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22 Ways To Start Making Money From Your Blog Right Now

When I started blogging back in 2010, I realized there was such an incredible community of people who wanted to share their ideas, learn from one another and help build each other up. I quickly created a way to earn extra income as a stay at home mom by just using specific blog techniques. There’s so many ways to make money online but today we’re going to discuss the 22 most simplest ways. We’ll have you bringing in the dough (in no time). Struggling with how to even start?……we’ll walk you through it.

  • CONNECT + BUILD – the first step is to set up your blog with making money in mind. It can be done quickly if you start by doing your research and make your site a rather attractive place for visitors to tune in. Need help with minimalism? I’m going to be rolling out a series in the category linked above so stay tuned. When your website is ready to start promoting you can and will want to get your links published on Twitter and Pinterest ASAP. Sharing on Twitter is going to get your Google rankings higher than any other social media site. Pinterest will bring you in the most traffic as far as a search engine goes. Use the free way to connect by creating a community and becoming friends with other fellow bloggers. Swap ads and stick to a niche.
  • ADD A PAGE FOR SHOPPING – shop my closet is one of the easiest ways to bring in extra cash. By simply creating a page where your friends can come stalk items you no loner want, you’ve quickly started making money. Make check out fast and easy, take good photos of the items you want to sell and market accordingly. Be sure to have good communication skills as well. Respond to questions and concerns asap.
  • WRITE EBOOKS – if you’re thinking you’re not a writer, you have nothing to offer, etc……think again. This is the chance for you to increase your money flow fast. It doesn’t have to be long, even a 6 page e-book can sell repeatedly for $10 a pop. Whether it’s about learning something new, a book you wrote, a topic you like talking about, a mini recipe book, etc…….create ebooks for selling!
  • TEACH ONLINE CLASSES – this goes hand in hand with the mentioned above. If you have knowledge in specific topics, it’s easy to talk about them, teach others what you’ve learned and make money while doing it. My Pro Tip: start a free course that leads to paid courses. By doing so you get readers tuned in and they want to learn even more. Your free course links to the paid courses and then you’ve got more income.
  • RUN DEALS – promoting your sidebar ads could bring in more than you could imagine. When first starting, run deals every month. For EX: 200X100 ads run for more than your 50X50 ads and offer a low fee to get new bloggers enticed. I used to throw out $5 and $10 dollar deals on certain days and people would fill them right up.
  • SPONSORED POSTS – this is such a fabulous way to get your readers to talk about what they are doing on their blogs and for a small fee they get more exposure and vice versa.
  • SELL YOURSELF – this doesn’t pertain to everyone but putting yourself out there really does pay off! People are attracted to People! It’s how you present ‘you’ online that will end up making you bang. I think this goes along with shopping your closet and creating online courses. This is a great way for readers to get to know you! How will it make you money? Because people buy things from people they LIKE. Create that vibe and watch the money roll in.
  • FREELANCE – many of my personal friends on FB have told me they like how I write. If you have a talent for writing, reach out to websites that are looking for writers. Write posts for others. Some people make a great living doing this alone. Advertise on your blog pages that you are available as a freelance writer so people looking can contact you about your services.
  • AFFILIATE LINKS – I have never understood the affiliate marketing programs until now. Back when I started blogging, I heard so much about it and signed up to Share a Sale but never UNDERSTOOD it. It’s confusing to me, someone who knows nothing about it or doesn’t comprehend HOW TO WORK IT! That’s why I just signed up recently with Amazon Affiliates to figure it all out and then share my experience with y’all. You can earn a side hustle whenever someone clicks that link to purchase something. I found an awesome post for you to do your research on.
  • SELL IT – if you’ve created a damn good following and like to start blogs just to re-sell, heck…..I know a lot of people that would buy it. So here’s the thing about blogging. Most would love to do it but don’t exactly know how. Build a rather decent blog to sell to bloggers that don’t know how to start up. You can even do this as a hobby. A good start up blog with at least 22 (there’s that number again) posts would gain interest in sales. Design well, write well discussed topics and then re-sell.
  • BE AUTHENTIC – I generally do not trust blogs that have ad tonnage. It’s a huge turn off for most but if you are really looking to making money and want to be an ALL AD website, go for it. Just do you and be you! There are tons of blogs that hoard their space with ads that just slows the computer down as well as making it confusing to the reader. If you would like to build a blog making profits then do what you believe in. Research how to use ads properly. I’m going to be sharing a post very soon about how to create ads without the overwhelm.
  • FOLLOW THE LEADER – the truth is that you are in a battle of winning the views you deserve. With so many people starting a blog just to make money and then neglecting it because they found out they truly can’t is mind boggling. Follow the right path and read from experience.
  • DESIGN BLOGS – you can make some money even if you DO NOT have a background in designing. Simply teach yourself how to make blog buttons, banners and headers and sell them to your social media friends that cannot do it themselves. Creating these badges in paint can even be possible if you don’t have the software to design blog looks. There’s also tons of free software out there.
  • PROMOTE LIKE A PRO – whether you’re sharing your links on Twitter, FB, IG or Pinterest, it’s also important to learn about creating the RIGHT ads to sponsor your own website. If you write an awesome ebook or ecourse, you’d want people to see it from all over the world. IG and FB ads are a bit costly but if you propose a good ad, people will click. Some of the best bloggers I have found and learned from were sponsored ads on FB.
  • OFFER SERVICES – locally add specific services to your community. Adding a page on your website to describe a list of what you can offer and add it to Google My Business. This way people looking can stumble upon your website and call you for local services. It can be anything that interests you. Be creative.
  • POST OFTEN – sharing your blog posts is really important if you want to make money. If you’ve shared it once on any of your social media accounts, once is NOT enough. Share it again. Go back to older posts, edit if necessary and share the link again on Twitter, FB, IG, ETC. You can’t possibly make any money if you’re not putting yourself out there.
  • WRITE LONGER POSTS – shorter blog posts are a bit of the past. Now Google ranks highest by word count. You need to have well written posts with at least 1500-2000 characters. This also helps those businesses looking to hire freelance writers choose you to write for them. Proofread, write good and long.
  • JOIN FACEBOOK GROUPS – do some searching on Facebook and see what groups allow you to share your blogs. The community over competition is overwhelming and there are tons of groups from all over the world that promote for you. Join those groups and share your links, products, ebooks, etc.
  • OPEN AN ETSY SHOP FOR AD SELLING – this worked for me a long time ago. I opened an Etsy shop and listed my ad space available for those looking to get their shops out there. I listed over 10 ad sizes available, described what they would be receiving and earned some great sponsors this way. Believe it or not you can fill up your sidebar with just awesome homemade sellers and like minded bloggers and score big time. Be affordable. These people looking to promote their small business want to work with other small businesses offering great deals.
  • BE A BOSS – running a website, selling ads and maintaining an online presence is a FULL TIME job. Treat it like such. The way to make money is to hustle, be a boss and well, look; we all make mistakes, learn from them and grow. That’s what’s great about the internet. You might fall but who the hell doesn’t know until they try. And then get your ass back up. Start over, teach yourself how to make money and be that boss you wanna be! Ain’t no better feeling. Trust me.
  • INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED – there’s a group I’m involved in that helps promote your business and the women in there are great. They give advice and are really all about ‘EMPOWERMENT’. Different groups, pages and even personal friends trying to run a small business online are there to help out. Follow the people that are A.) Positive B.) Do Live Videos C.) Ask questions a lot. These are the friends we need in our lives. Take your next level of making money to your own personal Facebook pages as well. Share what you love and inspire your friends. You never know who might want to support you.
  • TRUST YOUR GUT – if you know that you’re capable of making the money you desire off a blog/website, then keep pushing towards that goal. I have fallen many times my friends…….but I constantly find myself back at what I love to frickin’ do and that’s BLOGGING. Trust your insides, do what you love and never give up! I promise you’ll succeed. Just remember that!

For more ways to earn money check out our tags and categories and if there’s a topic you want us to discuss….Just Holler. Until next time, go make that money, honey!

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Saturday’s Are For Thrifting

thrift store ideas

My absolute favorite thing of all time is searching through good rummage sale boxes and bins to find the most unique items to put in our shop! Coffee Addict Mama has been a passion of mine for years and I can finally add items and products now to it weekly. Most of my finds come from yard sales, clearance racks and Re-Store.

american family scale

To be truthfully honest, any day of the week is for thrifting. And I’m shocked that ‘THRIFTING’ is not a word because my spell check keeps coming up with a red line underneath. It is. I thought it would be fun to share some of my tips with you as far as a frugal mom and gal in general goes! Don’t get me wrong……I’ll buy expensive pieces but they really have to be worth it to me!

  • SET A BUDGET– or just take ten dollars with you when you go to rummage sales. The most I usually take is $20. That way I don’t get any hard feelings when I see an item for more than what I can afford.
  • ASK REPEATEDLY– take an item and hold on to it but ask yourself repeatedly if you need it that bad or if you think it’s going to resell. If you find yourself having a hard time letting it go then buy it.
  • NEGOTIATE– I will and have even negotiated prices in retail stores. If there’s flaws or it’s just too much, ask for a discount or even better at garage sales…….talk them way down. People typically want to get rid of things, so they tend to say, ‘ALRIGHT’. Don’t be afraid to walk away if they don’t. Their loss not mine!
  • HUNT WEEKLY– often times you have to go back to places like Re-Store, Salvation Army’s and Goodwill’s. TJMaxx and Home Goods too. These places get new stuff all the time. Make it a weekly habit to scour through clearance racks.

What’s your favorite thing to hunt for and where do you shop the most?! Show us some pics on our FB page.

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3 Fast and Easy Ways To Make Money This Weekend

ways to make money fast

I’m a house cleaner, my jobs aren’t always guaranteed and this mama’s gotta make some money! I’ve always been one to make money on the side so, today I’m sharing 3 fast and easy ways you can make money this weekend. There’s several ways but these are the top three. If you are thinking these ways are quite obvious, stick with me…..I share screenshots of everything so you know exactly what you’re doing. The key is making money fast!

Facebook Marketplace– this is probably one of the fastest ways to make money in a weekend. Post your item/s for sale on a Thursday evening. This allows you enough time to get it sold by Sunday. Don’t overprice because it won’t sell fast. Take clear photos with nothing in the background. Dark photos are on marketplace for a very long time because no one can see what the hell they’re trying to actually sell. Be descriptive and respond to questions fast. Things that sell fast: furniture || electronics || high end clothing and perfume || baby furniture || good condition mattresses || plants || phones || gift cards || lawn equipment + tools just to name a few.

Login in to your facebook account:

You’ll want to make sure the Location is set to your current area and then you can hit that sell something tab and start listing your stuff for sale!

From there it pretty much walks you through it. Make sure you publish it and then share in groups if you can. Sometimes posting something on your own personal feed leads to sales as well.

Pro Tip: If more than 3 people are interested in an item, do NOT negotiate. People will pay what you’re asking for ( if it’s within a reasonable price ). Just be kind and say, “There’s too many people interested, so not at this time.

3 Fast And Easy Ways To Make Money This Weekend

Plato’s Closet– If you’re a guy, hold on… too can sell your stuff here! It’s a quick way to purge your closets and make some dough. The key is calling and asking what they are looking for and that’s important because you don’t want to go trying to sell your summer stuff in the winter if they aren’t accepting those types of items. Things that sell fast: name brand jeans || hollister hoodies || authentic purses || victorias secret || name brand book bags || like new items. If you don’t have a local Plato’s Closet consider trying some consignment shops that allow you to sell outright.

PC is also a great way to get your teens enticed to clean out their closets. I had my daughter declutter her clothing that she never wears and the only way to get her to let go was to tell her she could make money off them. We went into Plato’s and they bought

  • A gently used Adidas book bag
  • Like new Juicy Couture black leggings
  • No name brand short jean shorts
  • Myrtle Beach sweatshirt
  • A Simply Southern sweatshirt
  • Rue 21 Long Sleeve Floral Jacket

Cash paid- $27.50

Not bad for a teen trying to get rid of some things she never wears anymore. They do pay a decent amount.

Let Go– This app allows you to pretty much sell anything really fast. Just like the FB marketplace; don’t overprice and do it on a Thursday eve to get weekend sales. Take good pics and enjoy some extra cash flow. Not sure what really sells? Just browse and you’ll find out pretty fast what sells and what doesn’t. It also looks like you can list right from your laptop now too!

I used to sell canvas paintings ( specifically animals ) really fast on FB. And then when I wanted to declutter my clothes and stuff I barely used, I went to Plato’s Closet. I didn’t think they’d give me $40 for a book bag but they do pay a decent amount if you need the cash. My sister gets quite a bit for her Victoria’s Secret items. However, they didn’t take my daughter VS sweatshirt, so it’s definitely hit or miss.

Pro Resale Tip:

Hunt for really cheap clothing deals at Goodwill and Thrift stores if you want to be an Ebay seller or even just to resell at Plato’s Closet or something. I’m no longer a power seller on Ebay but do sell Vintage mugs and households on Etsy for side money. The only way to sell fast on those sites is to have more than 200 items in your shop at all times. That way something is likely to sell overnight.

If you have enough time to prepare, craft shows and weekend rummage sales will bring in some money just because. Look at your local FB events and see what’s going on for the flea markets. An 8 ft table can be as cheap as $15 in some areas and you get to sell pretty much anything you want.

That’s it for now! Enjoy selling and making some dough this weekend. Share your tips below in the comments. Until next time…….hustle hard my coffee addict friends. Please subscribe, there’s a category for this kind of coffee talk now. 3 Fast and Easy Ways To Make Money This Weekend.