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The Uncluttered Project Access

The Uncluttered Project is a life changing style of minimalism through decluttering challenges for those interested in going minimal, uncluttering, ditching the tox and healthy living. Once you checkout you will receive an instant download with the password. Go here to enter the code and be sure to introduce yourself in the comments on that …

Kitchen Cleaning Inspiration

17 page kitchen cleaning inspiration presentation simple uncluttering daily, no tox cleaning organization ideas house rules quotes In The Kitchen Presentation

no tox cleaning tips

No Tox Cleaning Guide

No Tox Cleaning Guide – PDF Download Our NO TOX cleaning guide is packed with all natural, homemade cleaning recipes, DIY, how to go green tips! PDF download and ready instantly. Healthier living, minimalist lifestyle and truly a game changer for anyone that incorporates this into their homes. Did you know that the inside of …

Daily Clean Up List

Free Daily Cleaning Checklist

Basic Daily Cleaning Checklist Things you should be cleaning everyday to limit the load. Do these things to maintain a healthier home. It has a space on the side to write notes, check it off and add tasks if you wish. Print as many as you wish after you download. Enjoy.

healthier living at home

Simple Steps To Healthier Living At Home

This is my guide to help you start a new journey at home! Simple everyday routines and inspiration for a much healthier lifestyle. It’s packed with knowledge and tips to better your schedules on how to clean. I made this for those that want a jump start on going minimal, adapting new styles into their …