Blogging Goals For CAM

My blogging goals have changed yet again my coffee friends! I have all kinds of ideas. Building a community, supporting start up bloggers, branding myself and connecting. I dislike being on the internet but, I love the aspect of blogging. Does that sound weird?

I’m currently working on bringing more coffee and crime posts to this website. I’ve always been interested in solving mysteries and watching Dateline, Crime TV, so I’m dedicating a part of this site to just that. You can read new weekly articles here.

Upcoming Goals for CAM

  • fashion, OOTD posts + everyday lifestyle
  • more realty tv
  • blogging tips cont’
  • share other coffee addict mama’s
  • write longer, quality posts
  • start using brighter, more fun colors with my themes
  • post more frequently now that my blog is well established
  • pin more
  • create YouTube videos

More coming soon…..

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