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6 Tips To Building Your Brand

When trying to build a brand you must first be passionate about whatever it is you’re branding. I have learned over the years what attracts clients and what keeps them coming back! Whether it’s an online business or an in-home service, the key is to offer something phenomenal that they need.

  • Be Yourself– I bet you didn’t see that coming! By being yourself, you attract those that admire you, want to be you and want to pay you! You offer something no one else has. Creativity, self worth, a niche. You have to own it before it’s your BRAND.
  • Create a niche– There’s several photographers but only a handful of wedding photographers, event planners, website designers. It’s okay to have multiple stylists. But there’s only one you. Your brand is what they’re looking for. Create a style that attracts those people.
  • Social Media Marketing– Until you have the ins and outs of social media, then start by following those potential clients. If you’re a mom blogger, follow mom related feeds, blogs, etc. If you are building a brand about parenting, follow parents. I tend to forget who my target audience is when marketing but realize that they’re not following me back for a reason! My service isn’t of interest to them. Free social media marketing is the way to go until your brand is ready to launch.
  • Good Communication Skills– This is the first thing that attracts potential new clients and builds your following. I randomly post FREE tips in groups and explain exact details on how to do something, so that these people understand in plain English. What is it that you’re trying to build? When you know what you’re talking about, you succeed! Learn, grow + teach.
  • Follow Ups + Customer Service– About two years ago I would have left clients in the dust, never responded right away or just left a job without touching base afterwards. I have learned that customer service is number one in any field. Your customers want to know that you care. I used to always think that it was unprofessional for my hair stylist to never follow up with me for future appointments. I began my cleaning business and made it very clear that is was a ‘hassle free’ experience but the further I invested, the more I found my clients liking updates, etc. Always follow up with a kind, ‘not looking for recurring business’ manner.
  • Never Give Up– This may sound cliche, but if you believe in it…….bust a move! If something is not working: readjust, rejuvenate, reevaluate, take a break and come back. Building a brand takes at least 1 year of continuous effort. Unless you have a big bank account for FB and IG ads, then relax. It will come. And when it does. You will be so PROUD!

Nevertheless, it is not easy! It’s hard work, dedication and knowing your stuff. When you decide to build something ( whether business related or not ), you put your whole heart into it and it will show. People are attracted to people. They love new ideas, new looks, new flavors. Show them what you’ve got. The competition is fierce girl, but so are you!

If you have something you’d like to share, please join us, collab and mention #coffeeaddictmama each and every time you post! Have an idea for a post topic? Send them in. I’d love to create tutorials and how to’s. Until next time, more coffee please!

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18 Things You Can Do To Freshen Up Your ‘You’ Game

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for joining us on Coffee Addict Mama. Today I wanted to discuss self care more than anything because this weekend was it for me! I took myself back. I was so focused on work, growing my business and making everyone else happy; I somehow managed to lose myself in the game. This has happened before. It has and will happen to all of us often, so it’s essentially important to remind ourselves to take care of ‘YOU’! Now don’t worry. If you’re thinking you’re all good…..and you might be, your body will let you know when it’s time to rejuvenate. I’m definitely an introvert at heart. I love my people. But I do indeed love myself more.


  • Do your hair– if you follow us on FB you know I spent most of Friday afternoon touching up my roots, trimming my dead ends and straightening this head of curly hairs. Long overdue and well worth it because it made me feel instantly better about myself. I mean, I love my curly hair but there’s something about a silky smooth that makes ya wanna go……’mmmmmmhhhmmmm’!
  • Buy Sugar Scrubs + Take A HOT BathUlta has my all time favorite variety of sugar scrubs and whenever I’m LOW, I go stock up on more, take a hot bath and scrub all the toxins away. Feel free to make your own too!
  • Take Yourself Out– I don’t mean you have to go to dinner by yourself ( or go right ahead ) but go for a long drive and get lost. I take mini road trips to think, get my head clear and even cry! I just find that time spent in a car driving by yourself is a way to take ‘YOU’ back. Sometimes I’ll wander a store by myself too.
  • Create A Bar– I just recently made my plant stand a coffee bar. It’s fun and relevant to me! I need a little space in our little apartment for myself. When the cats took over my plants, I took over the coffee station. Create a little piece of spice in your home just for you.
  • Turn Off The Phone– So many of us don’t realize how much we are on our cell phones throughout the day. While yes, it’s important to hustle, promote and share……but instead of turning your phone completely off, just turn social media off. Use your phone to take more selfies, capture pics of the sky, flowers + nature. It feels good.
  • Take A Long Walk Outside– This is important to do often if you don’t already and a sure reminder to make myself do it more as well. I know I probably won’t because I don’t feel comfortable in our community but to take a walk around to the back of the house where the golf course sits and just stroll along the trees is good enough self care for me.
  • Clean Your Bathrooms– I find that cleaning the bathroom and organizing stuff under the sinks makes me feel alive again. I don’t know what it is but try it!
  • Shop At ReStore– This is a place I like to escape when life really gets busy and I have no other plans. I make a date with our local Habitat For Humanity shop to see what new stuff they got! The furniture here is definitely worth stalking. You have to go often too because they get donations all the time. If you haven’t been to one in weeks, it’s time to go!
  • At Home Facials- I can always tell when my face needs a deep clean. Facials are a must weekly or even every other day.
  • Go Through Your Closets– My weekly decluttering routine turned into a monthly habit because I literally got all of my clothing ( and the girls ) down to a minimum. It really helps to get rid of things to take back your lives. It makes such a difference in our well beings. If you don’t wear it….toss it! Teach your kids to do this as well.
  • Make A Coffee + Sit In Silence– This is often a daily routine of mine. But I’m not talking about just your ordinary morning coffee. I’m talking about something different like, an afternoon iced ( cold brew ), cappuccino, etc……All you need is one cup of a specialty drink ( doesn’t even need to be coffee, make a mixed drink of your choice ) and relax.
  • Bike Trails Be Like- I encourage everyone to pack a backpack and take a bike ride in a location you’ve never been. Be sure to pack that camera to capture the breathtaking views.
  • Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets– We recently looked at each other and said, “This is a mess!” After opening one of our lower cabinets to grab a strainer or something and realized it had gotten uncontrollably messy. Do you ever just hoard things for that ‘SOMEDAY’ project? I placed all of these glass jars down there in hopes to use them sooner than later and they’re just taking up too much space. Clean your cabinets out one at a time. Feel the weight lifted. Incredible.
  • Write A Lengthy Blog Post– I know a lot of you don’t have blogs and I would encourage everyone to start one. And I’ll tell you why. If you notice in my 5 reason post, I don’t say TO MAKE MONEY! That’s not why I started one back in 2010 and I don’t recommend it for those specific reasons. If you end up bringing in some extra dough because of it, good for you…..but not a reason to start one. ANYWHO…..writing a blog post will help you with anxiety, depression, stress and whatever else you need to overcome. Writing is a natural way to take yourself back and be a better you.
  • Visit A Shelter– Or even a pet store. This is just nature. Something about these creatures make us feel worthy, alive and puts a wellness back into our souls. If you or someone you know is struggling with anything, a pet might be the answer.
  • Go Swimming– I need to take my own advice on this because a pool sits right across our building and I don’t access it enough. I will say that I don’t like when a lot of people go because I need to relax, so I need to pay attention to when no one is there and take some time to swim comfortably. If you don’t have access to a pool, look into your local YMCA.
  • Give Something Away– I will admit that I don’t donate things. I throw them away. However, I do place boxes of items in a nice area near our dumpster so that people can go through them. It makes me feel better to host a giveaway on my social media or give to a neighbor or someone I know rather than donating it to a place that overcharges and really doesn’t take care of their stores.
  • Make Lists– I purposely buy new notebooks and supplies to make notes of things I need to do or write about. I find that in my older years, I enjoy seeing these lists on the fridge or tacked to a board in our bedrooms, etc. Helps you to get shit done!

There’s so much more that we can do to take care of ourselves. I have to remember to love me first or I will never be happy. I found that taking a weekend just to do my hair, paint my nails, do a mini photo shoot and pick some flowers helped me realize that that’s what I L-O-V-E. That’s me. Share ways you pamper yourself below! And join us on FB + IG.

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16 Creative Blog Post Ideas

This is such a fun post. I’ve written plenty of them on different platforms and could continuously make note of all these ideas in my head. A long time ago I would have never mentioned writing things down in a notebook. Like, um…..who carries a pen and paper everywhere they go?! You do now. I will seriously write on the back of a receipt if I have to with a sharpie just to remember to post something. Must be old age. No….we just get busy with other things and tend to forget what’s really important to us when blogging. So, here’s 16 creative ways to create blog posts out of nothing! Or is it something…..I don’t know but let’s go……..


  • Coffee Shop Experiences- this is an obvious one and you may think, “How can I possibly create a blog post out of one order of coffee at my local coffee house?” It’s totally possible. People love seeing where you go. Take the cam, wear something cute, bring a friend and order that specialty coffee. Take a variety of pictures of the coffee, you holding it and/or however you want to go about this and be creative. Capture some snaps of their menu, the display case, the lines, the view outside and then talk about your experience. Tell us how your week was in this post, about a day in the life……you get it!
  • Room Makeover– these are so totally fun and you now have an excuse to get that room in order. So you’ve been dying to get new decor, furniture, update that DIY piece, etc….and now you can actually put the work into play. Take before + afters. Everyone loves a good makeover story.
  • How To’s + DIY’s- everyone searches the internet to find out how to do something. Here’s your chance to make your blog grow and really entertain your audience. How to make a blanket, a coffee, soap, scrubs, there’s an endless amount of things that you know about; you just have to put them in writing.
  • Theme Days- I’m not good at this because by the time Sunday rolls around, it’s really already Monday. People still enjoy theme days. I want you to be creative and do your own thang! Don’t do a Tasty Tuesday because everyone else does. I know weekend vibes are a pretty popular hashtag but does anyone else write about this theme? I am working on getting better, so we will do this together.
  • Trips Be Like- I love a good travel post. I’m sure everyone else does too. When we get to see where you’ve been, what you’ve explored and how you experienced it is really a gift to us. We don’t get to see exciting places, exotic foods and other cultures. Share your travel journeys.
  • Review It Like A Boss- product reviews can actually get boring if you don’t know how to present them. I make the post more exciting when I word the topic title differently but writing a post about a product you love is really one great way to fill in your gaps between topics and have something to talk about. Instead of saying, “Beach Bum Product Review” in your post title, say something like this: Top 5 Sunscreen’s For Summer 2019. Or, 13 Great Ways To Do Your Hair With Dry Shampoo. You get the drift.
  • House Tours- These are fun. If you don’t want to do a whole house tour, do a room tour.
  • Foodies Gonna Be Foodies- I’m not a fan of writing about food but you know damn sure I’m gonna drool over those dishes. I typically only share nice dinner dates and such, but for you my friends; when all else fails……POST ABOUT FOOD! We’ve all been to a really nice restaurant where the plate looks incredibly delish. Snap a few photos of the table setting and don’t forget the drinks. If you’re recipe savvy you can whip up some really fab posts about your desserts, dinners and breakfast.
  • Get Personal- I’m not saying pour your heart out with every detail of your personal lives, I’m just saying……be you, be real. We’re going to have days when we need to write about something. For all you know, the woman in the stall next to you is dealing with the same shit. You can use your blog as a diary so to speak. Every now and again share your real life.

Blog Post Ideas For The Full Time Bloggers

  • Goals- A well written post about your future goals will really help you achieve them. I often remind myself that I made a list just recently when I started this site because I wanted to focus on the purpose and draw out my plans. If you need to post about ‘something’ then even monthly goals is a good enough topic.
  • Animals- We all have animals right? No?! This falls into the theme category kind of. If you love pets as much as we do, everyone loves to know about them, read about them and look at gorgeous pics of them.
  • Fashion Icon- EVERYONE loves a great stylist. I’m not that creative when it comes to clothing and jewelry but get inspired, slap on that beautiful blouse, grab some flowers, a coffee and a handbag and talk about the brands, your day, where you went, etc.
  • Beauty/Morning Routines- Trending is beauty and morning routines. I am rather boring but I bet you could find a way to write nearly 900 word posts about your beauty and mornings.
  • Cocktail Recipe- This might be my fave thing to create when I need a good post to throw out. Um, hello…..who doesn’t love a juicy, sweet and flavorful mixed ( or virgin ) drink recipe.
  • Hauls- This is such a popular topic on YouTube but if you’re not ready to get in front of the camera to post a video of your shopping experience, just post in writing on your blog. There’s all kinds of websites with ideas as well. Just click your favorite go to shopping site and read their blogs for inspo.

16 Creative Blog Post Ideas

  • Classes + E-Courses- I love a free ecourse or even paid classes that I can attend. If you are interested in creating your own or even if you just need something to post about, you can share like 18 online classes that you find worthy of posting.

If you are still struggling with ideas, scroll Pinterest, IG, and other blogs to grab ideas ( not steal the same exact thing )…..until next time……drink more coffee!

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5 Reasons To Say More Coffee Please

coffee creamer recipes

I love the weekends. It’s my absolute favorite time to have coffee dates and walk around my go to stores with a cute cup in hand. If you’ve been dying to get out of the house or even stay indoors for that matter, here’s 5 reasons you can say, ‘More Coffee Please!’ The heat index got nothing on us iced coffee lovers. I either spend my weekends thrifting, walking Home Goods stores or scouring rummage sales. When I do stay home I find ways to get crafty and mix up some coffee related concoctions. If you follow our IG you may have seen that I attempted some soap making not too long ago.

coffee addict mama

Coffee is not just for morning my friends! It’s an all day kinda thang over here.

Skip the Target run and done for later, this weekend we’re going all out of our Starbucks element. { the reason I’m saying this is because the local Starbucks closed and the only one near is in Target, um NO! } I don’t particularly care about running into Target just to grab a damn coffee…..y’all know I’ma rack up a $100 bill in a matter of ten minutes, so not today friends.

  • It’s Hella Hot Outside- and we must take the dogs out. I mean what better excuse than to make that iced coffee. Have your packets ready, throw some ice in a water bottle and fill that baby up! I cannot tell you how delicious iced coffee tastes when it’s this scorching——-ahhhh!

5 Reasons to Say More Coffee Please

  • You have a new outfit you’re wearing and what goes better as an accessory?!……..You bet! Coffee Coffee Coffee. I know that one of my 2019 goals was to get more fashion posts out there and slowly but surely I will. I have been learning how to deal with my body since my gallbladder removal and as soon as I’m feeling 100, I’m busting out more OOTDFASH posts!
  • Early Bird Gets The Worm– Yeah, so I know I said up there that coffee isn’t just for mornings but set the alarm early and hit those summer garage sales. Make a date out of it and go thrift. There’s nothing better than a jolt of energy from your yummy coffee drinks and the thrill of finding good deals. BTW: bring a friend……it’s funner + better with someone you love.
  • You’re ready for change- this is a super fabulous way to need more coffee! I cannot tell you enough how just having a cup of joe each and every day has changed my life. If you are a rare coffee drinker or don’t drink it at all and you’re seeking something to fulfill your lives, try this simple drink. I promise it will change you forever. All the more reason to meet for coffee dates.
  • Mompreneurs- organize a local mom challenge to get together once a week and share your goals, your success, your future desires, work life, the babies. This is a necessary coffee date. To make it even better let one or two moms buy everyone in the group the coffee for that week and that way each week someone else is treating you, you’re making new friends, gaining business ideas and you have an excuse to say, more coffee please. You can host at your home ( and a new moms home each week ), take turns….it’s so fun!

With our busy lives it’s really important that we take these moments to capture simplicity, have another cup of coffee and just chill. Life passes by so fast. I really love meeting new women, moms who love coffee dates ( even if it’s with ourselves ) and supporting our small businesses. Share your weekend with us in the comments. Like us on FB and join our group!! XO

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Coffee + Moms

Hello my coffee addict mama’s! Welcome. If you’re new here, say Hi in the comments below and tell us a little about yourselves. I’m Victoria, I run the IG Coffee Addict Mama. For the past few weeks we have been showing some love to our everyday coffee lovers and just recently we talked about hosting interviews with moms and friends who drink this stuff daily! As most of you know, I am an avid coffeeholic. I spend every waking morning drinking my Folgers and most afternoons, I crave an iced coffee. I have a ton of work to do here on this website but to get started, let’s meet some fabulous women in biz, stay at home moms, fashion guru’s and daily coffee shop stoppers! If you have a unique small business, you’re looking for inspiration, you want to share your journey, this place is for you!

Coffee Interviews

Coming soon will be one on one interviews with mostly women who love making friends via the web. I will post the questions here, you can grab them and send to our email, and we will feature these weekly. The more we get, the more we’ll post and we’ll be a community of moms supporting each other, drinking her coffee and just enjoying life.

Who we are looking for:

+ moms

+ coffee addicts

+ working women

+ lifestyle bloggers

+ dad’s sporting that role

+ young ladies who inspire

+ coffee shop lovers

What we are looking for:

Basic Interviews- life related, how many cups you drink, your favorites, when did you become a mom and if you’re not a mother, do you plan/want kids, what you do for a living, etc, etc…….

What is involved? – a featured post with you answering these questions, some photos you submit, links to all of your social media sites, blogs, and shops. Lifetime shout outs gaining you more friends and views, etc.

Who is this for? Anyone looking to get more exposure to their sites, wants to meet new faces, share their stories, and/or any reason to say, more coffee please!

Here’s a basic interview for those that want something fun to do this weekend:

1.) What is your coffee day like? Tell us your go to coffee, how you like it brewed, what’s in it and if you switch it up from time to time?! Also, what time do you rise!?

2.) How many children do you have? Are you a single mom, dating, married or just thinking about having kids. ( Feel free to include their ages ). Perhaps you don’t have or want any kids at all………

3.) What is your favorite coffee house/shop?

4.) When were you introduced to coffee and what was your first impressions?

5.) Is coffee like a drug for you or are there days when you could go without?

6.) What kind of coffee maker do you own?

7.) Where are your favorite places to travel/visit? ( Feel free to share where you are from).

8.) Goal diggers- what is your profession, what do you do, or is it a secret?

9.) When at Starbucks I order_____________!

10.) If I’m not drinking coffee, I am drinking_______________!

11.) I’m the type of person that has to have _____ cups of coffee before I start my day.

In at least one paragraph tell us things that we would like to know about you, coffee related or not! Include photos with your mini interview and be sure to link to your social media accounts, blogs/websites. This does not have to be the questions asked each and every time. They can be tweaked. They can also be your own made up questions. It’s the idea of getting to know you better and featuring you in our posts.

If you would like to be included, just contact us, submit your answers and share a coffee with us all!