Perhaps you’ve started a blog and you’re a little thrown back by all the work that’s put into one. While nothing in life is easy { for some }, there are ways to accomplish these goals to make your blogging experience that much more fruitful. I have been blogging almost 10 years. In creating posts, I have struggled with

a.) what to post

b.) lengthy posts

c.) bordom


A lot of blogs that promote blogging tips will say that you can complete a blog post in 30 minutes or less. But let’s be real. Good content will come from quality time invested. That’s why I am going to teach you how to successfully write a post in one hour or less. In returning to my writing content as a full time blogger, I have learned more about long, well written posts. During my time spent trying to grow my cleaning business, I read a lot about SEO. It was crucial to listen and learn because I needed Google My Business to help grow my services. While I do believe that one can overdue it in posts and go overboard with links, content, strategies…..I’m gonna keep it very simple + very real.

There is no need to stress about it. If you find yourself getting frustrated, walk away. I do this often and it leads to better posts. Don’t rush a written post and certainly don’t publish just to publish!

When you have a good thought on a topic, remember to write it down or start a draft. This is by far the easiest way to write lengthy posts quickly. If you like to talk to your friends, consider your audience….YOUR FRIENDS!


I don’t like the competition. You’re running into a flame of fire when you create content just to compete. It’s also unattractive. 90% of those bloggers aren’t going to be blogging for 5+ years. The competition is yourself. When you believe in yourself, you win….and you win big. If you decide that blogging is not for you ( anyone can do it ), you at least showed up…played your part and learned something along the way. Creating content is not easy. Your mindset has to be there and believe me when I say ALL bloggers struggle at some point or another.

1.) Know Your Business – with anything I have shared, I mostly talk about knowing what you’re talking about. It doesn’t matter how much research you do on a topic…….if you don’t understand it, you can’t teach it! I’m always honest when I know very little about a topic. If it’s something you think your readers can gain from it, so learn a bit and then incorporate your knowledge into what you’re writing about. When you have things to discuss, the writing comes easy.

2.) Schedule Accordingly – If you know you have free time to start a blog post, then sit down; start typing and possibly sneak some draft posts in there. Having a set schedule and using these time management skills will really boost your blog post productivity. Alone time, is the best time.

3.) The 2 Minute Break – When writing extra lengthy posts I find myself needing that two minute break here and there. It’s just how it goes. Get up from your laptop/keyboard and go take a breath of fresh air, grab some lemon water and then return in a few moments. This gives your mind a chance to recoup. And your booty a good stretch.

4.) Enjoy Yourself – No one wants to dread anything in life. Have fun with it. Writing is actually therapy for many. It’s going to take some time getting used to the time management but once you do….girl’s fingertips walkin’ the blogger runway! Do what you love and if you don’t love it, you soon will.

5.) Don’t Overthink – This is a big tip if you are looking to write long blog posts in a short time frame. I’ve experienced many brain farts/fogs in my day and to be honest, they aren’t worth the headache. If you notice yourself overthinking, save the draft and sign out completely. There is nothing more annoying than trying to come up with content when it’s just not there. Re-focus and return at another time. If you allow yourself to naturally start writing, you’ll be able to successfully do it within the hour time frame. The secret is to NOT actually time yourself.

6.) Get Ideas – One of the greatest quotes is the one where someone states, “Good ideas come from other people’s ideas!” I don’t know who said it or where I read it but truth be told….we all have similar ideas. It’s not imitating or duplicating or copycatting…….it’s simply seeing something and the trigger alerts you to your own ideas. I cannot tell you how many times we see some of the same stuff on the internet…..maybe someone copied someone else but maybe they really liked it and wanted to share their way of doing it, saying it, etc……..don’t be a hater….be a player!

7.) Do Not Disturb – Writing is one of those things where we need peace + quiet. If the house is loud, there’s people interrupting you, etc…..the work won’t get done. Escape to a peaceful place to allow things to just flow. I often plug in a warmer and melt some wax to relax at the same time. My writing has never been better. And I’m NOT a writer. I proofread and make edits all the time but at least I’m posting what I think is quality content.

8.) Use Bullet Points – I use the ‘list’ method. After creating a topic, write down some important discussions by using a bullet point. Either on your post itself or paper ( before you begin writing your posts ). This way you have things to talk about. If I want to talk about coffee recipes: then I come up with a significant number that allows me to write well near 1000 word posts and start thinking about different kinds of coffee related recipes, etc……..

FOR EXAMPLE – Post Title: 26 Cafe Recipes Using The Ninja Coffee Bar ( once I come up with an idea, I can start storming up ideas….26 to be exact! )

  • Simple Iced Mocha Coffee
  • Vegan Latte with Extra Foam
  • Skinny Macchiato ( Starbucks Copycat )
  • Etc, Etc……..

Share some tips on how you whip up a worthy post fast.

Are you a blogger? Do you wish to start a blog? What are your goals with blogging……and how can we help!? Leave comments below. Until next time, more coffee please.

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