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How To Advertise Your Business { For Free }

how to advertise your business for free

You’ve started your business….now what?! I remember watching a television ad when I started my business and it played over and over again. Super annoying but I caught onto the message. He was a big time lawyer in SW FL and mentioned that if you do not advertise your business, there will be no business. Now, many of us only have enough money to get supplies and products for our new business. We’ve all been there where we get discussing the budget and finally realize that there’s none left over for advertising. No worries my boss lady friends, we’re talking how to advertise your business for free today!

Get Your Business Listed For Free

Google My Business– get your business on the maps and advertise your business daily almost immediately. This app is super easy to use, allows you to post offers, services, photos and more. It’s crucial that you have all of your ducks in a row ( speaking in terms of past experience ) because you don’t want to keep changing your business info: Google dings this as spam!

This app is not only for brick and mortars! You can have a business working out of your homes and list it on Google for better search results. I’ve honestly come across graphic + web designers, virtual assistants and more on Google. I’m assuming some even put their blogs on there. What if I don’t have a website yet? Google has a FREE website option as well. It’s not bad at all. I’ve used it several times and even received more clients this way. I do notice that when you keep changing things, your results go down so you want to stick with keeping things the same as much as you can. For example: if you know you’re going to be getting a website, hold off on adding that until you have it all set.

Google My Business Offers-

  • Create a post- this is much like social media posting but for your business. You can add a photo, title, description and even add offers, link buttons, and tags.
  • Photo uploads- these photos will be published so potential clients can see your work. So, utilize this feature often. BONUS TIP: go to Google Maps once your business is listed on Google My Business and find your business. Now upload some photos there.
  • Insights, Reviews and Follows- they now allow people to follow your business account. They also encourage you to offer a welcome deal to anyone that follows. Reviews are important. Google wants you to respond timely and be as professional as possible. Look at your insights often to see where your business is. This reveals how many people are searching for your type of business and keywords to help you boost your business to the front page of Google.

Ways To Advertise Your Business For Free

Pinterest- This is important even if you don’t understand why! And we’ll discuss how this platform benefits you and your business. Pinterest is a search engine much like Google. This is the place that EVERY business should be listed because it’s almost more powerful. I was able to skyrocket my Coffee Addict Mama account in less than 2 months. If you need some help getting started, I share + edit TOP tips to growing your Pinterest account often because it’s extremely crucial no matter what kind of business you own.

Whether you have content to pin doesn’t really matter at this point ( if you’re new to the platform ). All you need to focus on is getting a business account set up ( if you haven’t already ), creating a killer bio, using a professional profile pic, and starting your boards. You will need to start pinning daily ( I recommend manual pinning but you can use an App such as Tailwind ). The more you grow your business, the more content you’ll create to start pinning. WHICH will then lead to your website or even your social media accounts. Yes, people pin photos and graphics to their Instagram, YouTube and even FB. It’s a little tricky to understand but the more you get used to it, the more you’ll understand. Just know that you need to create graphic photos or original photos to upload to Pinterest and then be sure to link it to your website. If you don’t have a website, link to the social media account where you want business.

You can also make money on Pinterest if you create a passion for it! I will be posting more about Affiliate Marketing coming soon.

Facebook- While FB and IG offers amazing ad options, I still think they’re only good for specific niches. Most businesses don’t see results unless you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads. There is definitely a FREE way to promote your business on Facebook. Creating a page for your business is important. Although many small businesses use their personal FB accounts, I don’t recommend that.

1.) Keep your personal and business accounts separate on Facebook. You can certainly share your business posts from your page on your personal accounts but for the most part, don’t overwhelm your current account with business posts because well, it’s just not professional. I have an album on my personal account for my work portfolio because I like to share it from time to time but 98% of my business posts are on my business page. You can set up a page rather easily.

Click on the pages button and then CREATE. If you already have a page you can start using it daily to start promoting your business. The key is to utilize this social media platform. Don’t think that starting a page and neglecting it will bring you in customers or clients. You have to POST and post relevant, attractive content to earn business.

2.) Join local groups. This is where many people go to ask for recommendations and your business should be recommended. You can either comment on posts or create posts ( if those groups allow you to ) and introduce your business to those group members. Encourage people and friends to share your new business page and do as much as you possibly can to utilize this amazingly FREE way to advertise. If you’re a local business you can search your city in the search button and groups should pop up. If you’re a global business, join groups in those niches.

Word Of Mouth- This may seem silly or even mostly, common sense but a lot of business owners do not know how to gain customers this way. Sometimes it’s the ONLY way your business will survive. When I first started my cleaning business I was able to draw in new clients by offering a FREE cleaning with every 5 referrals. So a fantastic way to get the word of mouth flowing is by offering a deal to those existing clients. Also, remind everyone to leave you a Google review. This boosts your ratings fabulously.

When I was learning about promoting my local business, there were posts upon posts telling everyone that they had to be on Manta, Bing, Yahoo, Care, LinkedIn, Yelp……and every other business website that wanted to really just hassle you for money to show up on Google’s front page and while that works for some, it DOES NOT work for many. For most of these, it’s a scam. If you list your business for FREE, they somehow make it so that they hurt your business rather than help it. So if you don’t need to be listed there, steer.

Live Videos and IGTV only works for specific niches. If you’re in the fashion and beauty biz, get those videos going. If you are posting LIVE videos just about anything in hopes to earn your MLM partners, it doesn’t work for everyone. Most the time, it’s a waste of time. You really gotta know your business, your products and yourselves. It’s a tough game out there. If you are doing what everyone else is doing……it may not work for you because the game doesn’t work that way.

  • Passion- build it, create it. If you want to grow your business naturally, you need to have a passion for it. Doesn’t matter if it’s MLM or not…..if you’re not passionate, the money doesn’t exist.
  • Show Up- just because you created the page, the account, etc…..doesn’t mean it works for itself. You MUST show up every single day and promote your own damn brand. You are your brand. Treat it as such.
  • Don’t Give Up- that shit’s for the birds! If you are passionate ( there’s that fancy word ), then you drink, sweat and breathe that shit daily! From early morning, noon and late night. This is your business. This is your life. Make it grow.
  • Trial + Error- you have 6 months to a year to figure out if these FREE ways to advertise really works. If for some reason they are not; re-organize, re-focus, and re-tackle. Evaluate what it is that’s not working and research new ways to create.

An experienced salesman once told me that if you pay for advertising it has to be something that you invest in for the life of your business. If you only advertise every so often, it’s a waste of time and money. Customers become customers because they see something all of the time. If you promote free or paid, it doesn’t matter. The key is frequency. You’ll gain business when you find the value in the business yourselves. Until next time, more coffee please.

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Why I Don’t Use Email Marketing or Sales Funnels To Make Money

email marketing

Ello Coffee Addict’s! Today I’m discussing why I don’t use email marketing or sales funnels to make money! I am an experienced blogger who created Coffee Addict Mama to share tips and talk a lot about coffee. Haha. I also wanted to help you learn more about blogging, growing your social media accounts and genuinely give real advice without you having to pay for it. Just recently I changed my money mindset. Six income hustler, coming soon! It’s a book about growing up poor and how I have worked my ass off since I was a little girl. I can’t wait to publish it.


First of all, I don’t understand much of it. I am a very simple person and like to keep my blogs, websites, ‘making money’ all easy! Oh, you feel the same way…..whew!!! I thought I was the only one who enjoyed simplicity. Email marketing has been going on for decades. This is nothing new. I never really heard the term ‘Sales Funnels’ until I joined some groups on Facebook. And this was just recently. Long story short, I tried signing up for affiliate marketing back in 2010, never understood it, so I never applied it to my life. Fast forward to this year, I signed up again ( with Amazon ) to try and understand, learn more about it and perhaps teach those interested in the truth. Everyone makes it sound so easy, it’s totally fucking NOT! More about that coming soon!!

email marketing

Disclaimer: I am not a sales expert, don’t participate in MLM’s ( new term as well ) and I’m only speaking on behalf of what I believe in as far as making money goes. I don’t wish to offend anyone who chooses to do these styles of marketing, this is just my personal business.

I’m currently mastering Pinterest and stumbled upon a blog post telling new bloggers the top 5 things that they fail to do when starting a blog- email marketing being one! I beg to differ. It’s your blog and you don’t have to listen to anyone. Listen to me and be yourself. If you feel it’s not for you, don’t do it!

A lot of you may read or hear that you HAVE to join these types of marketing in order to make money, I really don’t care! I don’t like them and I don’t want to use them. When I started a mom blog many years ago, it was great because blogger would send email reminders to everyone following my blog as soon as I published a new post. That’s what people subscribe to your blog for. This is totally okay. I don’t currently have a subscribe button here on Coffee Addict Mama because I’m still trying to figure out what format I want to use. Yes, I’m probably the ONLY one without a subscribe form on her blog!! Whatevs. I’ll add one whenever I want. That’s the thing about blogging. It’s yours. You do it how you want and if you think you have to follow everyone else’s tips because you do in fact want to make money from it…….there’s other ways to bring in the dough.

Again, I’m not trying to bash anyone who uses email marketing and sales funnels to create an income. Make money how you like making money. I personally do not like it. I first became aware of sales funnels when I signed up for a FREE course on staging homes. As most of you know, I clean for a living and wanted to expand my services to staging, interior styling. I knew that I had to have a degree of some sort for interior design and that just wasn’t in the cards. Personally, I love styling and upon researching, I stumbled across a fantastic AD on FB, signed up for free and learned a LOT!! Those email marketing and sales funnels tactics are GENIUS. At the time that I signed up, I did not know that it would lead to courses you needed to pay for. That’s when I said, ‘AHA’ that’s what sales funneling is. Did I opt in?! No. I learned enough from the free courses. I knew by the time that the free emails were over with, that I wasn’t ready to pay for something that I could teach myself.

That’s all really awesome. So why don’t I use email marketing and sales funnels to bring in added income?!

  • It’s A Lot Of Work– a lot of writing, a lot of work….oh, I said that…ha! I’m not going to lie, it’s all great tactics as I mentioned above. It’s seriously amazing that people have the patience for this. I do not.
  • Creativity– I’m creative but not that creative. I tried sending out emails one by one for my cleaning business and it was all personal. And what I mean by that is, I talked to each client personally not writing one email for mass marketing. If that makes sense. I signed up for Mailchimp and started looking at the templates for Email Marketing and got confused after 5 minutes. I mean really so much goes into understanding something that should be super simple. I told you, I’m an easy gal. If I can’t figure out how to create something pretty fast…..goodbye!
  • Confusing– It is confusing to me. Email marketing is simple in it’s own entity. I guess I understand it. But it’s like creating new content all too often. Maybe I’m confused with how it really works. From what I understand, you create content related to whatever your brand or business is ( whatever you would like to sell ), send out mass emails to everyone on your list, in hopes they will purchase your product, services, etc……..Perhaps I’m making it confusing when it doesn’t have to be. I mean, am I the only one who doesn’t get it. Okay, I get it. I understand what it’s all about….but I get confused with how one has that much time on their hands to constantly create posts and ads. I don’t know. Am I confusing you yet?
  • Spammy– It wasn’t nearly as ‘SPAM-MY’ when I first started receiving emails about the staging. It became spammy when I learned what I wanted to know and then it started getting annoying. I felt like she just kept talking about NOTHING. Does that make sense? If you understand where I am coming from, I like to get to the POINT. I’ve always been a chop-chop type of person. Let’s get to the point. If I’m teaching you something, I want you to stay tuned in. I get bored fast okay?! The other thing that gets me peeved is too much. Too many emails, one after another and that’s all I’m seeing in my feed. You gotta go. I guess there’s a right way to do things and some people are just way TOO MUCH.
  • Feels Pushy– As mentioned in the spam section above, it’s just down right pushy. A little too much. Desperate. I mean, not all are. Seriously, don’t take me wrong. Not everyone is like this. It’s the ones that are, that ruin it for the rest.
  • Authentic or Fake– While many people that use email marketing and sales funnels are genuinely authentic and speak the truth; there are many, many, many people out there FAKING it to lure you in. That’s just not attractive to me. I would NEVER do that to anyone to make a quick buck, that’s just my take. I’m not going to create courses for you to pay for when the information is on the web for free! If you search hard enough, you will find it. For free.

I believe in genuine relationships and email marketing for me, just sends bad vibes. That’s why I don’t use email marketing or sales funnels to make money. I can find other ways to generate income. If someone wants me in their inbox, they will ask me to be there. My box is always open. I often get messages asking for help on how to blog, what to do about starting a business, how to grow Pinterest, etc. And that’s good enough for me. I’m not going to spam potential clients. I feel like if what I have is good enough, they’ll find me!! Until next time, more coffee please.

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How To Make Money On Pinterest

Start brewing the coffee and grabbing another cup! You’ll need it. I started blogging back in 2010 and have no idea why I didn’t use Pinterest to my advantage back then. What?! The first thing you need to know about Pinterest is that it’s NOT a social media platform. Again, it is not. It is actually quite similar to Google. It’s basically a search engine with nearly 300 million active monthly users. When someone is looking for a recipe, they go straight to Pinterest. So, how can you make money on Pinterest. We’re going to dive right in because it’s something I’ve been mastering as of late.

First things first. Start an account or change your personal to business. The importance of having a business account means everything.

You need it.

Go To Edit Profile | Account Settings | Scroll Down To Convert To Business Account

Once you have your business account set up, create a great BIO. Your profile pic should be clean, clear and NOT a logo! People who may want to pay you, like to see who they’re working with.

Now that those 3 important steps are out of the way, begin by creating your BOARDS. Here’s how to skyrocket your Pinterest rather quickly. I’m currently at about 500K and these tips work!! Get at least 10 boards started. You’ll need to pin, pin, pin. But be careful what you’re pinning. You don’t want to pin bad links. We’ll talk about that soon as well. Also, manual pinning will take you farther than using something like Tailwind. I know nothing about any scheduling apps, I do everything ORGANICALLY.

Organize your boards and profile to be attractive to potential clients. Use these 7 tips to successfully build any business. I also have some great ways you can make money off a blog if Pinterest is not for you!


Not everyone will have the patience for this. With any business, you need to commit, use time management and be consistent. If you’re ready to make some money online using Pinterest, let’s get started.

Pinterest Influencer – after you’ve conquered the pinning, creating an awesome account and building your boards, you can start treating your Pinterest like a business. Brands and companies want to work with you if

a.) you have over 500K monthly views

b.) you know how to pin/what to pin

c.) you’re active || I’m skipping over the followers because following is not that important when it comes to Pinterest. I discuss why in this post. By having a Pinterest account that attracts businesses to want to work with you is all you need. They’ll contact you for ad promotions and possibly want you to manage their accounts for them.

Virtual Assistant – Becoming a virtual assistant can lead you multiple jobs even outside of Pinterest. The great thing about being a VA, is that you can manage your time better. If you build your account to be a million monthly views, you can make anywhere from $25-$65/hour.

Pinterest Manager – Much like the two mentioned above except you are working on only their Pinterest account and growing it for them! You manage their boards and pins helping them grow their account like you’ve grown yours. A manager is more time consuming as in a daily activity for numbers goal. Like mentioned above, manual pinning is better for SEO results and growth, so be dedicated to only what you can handle. A Pinterest Manager can make up to $895 per month/client. You polish up their boards, pins, and bio’s. Edit as necessary, pin daily, monitor the account, frequently share updates with the client on how everything is going, etc…..etc. If you need help with your accounts, I’d be happy to work with you!

Affiliate Marketing – As most of you know, I just started with affiliate links. They are not something I fully enjoy doing but in order to write some topics about it, I need to dive in. Currently I only work for big companies like Amazon and Wayfair (I have not used the Wayfair because I don’t understand it as of yet but I did sign up). The more you affiliate, the more you make. The links can now go into your Pinterest pins as well. Remember that keywords equal success, so create pins that drive traffic to reach your commission goals.

Shop Sales – If you own a boutique shop or handmade, selling your products/services can be hard. Not anymore. Pinterest is where your stuff needs to be. You definitely want to pin your photos to Pinterest daily if you’re trying to sell your items. This is great for clothing stores, antique shops, craft and jewelry. Set your Pinterest account up with your shop website in the bio, make boards relating to your products and start pinning. This generates traffic to your websites which leads to sales.

Set Up – If you’re anything like moi, you set up accounts for your clients to get them started. This is a better option if you don’t have time to invest in monthly clients such as a VA, manager. You start the account for them building X amount of boards and then they take over the account and handle it from there. I also include tips with each of my clients on how they can be successful on Pinterest, which leads to my last tip on how to make money through this platform. Typical set up fee can be anywhere from $50-99.

Consultation – A Pinterest consultation is when someone wants to pick your brain for tips leading to success. You can set up a phone chat, skype or emails to sell your ideas, how stuff works for you, etc. Obviously you need to know Pinterest in and out before you go advertising your services. But if you want to make money……learn as much as possible to teach your clients. My DIY consults are anywhere from $120-350.

Stay tuned for more about Pinterest. Along with blogging tips, I will be doing a ton of tutorials as well as business tips and online money making strategies. You won’t want to miss. Until next time, more coffee please!

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4 Classy Ways To Make Money From Your New Blog

In all of my years blogging, this here will be the 4 classiest ways to make money from your new blog. If you wouldn’t mind being nosy for a second, you’ll notice that a lot of my posts and pages now have disclaimers talking about affiliate marketing. In all honesty, I wanted to steer from this but had to dive in and learn in order to preach my experiences….whether good or bad! I wanted to know the truth about it, how to teach you how to do it if you were interested and figure out if it was really worth my time and efforts.



Just starting a blog can be extremely overwhelming but it really doesn’t have to be. Many people think you can start a blog and instantly bring in the money. It doesn’t work like that. Sure, it possibly can. But it’s a lot of work! Hard work. I’m still trying to understand the affiliate marketing and there will be tons of new topics on that alone…..coming soon! The cool thing about being a blogger is that it’s a never ending learning experience. You learn something new every single day. No lie. There’s also a lot of ways to do one thing. One blogger may bring in money a completely different way than the next. It’s not all the same, even if they are doing affiliate marketing alone. Most bloggers make money several different ways.

Here’s 4 Classy Ways To Make Money Blogging

1.) Sponsor Ads- this is my number one because it is the classy way to make money from your new blogs. Small bloggers make money this way because it’s affordable for other bloggers and shops, it’s networking and enabling you to grow. So how does one new blogger start making money this way? Simply by collaborating with other blogs in your niche. Communicate, trade ad space for a couple months, give discounts and build your sponsorship. These friends trust you! They will see that their traffic is starting to come from your site and do further business with you down the road. It’s also much cleaner than big box ads.

2.) E-Books + E-Courses coming in at number two! These two are a great way to drive traffic and earn money from your new blog. If you are seriously interested in making money, do as much research as you possibly can on how to write an e-book, how to conduct online classes and e-courses. There’s tons and tons of topics you can teach to your new readers. Make it a goal and you can steal this way of making money fast! I teamed up with a fellow blogger back in the day to write e-books on several different topics. I never really took it anywhere and I’m really kicking myself in the ass now. I invite all questions if you want to learn more.

3.) Products and/or Services- If you’re a crafty person and want to make some money selling your homemade products or even offer services to your readers, this is a fabulous and classy way to earn money as a side hustle or even a full time job. Do know that you should be able to deliver whatever product or service you are selling, so make sure the checkout is legit, secure and that your new clients trust you. Set it up as professionally as possible and the money will start rolling in.

4.) Sponsored Posts- this here is such a classy way to make money because you get to write about something new! If you struggle with ways to come up with content, this is also an excellent way to grow your freelance writing career. I am currently mastering the >1000 word count in my posts because it’s supposed to be way better for SEO purposes and it really does drive more readership in. I’ve had to do some researching for my own business and these methods work. So to start making money on your blogs using sponsored posts, read this article. It basically outlines how to get started with sponsored posts. But the cash won’t come falling into your laps. You’ll need to advertise that this is something you offer.

These are the classy ways to earn money from a new blog. I’m not knocking affiliate marketing and ads galore all over your websites, it’s just not for me! I personally don’t mind them if they aren’t OVERKILL! It’s unattractive. That goes with saying it slows the site down and doesn’t give me a feeling of trust when I visit. It makes me feel like all you care about is making money! Which is why so many people own a website to begin with. But do it classy, my sassy friends!!! Drink another cup and create! Being creative when you’re trying to make money is key.

I’d also like to throw out there in all honesty……I did not start affiliate marketing ( I signed up with Amazon and Wayfair, which is not active because I have no idea how to utilize it…..) to make money! I had to sign up to learn more because I intend to write about it! I cannot write about stuff unless I have learned about it, so keep in mind that when you are looking to make money blogging…….the best way is what you’re comfortable with! Until next time, more coffee please!

Please share how you’d like to start a money making blog, what you do now if anything!! We’d love to hear.

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7 Successful Ways To Grow Your Business In 6 Months or Less

Lucky number 7 it is my boss babe friends. You have just started a business and are really anxious to get it up and moving, but you don’t know exactly where to turn after you’ve picked a rockin’ name, got listed on Google Business + purchased a website. Now what?! Here’s 7 successful tips to help you grow your biz fast! I mean, who has time to wait to make that money, honey!! Don’t forget to check out my 6 tips to building your brand. All these things combined will have you building your empire in no time.


There! I said it. It’s a lot of work. That’s what you want. Nothing in life comes handed to you. Or does it. I’m here to share my experience. I built a cleaning business in less than one year and it was our sole income. Doug and I relocated trying to find jobs that were scarce. It wasn’t cutting it. I basically did it because

a.) I knew how to clean

b.) I knew there was a demand


With those two things right there, I was able to make money instantly. Is it the best option for me considering my weak ass knees, no. But I had to do something. I grew it fast like many people in this business do. You have to get seen, and you have to know the business. So, whatever you’re wanting to grow……do as much RESEARCH as possible about it before you DIVE RIGHT IN.


  • Get Seen! Get Heard– how do you do this? You get listed, start social media accounts, get on LinkedIn, you post on Google Business daily! The more your new business is out there, the more people will see it. I did little to no advertising, promoted myself and dedicated my time to joining new groups on FB, posting on my FB page + IG everyday using hashtags that related to my business. It’s marketing yourself. Most people start their own business with no money and don’t have a lot of cash to blow on advertising, so do it yourself. Here’s a great list of where you can get started.
  • Connect– Print enough business cards and flyers to take to your neighborhood small businesses and swap or leave yours there. Most places will allow you to drop a few business cards on their counter because they SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES. You print flyers and take them to whatever country clubs are in your area and pitch your service/product. Most likely they will need you! Flea markets, antique shops, bagel + coffee shops…..these places want handmade items, services, etc…..whatever your business is, there’s a need for it somewhere in your community.
  • Team Up– I cannot tell you how discouraging people are in the business. Everyone is in competition. NO! We’re in this together. If you provide a service or even hand make soaps, let’s say……you want to team up with other ‘house cleaners’, soap makers, web designers, etc……because there’s ENOUGH demand for it. Instead of viewing them as competition, work together. I often made sure that people in the same business as me knew that if I was too busy to take on extra clients, then would it be okay to send them their way! Win-win.
  • Work Around The Clock– Your business won’t grow unless you dedicate every waking moment to it. It’s something you eat, sleep and breathe. If you’re not busy with clients, customers or ‘working’…then you better be busy promoting, sending emails, following up and making phone calls + passing out those flyers.
  • Come Out Of Your Shell– Be yourself but if you’re in business, there’s a ton that you need to do….number one: start talking more. People need to know about you. Whether it’s online or in person, create content, be informative and open up. I used to be really quiet….like get the job done and be on! Can’t do that. You’ve got to come out of your shell and become an extrovert. Clients like to learn more about who they’re working with and build relationships.
  • Offer Goods/Services– Now if you are selling a product, it’s essential to hand out samples. Same with services. Let a potential client see your work. I always give more than a basic cleaning with a new customers first time cleaning. This allows them to see how detailed I am, how good my services really are and they will likely hire me again. Sam’s club doesn’t sell the food unless they give out samples.
  • Know Your Stuff– I cannot go in detail about this enough!!! Know what you’re talking about when you get a phone call for services or if you get a conversation through email about your products. Your reply means EVERYTHING. When I’m on a meet + greet with a new potential client, I tell them in detail about water stains, the pink stuff growing around their faucets, etc…….people do business with people who know what they’re talking about. If it makes sense….THEY TRUST YOU. Building that relationship is key to success.

That’s it my friends. Stay tuned for more boss status posts and don’t forget to comment with your questions, concerns, tips and more! Until next time, more coffee please!!