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Hey Locals ( and friends afar ), do you want to meet a new friend for coffee? Um, yeah…..who doesn’t!!! Hello! Coffee Addict Mama is all about the coffee dates, HOWEVER, behave and do this in a professional, polite, friendly manner. No weirdo crap allowed. These are REAL people, REAL life activity, so be mindful of setting up. We want you to feel comfortable, enjoy yourselves and share your coffee date pics with us!

coffee date meetings

Who This Is For:

  • bloggers
  • moms and dads
  • women in business
  • casual
  • dating + friends
  • sisters and family members
  • pawrents ( people with pets )

So Here’s The Deal-

Arranging a coffee date with someone you know is pretty easy. Setting up a coffee date with someone you just met on the internet is and can be nerve wracking. Let us ease your gut! Breathe. We’re all coffee addicts looking for a friendly chit chat over hot or iced.

If you would like to set up a coffee date with your local friends and family- simply meet up at a coffee joint, take photos, laugh, enjoy the nature and then share your date with us! This is a great way to get your blogs out there, become more social and learn something interesting. Doug and I Absolutely Love Them. We’re local Myrtle Beach residents so feel free to ask us to meet up with y’all.

If you’d like to organize a bloggers coffee date meet up, we’d love to help you organize….just leave comments below so we can gather information like where everyone is from.

Meeting someone new? This is perfect for getting out there and we all enjoy new faces. Be smart, meet at busy cafe’s, bring a 3rd person ( the more, the caffeinated ), have fun and split the bill. Do this at your own discretion. Moms who want friends, this is great. Ladies and Gents looking for a fun afternoon laugh, perfect. The idea is to have a nice coffee date and then of course share it with us!

Leave Comments Here Telling Us :

-Your Name

-Where You Are From

-Who You’re Interested in Having a Coffee Date with

Personally these are really good mood boosters and a great way to have something else to do other than the usual. Any questions, just ask. Ideas? Please chime in.

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