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I’m a huge fan of using anything for free! I mean, I am the girl who creates fabulous photo props straight from PAINT. I said it! Yes, paint. I lost my PhotoShop years ago and really couldn’t invest in a good software at the time. So, the creative juices started flowing and I quickly learned how to make my photos ‘graphic’ style to pin, use on blog posts and Instagram. I then started hearing about Canva and was like, let me check this bad boy out! Low and behold, my new favorite software ( and I use the free version ). I will most likely upgrade but for now, I am enjoying the nature of simplicity.


This reminds me of back in the day when I had sooooooo much fun doing tutorials for y’all. I loved lending a hand whenever possible, so please let me know if there is something I can write out for you in plain English.

For this Canva 101 tutorial, I will be doing partial written and a video to help you understand the basics of this free software.

Getting Started-

Begin by opening an account at You can easily access through your FB accounts. Once you are in you will see something that looks like this:

It’s pretty self explanatory but it can be confusing for some that know nothing about editing. I don’t usually use the big search area. I go straight to the CREATE A DESIGN + PICK THE SIZE NEEDED FOR WHAT I’M LOOKING TO CREATE. I like the Facebook Post Option, Pinterest Graphic and a few others that are nice to use. Click on the design you would like to create something out of.

CLICK ON ANY DESIGN TO START EDITING: ( I chose Pinterest Graphic as seen below in the upper left hand search box ).

This allows you to get started. IMPORTANT to remember that you can always GO BACK to HOME if you need to start over again. Over on the left is a column of things to click on: PHOTOS | ELEMENTS | TEXT | BACKGROUND | UPLOADS | + MORE. After choosing a template, you can change the photo that comes with the template. Just click on PHOTOS ( you can search all kinds ) and select a new photo by dragging it over to the template. Here’s the tricky part with Canva photo selections. You need to drag the pic right into the background or it will just add a new photo. If you’re looking to replace the current pic but having difficulty: watch the video below!

I quickly created this simple yet fun graphic using the Pinterest template, food option, then changed the pic by selecting photos over on the left, dragged the pic I wanted over to the template, changed the text by clicking on the words and writing what I wanted instead. Once I am done and happy with my work, go to the upper right hand arrow where it says, PUBLISH TO PINTEREST and choose download. PNG is always recommended but you can make different choices. I always download because I manually pin everything and it’s just easier for me. Now you have it saved and publish to your social media accounts.


This video is a basic how to get started using Canva. I hope it helps you get through a little bit and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!! Always message me on FB and IG if you need something answered right away! I would love to create more tutorials, so let me know what you need help with! Excuse the blur in the video….my work space is awful. I apologize. Not a YouTuber at all!!!! Gahhhhhh. I WILL get better.

To Create A Poster, Flyer, Business Cards, Logos; Just do the same thing! Navigate the software and learn how to DESIGN…….for FREE! Let me know if you need anything. Happy to help! Until next time, more coffee pleassssse!

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