Happy Holidays Mama’s! I’m taking a mini break from my mentorship & coaching. If you’re interested in learning more about minimalism and non toxic cleaning please join our NO TOX group through my Facebook page. I’ll be happy to share tips and helpful inspiration in there. I’ll be back in 2021.

Are you ready to make big changes doing small things as a home lover? I’m so excited that you are here looking to learn more about minimalism, decluttering, and stress free cleaning routines. My six month coaching program is a life changing experience that helps you unclutter your living space, mentally become stable with your everyday habits and challenges you to be a better person inside and out!

Lifestyle Coaching Program For The Minimalist Lovers

BTW: The Uncluttered Project is now available free with monthly updates and challenges.

I focus on simplicity, mindset challenges and increasing your knowledge on healthier living! Because I was taught structure at such a young age, I was able to master those skills and turn our house cleaning business into virtual guides that change lives almost drastically.

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Stress Free House Cleaning + Decluttering Program

Let’s face it….you cannot organize your life or homes if you have too much baggage. My step by step system teaches you to value the little things and let go of the clutter that’s causing stress without you even realizing it. The way you clean has everything to do with what you’re cleaning with, how you’re cleaning it and why you’re not cleaning something. You must first learn how to clean properly in order to live freely-

Our courses and guides are extremely detailed. If you’re interested in going No-Tox I highly recommend them! Instead of telling you exactly how to clean something, I share mind blowing, everyday tasks that are simple and easy. It’s not a chore, it’s a lifestyle! I don’t sugar coat anything. If you want to declutter and learn to live clean, you need to learn to let go!! It’s something we all battle and I’ve worked with many clients from eating disorders to body dysmorphia, from hoarding to unsanitary living. Trust me when I say, I’ve seen it all. And the reason why I have a 100% success rate is because people crave cleanliness……they just don’t know where to start!

Get the healthier living start up absolutely free

This is a PDF download that consists of better habits, how to go minimal and starts the process of non toxic living. Once you have completed these steps, connect with me so that we can establish a continued program that works for you!

The 8 Steps Include :

  • introduction + understanding
  • stress free routines that lower the anxiety in your home
  • tips and tricks to easier cleaning
  • weekly goal setting
  • monthly decluttering
  • house rules
  • product list must haves
  • wellness inspiration and more

To Get Your Free Download You Must Use Code SIMPLECLEANING

Join The 1:1 Healthy Living Program With Victoria J. Taylor

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Once you join the program you are considered a client and we’ll focus on projects, goals, routines and healthier living for the next 6 months. I require at least a six month program because that’s how long it takes to improve any living situation dealing with cleaning, clutter, organizing and transitioning. I’m so proud of you for already looking things up on the internet and doing your research on how to make your home your sanity once again!

If the program is not for you but you’d like to book a smaller session with me, I require at least a 3 month program. Contact me here and let me know exactly how I can help you.

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