As a house cleaner, it was always hard for my nails to grow and it really put my insecurities into overdrive. I wanted nothing more than to be attractive and our nails are super important as far as appearance goes. Being female, I like to look and feel like a woman, so when my nails were not growing and the paint would constantly chip off, I knew that my job was in jeopardy. Until one day when I started cleaning with a new product and a few days later I noticed my fingernails were longer. Wait, what is going on here!? I looked down and was in shock. You guys have no idea what it has been like these past two years not having any fingernails.

I researched ways to grow your nails fast ( just out of curiosity ) and to my surprise, I couldn’t find anyone that shared tips with this one ingredient. However, here’s a great read for several other ways to grow your nails naturally.

UPDATE: I’ve added a new supplement to my diet and it’s been the one thing that has helped my nails grow even better than the vinegar suggestion. READ BELOW!

Often times I have to remind myself to use this because if I don’t and continue to wear gloves, use chemicals and scrub in this cleaning business then my nails are obviously going to suffer. And we do not want that. I never cleaned with white vinegar before because of the smell, number one and I just never thought that it could truly clean the way that I needed it to. Anyways, there’s no scientific proof that it disinfects. Or is there? Please note….I use this all of the time now. How things change, eh?!

So, I was curious after reading so many comments on threads that referred to cleaning practically everything with vinegar and needed to test it out for sure. I clean with other products as well. But, I ran some lukewarm water to scrub my hands after removing my gloves and the bottle of vinegar was sitting right next to me…..I just grabbed it and poured some over my hands to remove any harsh smells. It’s nearly everyday that I have some kind of OCD with my hands smelling a certain way. I wash them with mild soap obviously and use a scrubby brush to rid the germs, etc. Then I wash again with antibacterial soap. It normally takes a good day for my hands to not smell like chemicals even if I wear gloves.

Not anymore! Thank the heavens for White Distilled Vinegar. I now buy the jugs because I pretty much need it for everything.

I dump onto my fingernails to :

a.) stop biting them

b.) disinfect any germs that might be in there after cleaning toilets all day

c.) make them grow

After a couple of days of doing this, my nails were instantly longer. I cannot even tell you how amazing this is for someone who had ugly fingernails. It’s genius.


Here’s how it works:

  • dip your fingernails into white vinegar
  • do NOT rinse off right away – allow the vinegar to actually work. You can dab your hands and fingertips onto a dry towel to remove the excess but don’t wipe completely dry…allow to air dry
  • refrain from washing your hands for a couple of hours to get the best results
  • use as needed
  • repeat as necessary and watch your nails grow so fast

This is the only thing that absolutely works really fast for nail growing. It’s simple and easy, not messy at all. Especially try this if you’ve been biting your nails even with clear nail polish on. It’s truly been a life savor for me.

Other tips to growing your nails and keeping them long + strong:

  • file daily
  • rub cuticle cream on them
  • clip hangnails asap
  • whenever you get the urge to bite, do the vinegar rinse
  • take a supplement to nourish your hair, nails and skin throughout
  • apply clear nail polish to harden

I started taking Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules for my digestive issues but WOW. After 2 weeks of taking 2 a day, my nails have been LONGER & STRONGER than ever before. Now I don’t have to do the vinegar rinse and I’m feeling more like a woman.

Have you tried this? It is fantastic. Do tell us your experience below!!! Happy Nails To You.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor nor do I recommend you doing this if you cannot handle the burn, tingling sensation vinegar causes. Do not use on open cuts or wounds….although it may help heal faster…..just my opinions. Use at your own risk! Ask your doctor before taking on new supplements such as Fish Oil.

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