no longer a concern for you, your family or your company. The tribe membership gets your business out there for less. What’s nice is that Coffee Addict Mama is a small community which is better for you. Our monthly views come from Twitter, Pinterest, FB and IG! We focus on creativity and authenticity. Over the past month our Google searches have increased by 45%.

Who can advertise with us:

  • small shops ( preferably handmade or in our niche )
  • lifestyle coaches and bloggers
  • food blogs
  • coffee product sellers
  • mompreneurs
  • small businesses ( MLM’s welcome )
  • amazon sellers
  • travel bloggers
  • starbucks lovers
  • secure websites

If you’re not sure if your brand fits our niche, please contact us before you purchase this membership.