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    The Uncluttered Project

    The Uncluttered Project is a lifestyle movement designed to help you declutter your entire life with challenges, mindset shifts, simplified cleaning routines and so much more. Founder Victoria DeCroce is a decluttering expert focused on minimalism, healthy living and crafting stress free ways to cope. Their mission is to set you free from all the clutter that has been building up for years. The Uncluttered Project Hey pretty mama’s. If you were a part of the project here on Coffee Addict Mama it has now been moved to it’s own website. This is to keep everything more organized than ever before with free 30 day decluttering challenges, weekly guides, checklists,…

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    30 Day Decluttering Challenge

    The 30 Day Decluttering Challenge is powerful…life changing! Let’s do this. Welcome home lovers! This season we are going to be posting individual challenges for the months ahead. If you’re new here, join The Uncluttered Project for a fresh start to minimalism, healthy living and please subscribe because these posts will be updated often throughout the year. Decluttering Challenge Be Like… This 30 day decluttering challenge is set up to go at your own pace. We will break each day and week down for you but, ultimately uncluttering is a lifelong journey that needs attention often. How many of us accumulate things without even realizing it? Raise your hand Mama!…