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Welcoming new clients for the upcoming season. Book your appointments now for local Southwest Florida cleaning services. Online Mentoring is only available for the minimalist home option. It’s a 3-6 month program that sets you up for living with less and all done online through virtual connections with Victoria.

In the home local services for cleaning, organizing, styling, and plant care is filling up quickly. We have one time house cleanings available along with weekly, bi-weekly & monthly. Deep cleans are being pushed to January. If you need a move out/in cleaning it could take us 2 full days to complete the job, so make sure everything is removed from the home and we have access to it.

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Please make sure you select which option is best for you and call with any questions or concerns 843-424-9558. Texting is available. Be sure to include:

  • how big the home is (how many bathrooms/bedrooms)
  • what condition the home is in
  • when you need the appointment
  • what service you’d like : basic cleaning, organizing, decluttering, styling a room, move in cleaning, plant care, etc
  • where you are located (whether it’s local or an online service)

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Local and Online Services For Cleaning, Decluttering, Organizing, Minimalism, Plant Care, Styling and More
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