Coffee Addict Mama is a lifestyle blog about food, travel, coffee & cocktail recipes, delicious dessert porn, some style, design, fashion, home life & DIY’S. This website is always evolving.

I’m Victoria, the mama behind this blog! I have been passionate about a lot of things over the past 20 years, including blogging but, re-inventing myself has been one of my greatest accomplishments.

About Coffee Addict Mama

You may be here because we share a lot of natural cleaning tips and ways to keep our homes stress free, or you may be here looking for some new recipes to indulge in; in either case, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here and invite you to say hello and introduce yourselves in the comments below. We are a community of life lovers, foodies, moms, entrepreneurs, coffee drinkers and goal diggers. Our articles are going to be filled with live houseplant tips, blogging and branding, food (newly added soon), continued coffee posts and copycat recipes from Starbucks, Tropical Smoothie, etc, house cleaning, travel, style and design, diy’s, home life, pets, fashion, beauty and more.

We have been growing since 2019. When I first started this blog I wanted it to be filled with helpful articles but, I also wanted to form a community that enjoyed the simplicity of home, reading a magazine with the windows open and calmly sipping your morning coffee with like minded souls. While we all love a clean home we have to remember that it’s being lived in, we’re raising families and we’re also building a brand for ourselves. Relax. Home is supposed to be your sanctuary and an area of comfort, not the opposite.

Meet Vic

Victoria (Vic) started blogging back in 2010. As fast as her children grew, her mom blog transformed overtime into a lifestyle blog on several different websites. It wasn’t until 2019 when she became obsessed with the CAM name did she bring her blogging back to life. She’s a SW FL based blogger who shares her life as a minimalist turned vibrant free spirit once again. She was always a bright and cheerful nature but when stress and anxiety hit, she focused on being more minimal. Decluttering her life helped heal in so many ways. Once she was able to let go of the things that blocked her from living the life she had always dreamt of, she was then able to introduce color back in.

reinventing yourself time and time again throughout this life means that you’ve lived multiple lives and that is something to be proud of

coffee addict mama

Food | Travel | Cleaning & More

We hope that you find articles here on CAM to be more than helpful, uplifting and life changing for many of you looking for inspiration. From our morning hot coffee to brunch and iced lattes, food and dessert porn, travel and blogging ideas, grab a seat and get cozy. Don’t expect perfection from us. We are far from that. And you shouldn’t search high and low because the answer is almost always already within you. Be free and live simply. That’s the key. Enjoy the one life that we get to live many of…if we learn how~ V

Wellness, Mindset and Energy

Victoria is a mindset and energy master with proven methods for success. She invites you to join the journey on her new website where she’ll be sharing all things beauty and self care related, healing/wellness tips, mindset, positivity and growth.

If you’ve been feeling lost, confused, hopeless, or not worthy enough, please follow her on IG and FB along with the website and never feel alone…because you are far from it.

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  1. Tawnya says:

    Read and agree to rules.
    I’m Tawnya, from Oregon. My husband does most the cleaning. Looking for tips for cleaning and organizing

    1. Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I have a few cleaning rota’s if you think that may help. Looking forward to watching you grow. You’ll learn a lot here.

      1. Melissa says:

        I have read the rules and completely agree. I’m retired taking care of husband with dementia. I am learning to go minimal with my home and belongings. Looking for ideas and tips. Thanks so much.

        1. Mellisa Louise says:

          I have read and agree.

          1. Gale says:

            Read and agree. I’m a FT working mom and wife! I try my best to keep everything organized which keeps me sane. Looking forward to surfing around and getting great tips and tricks!

      2. Esther Frost says:

        I have read the rules and agree to abide by them! I’m a stay at home mom of one so far, and we just bought our first house last year…so we’re figuring it all out!

      3. Wen says:

        I have read the rules and agree. Really looking forward to hearing insights from the community while helping solve so home challenges that emerge from time to time! Also to offer input, conversations and support where I may be proficient to do so.

      4. Dragon Dragon says:

        I agree to the rules. I am useless at organizing and cleaning, but pretty darn good at DIY and fixing things, so maybe I can learn to use those skills to help with the stuff I suck at.

      5. Phyllis Anne McDaniel says:

        I’ve read the rules and I’m so excited to have found this group!

      6. Esther Trevino says:

        I read and agree with the rules! I’m hoping to learn! During the pandemic I kind of lost myself a little and what cleaning and organizing used to be my escape space and my peace, it became such a heavy chore. I’ve got some work to do! Besides, I’m looking for tips on a couple things!

      7. Jennifer says:

        I love learning dyi ideas on cleaning I read the rules and agree thank you

      8. i can’t wait to join this group. i completely agree with the rules. thanks all.

      9. Mikayla says:

        I am hoping to become more organized this year and looking for cute ways to do so!

    2. Rayanna says:

      I have read and agree to all rules listed!

      Hello! I’m Rayanna! I love to keep up on the latest and greatest tips/hacks on home cleaning and or other helpful tips/hacks! I’m always trying to keep up with housework and enjoy the crisp clean smell of clean home! Can’t wait to be a part of such an awesome community that will be so helpful and I’ll find everything I need to know at my fingertips!

    3. Tara says:

      Read and agree. I’m Tara and I just love a clean fresh home! Tips and hacks to make it easier are my jam!

    4. Shi says:

      Read and agree to rules.
      I’m Shiann, from Northern California. Looking to be a part of a community to help one another with home projects/cleaning, etc.

    5. Jan says:

      I have read & agree!
      Jan from NC!

    6. Very nice site. I did read the rules Thanks

      1. Lindsay Lopez says:

        I agree with the rules. 🤜

        I am into houseplants too! And gardening and chickens and hand-embroidery. I love decluttering and organization.. can read books upon books, take oodles of notes, be so motivated.. but I’m terrible with my own house! Ha. I could probably use all my “knowledge” on someone else’s house though. But.. I’m here for more motivation 😅

    7. Hey!
      Very excited to learn new ways to keep my house tidy and join a new community. Read & agree with all the rules and guidelines x

    8. Lauren O says:

      Ready to learn how to better keep my house clean without it consuming every second of my free time

    9. Mandi Clauss says:

      Read and agree to rules. Clearly, I need directon on how to create original post. I need help figuring out how to organize in a new home.

    10. Amy Gee says:

      I’m Amy.

      I’m from Missouri, happily married, childfree by choice. I am in desperate need of cleaning and organizing tips, tricks and hacks.

      I have read all the rules and agree.

  2. Kristina says:

    Read and agree to rules, name’s Kristina and just looking for tips.

    1. You’ll find a ton of them. Welcome & enjoy

      1. Samm Newman says:

        I have read and agree to the rules.

        I am a 26 year old neurodivergent and physically disabled queer lady who is trying to learn how to clean and organize so that I can take some of the burden off of my partner and take on our home’s upkeep.

  3. Elissa says:

    From all over lol and have read the rules and agree to abide by them. I’m excited to join you and hopefully learn so great info, maybe pass on some as well x

    1. Absolutely share yours! We all have different ways we like to clean or do something. I move around a lot too but I’m hoping to settle down soon. Enjoy and let us know if you need anything at all.

    2. Sara says:

      I’m Sara and have read and agreed to all rules. I live my life in hills and valleys and these last few months have been a valley. Looking forward to cleaning motivation and tips for cleaning my all wood cabin, concrete floors and more.

    3. Kimberly Truitt says:

      Read and agree to terms. Looking forward to new decluttering and organization ideas!

  4. Donella says:

    Wishing everyone the very best for 2021 from Marlborough, New Zealand. Any cleaning hack is a good one!! 💒

  5. Fleur says:

    Hi! I am Fleur and i’ll moving out hopefully this summer. I love to clean and love to get tips on how to clean better. So thank you for making this platform!

    1. Read and agree

  6. Ashley McKinney says:

    I have read and agree to the rules.
    Im Ashley, from Vermont. Looking to find new and better means for improving things at home and become more efficient with the space we have.

    1. Welcome! Nice to meet you. Make yourself at home. Feel free to share pics, ask questions and post your own tips. Looking forward to watching your improvements. xo

  7. Becky says:

    Read and agree. Working from home mostly now and lost work/life balance. Came here to learn and restore that balance, remove the clutter and organize all the stuff that completely stares at me all day long lol. My name is Becky and I’m from Alabama.

  8. Vanessa says:

    Hi I’m Vanessa, happy to be here with likeminded people to get tips and tricks to clean my home better and more efficiently.

    1. Cyndi says:

      Read and agree! Looking forward to enjoying the site and fb community.

  9. Jennifer Arballo says:

    Read and agree

  10. Bethany says:

    Read and agree to rules. It will not let me click the sign below.

    1. Hi Bethany! You signed in the right spot. Sorry for the confusion. I didn’t see your request to join. Maybe you already got approved by someone else. Enjoy

  11. Jessica says:

    Read and agree.
    My name is Jessica, just looking for a place that gives me amazing tips to clean my home successfully.
    Very excited to be able to pick everyone’s noggin

  12. Maria says:

    Read and agree to the rules!

  13. Norenia Jones says:

    I read and agree, My name is Norenia Jones, mother of 6 , Nonnie to 3 , married 38 years .
    Just looking for alternatives and easy way to do more .

  14. Sabrina says:

    This us a fabulous blog!!

    1. Thank You! Let us know if you need anything or have any ideas for the group…..enjoy!

  15. Sabrina nonya says:

    Read and agree

  16. Manda says:

    Read and agree 🙂

  17. Nicole says:

    Read and agree. My name is Nicole. I’m from Southern Illinois. Just looking for tips and inspiration.

    1. Awesome! I think you’ll find a lot here. Welcome

    2. Karen Underwood says:

      I read and agree. My name is Karen. I’m from North Carolina. I’m a clean freak and I love getting and sharing cleaning and organizing tips.

  18. Brittany says:

    Read and agreed to the rules 🙂
    I’m Brittany, mom to 4 messy little ones and 2 fur babies. Always looking for new tips, tricks and ways to be more eco friendly.

    1. Welcome! Can you resubmit your request to join. I think it accidentally got declined. Thank you….enjoy

    2. April D Harper says:

      Love your page! 💜

  19. Nicole McClain says:

    Read and agree
    Nikki mcclain

  20. Kristen says:

    My name is Kristen. Read and agree with rules. Looking for tips

  21. Amy says:

    Hello I’m Amy. I’m from
    Louisiana and I’m married with 2 boys. I’m joining to learn some new tips and tricks

  22. Jane McDonnell says:

    Read and agree to the rules. I’m Jane from Sacramento, Ca. I’m adjusting to life as a new mom with a full-time job and a house that I just can’t seem to stay ahead of when it comes to cleaning

  23. Misty says:

    Read & agree to the rules. My name is Misty mom to 3 daughters love finding new ideas !

  24. Jacqulyn says:

    Read and agree to all the rules! I have kids, a husband, and animals so my OCD is always outta control lol

  25. Melissa says:

    Hi! I’m Melissa. I just bought a condo last July and am still working on making it home, a little bit at a time. I am decluttering and working on making my place warm and inviting. I am a mother of 6 with my youngest child being the only one left at home with me. I have 8 grandchildren. I work fulltime in long-term care which I have enjoyed for the past 20 years. I have an HBA in Sociology. I love learning and trying new things. I love to be creative with all kinds of crafts and I am also looking forward to gardening in my new gardens this summer. I ride a motorcycle and I love to paddle my kayak. I love the outdoors. I’m looking forward to learning new things in this group, sharing and helping others as well as being helped myself. I think this group is a great idea!

    1. You’re one busy mama! I love that. Gardening has become my latest passion as well. It’s so healing, relaxing and I can’t wait for you to share your posts in our community. Xo

  26. Kristi Pritchett says:

    Read and agree to the rules. My name is Kristi and I am from NC. I own a cleaning business and i love to learn new things as well as give a ittle of my own tips and tricks,

  27. Sarah says:

    I read and agree to the rules. I’m a mom of 2 and I like to learn new ways of easier cleaning and to meet new faces.

  28. Francine says:

    Hi there, so glad I found this group, much to learn! I’m Francine from Cincinnati.

    1. Welcome! I love your name. Hope you’ll find lots of tips and add some of yours as well.

  29. Carol says:

    Read and agree to the rules.

    1. Welcome Carol!!

  30. Felicia says:

    Read and agree to rules, name’s Felicia and just looking for tips.

    1. Welcome! Thanks for joining. Feel free to post often and let us know if you need anything. You can tag me @coffeeaddictmama in posts if you need me. Enjoy

  31. Diana says:

    Read and agree to rules. I’m Diana from Alabama and I’m here for the tips and tricks!!!

  32. LeAnn says:

    Hi! I’m LeAnn and I’m looking forward to house cleaning tips and home decor inspiration. I agree to the terms for being a member of this page.

  33. Natural Oil Mom says:

    Hi, my name is Jenni and I am excited to see your tips and tricks and what your community is all about! I agree to your terms and conditions.

    1. Welcome! Hoping to get inspired by your thoughts and suggestions as well Jenni. Enjoy

  34. Debbie says:

    Hi! I read and agree! I’m Debbie from Texas and always looking for cleaning tips and tricks!

    1. Great to have you here Debbie. Let us know if you need anything!

  35. April Mackey says:

    I have read and agreed, to all of the above! My name is April and I’m from WV. I just left a very hostile and toxic work environment to become a house wife, full time student, business starter/owner, and hopefully a mother soon!

    1. Wow! Congratulations Mama. That is a big step. You’ve got this!! My home is my sanity/sanctuary, so I FEEL you. Here’s to the next chapter and becoming a new mama bear. I’m so excited for you. Let me know if you need anything at all. XO

  36. Lanie Stewart says:

    Read and agreed!
    Hi, I’m Lanie! I’m a first time home owner, full-time student and worker. I live in rural North Carolina and my home is a 1920s structure that is being completely flipped. The mess feels like it will never go away but I’m hopeful & excited to learn some cleaning strategies!!

    1. Hi Lanie! I’m so excited for you. Being a home owner is so fun and rewarding. Hoping you’ll share some before and after pics of that olden day charm….I love antique homes. Grab the dust mitts. Those are a life savor. 🙂

  37. Julie says:

    Hi, I have read and agree of rules and excited to join for inspiration and support. Thanks!

    1. Welcome Julie! Thanks for joining. Have a great weekend.

  38. Bree Maack says:

    Read and agreed!! I’m the main cleaner in my house and would like more ideas!!

    1. Same! I do all the cleaning basically. It’s never ending but going minimal definitely helps a TON! Welcome!!

  39. Read and agreed!! Excited to follow your group

    1. Chasity says:

      Read and agree. I’m from MS btw!!

  40. Kay says:

    Read and agree

  41. LAUREN STOWE says:

    Read and Agree!😃

  42. Marissa J Allen says:

    Read and agree

  43. maegan_godlien says:

    Read and agree! 😊

  44. Dara Eoy says:

    Read and agree! I’m excited to join your community.

  45. Nicci Weber says:

    Read and agree! Looking forward to becoming a part of this community!

  46. Vicki Thomas says:

    Read and agree

  47. Ashley Krizanek says:

    Read and looking forward to exploring and sharing!

  48. J says:

    Hello, I’m J. I am a teacher mom and partner. I am always on the lookout for awesome tips and trying my best to eliminate chemicals from my life.
    Can’t wait to learn some new things

    1. Going no tox basically changes everything. Welcome. Glad you found us.

  49. Gianna Catania says:

    Hi there, Gianna from MD. I have read the rules, understand, and agree. Looking to learn from others!

    1. Welcome Gianna. Looking to learn from you too! I think we all have something to share……even if it’s something small. Enjoy

  50. Andrea Linton says:

    Read and agree to rules. Im Andrea from NJ just bought my first house and ready for all the tips and tricks

  51. Lourdes Nicole Villafuerte says:

    Hi! I’m Lourdes from the Philippines and I absolutely agree with everything. I hope to be able to learn new things about a great home and maybe meet some people along the way. Suepr excited!

  52. Vanessa says:

    Hi! I’m Vanessa from Ontario, Canada. I have read, understood, and agree with everything on the page. Looking forward to learning ways to make the day to day more easy, effective, and positive! My home is chaotic with two young ones and working full time but we do the best we can!

  53. Errica Salinas says:

    Hi, my name is Errica! I read and agree to the rules! I am hoping to find motivation/tips/tricks to help me create an organized and clutter free home!

  54. Kelly McLaughlin says:

    read and agree Kelly

  55. Tonya Goodwin says:

    Read and agreed

  56. Sabrina Kay says:

    I read and agree.

  57. Alexandra Schilling says:

    Read and agree to the rules

  58. sabrown7275 says:

    Hello! I have read and I agree to the rules. I’m looking/needing inspiration and ideas for decluttering and organizing for more happy home.

    1. Hey there, welcome! Inviting you to like our FB page and join the other groups if they interest you. Here to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy

  59. Kara Luckett, read all the rules. From Louisville ky

  60. Bailee Abston says:

    I have read and completely agree with all the rules!!

    1. Katie says:

      I have read the rules and agree. My name’s Katie. I have a newborn and a 3 year old so my house is super chaotic and I’d like to learn tips and tricks to keep it clean and organized!

  61. Aly says:

    Read and agree to rules. I’m Aly and looking to know and adapt better habits in cleaning ang organizing.

  62. Taylor Valentine Almquist says:

    Read and agree to rules. Im Taylor and newly a stay at home mom with high Anxiety and ADD, looking for tools to clean and organize

    1. Hi Taylor! I totally hear you. Feel free to follow our page and join our other groups that may interest you…..I’m here if you need to chat, send pics to. Xo Victoria

  63. Fallon Jones says:

    Read and agreed. I’m Fallon. I’m a mom from Arkansas. My house is messy and I want to feel in control over it, especially with fatigue from POTS and a busy schedule. Plus we are moving across the country in a couple years, and I want to declutter and organize before that.

  64. Melody says:

    Read & agree! I’m Melody. My husband & I live in Utah. Our oldest is graduating HS this year, we have an 11 year old with us sometimes, plus we have 2 toddlers so life is definitely hectic for us. Looking for quick tips to simplify our home to make it less stressful for me & more efficient for everyone!

  65. Catherine Jones says:

    I have read and agree to the rules. My names Catherine and I’m mainly looking for tips to make things easier for me due to my many health issues

    1. Brea H says:

      I agree with the rules! I’m Brea, and I’m looking for non-toxic cleaning tips…for stain removal currently. Thanks for your help!! 🙂

  66. Read and agree. My name is Abril. I am looking forward to learn some cleaning tips.

  67. Becki Hahnen says:

    Read and agree. I’m Becki and look forward to support and help of other woman looking for the same

  68. April Bainter says:

    April Bainter
    Read and agree.

  69. Kristie says:

    I agree and am excited to join your community! My name is kristie. I am a first time mom – Elliott is currently 2.5 months old and is the light of my life. I’ve been married to my love, Judd, for 4 years. We bought a 3300 square foot house. When we lived in, i said that everything we brought into our home needed a place or it wasn’t staying. Somehow that rule hasn’t stuck and I need help! Our house is just cluttered and I feel like I’m constantly tidying and don’t have time to actually clean

  70. Nicole Bishop says:

    I have read and agree to the rules. My name is Nicole I live in Utah. I’m a stay at home mom and have 4 kiddos ages 7,5,4, and 9 months. Looking to join for helpful advice on managing it all.

    Thank you!

  71. Jesse Brickenstein says:

    I’ve read and agree

  72. Kaitlyn Eicholtz says:

    Read and agree to rules. I’m Kaitlyn. I live near Grand Rapids, MI. I have a dog and a 14 month old. I’m a full time mom and a part-time environmental geologist. I also have several “side hustles”. I’m really hoping I can get organization ideas. Unfortunately, I’m more of a hoarder than a minimalist, busy hoping I can take some of the ideas shared here and work on being more moderate in my saving of things.

    1. Welcome Kaitlyn! Sounds like me…..hustle all the way mama! Feel free to like our page. Lots of fall ideas and topics coming up. Don’t hesitate to reach out or share your pics, tips, questions, etc. You’ve got this…..I’m gonna get you to become a minimalist, YEAH!!!! xo

  73. Destiny scholtz says:

    Read and agree. I’m destiny. I live in California.

  74. Tiffany Karyono says:

    I’ve read and agree to the rules. I’m Tiffany, I live in SoCal, and I’m a stay at home mom to two littles ages 5 and 2. I’m also a nurse but have quit my full time job to stay home with my babies. I love everything this group is about! I’ve been living low to non tox since my first was born and have been on a minimalism journey since my second was born. Excited to learn more from others in the group. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Tiffany, welcome! I didn’t see that you got approved. Please make sure all the questions get answered or let me know so I can automatically approve you. All of this is right up my alley, so feel free to like our FB page also and ask any questions/share your tips as well. Looking forward to watching you grow with us!!

  75. Wendi Nicole Segulin says:

    Hello from Michigan! I read and agree to the rules. I am working to declutter 2 homes and could use all the help.

    1. Welcome Wendi! Feel free to join our FB page (the uncluttered project is in full effect) and we look forward to watching you grow. Don’t hesitate to post questions and such. XO

  76. Stephanie Perry says:

    Hey There! I read and agree to the rules. Excited to be a part of this group!

  77. Cheyenne Bible says:

    Hello. I read and agree to the rules. My name is Cheyenne, I live in Saipan. Stay at home mom of two just looking for some great cleaning and organizing tips.

    1. Welcome Cheyenne! I’m so excited for you. I’m a no tox, decluttering snob so feel free to tag along and share your tips too! Don’t hesitate to post questions, share tips, pics….looking forward to watching you grow!

  78. Shelby says:

    Read and agree! My name is Shelby, I am from west Michigan, and my fiancé and I are moving into a rental through family that is a bit of a fixer upper. Just looking for some tips to get the place cleaned up the best we can!

    1. Awesome! Welcome. I love a fixer. It’s going to take a lot of patience and determination but you’ve got this. Looking forward to seeing some before and after pics! Feel free to post often. Xo

  79. ayla says:

    agree to the rules! learning to organize and clean our tiny 2 bed rental

  80. Mariah says:

    hi! my name is mariah and i’m here because i found your group. i agree to the rules and i’m from virginia!

    1. Welcome! Did you get in okay. Sometimes if you don’t answer all the questions it doesn’t approve. I will look out for you in the group. Let me know if you need anything!

  81. Shannon Gottschalk says:

    hello my wife and I share the responsibilities for keeping the home clean. I agree to the rules. I am look forward to connecting with you all.

    1. Hi Shannon Welcome! I didn’t see where your approval went through so I’m just double checking. Make sure you answer all questions and submit them again. I’ll approve it today. Looking forward to connecting with you two as well. XO

      1. Taryn says:

        Read and agree. I suffer from mental health issues and my family helped me get my house together. Just trying to keep the momentum going.

  82. Roxy says:

    Hi! Read and agreed! My name is Roxy from MN. I’ve always had trouble with organizing and just keeping up with basic household work in general so I’m really excited to join such a positive encouraging group.

  83. Hello. Here to say I read the rules! My name is Carrie. Was a SAHM for many years with a special needs child, and now have a custodial job and I’d like some tips for sure!

    1. Hi Carrie! My best tips for being in the cleaning industry is to try to clean all natural as much as possible. The chemicals and toxins alone will make you want to quit altogether, so keep it simple with water and soap when you can. There’s citrus cleaners that work wonders but my favorite is baking soda. Let me know if you need anything! Good luck with the new job.

  84. Remonia says:

    Here to say I read the rules

  85. Bev Levy says:

    I read the rules and agree to them. Would love to join the group, I am from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  86. Laurie Chism says:

    Hi. Laurie from Arkansas here. Wife and mother of 2. I’m always looking for new ways to clean and organize my home to make my life a little easier. I’ve read all the rules and agree. Just applied for the Facebook group. I can’t wait to learn new things.

  87. Trent and Marlene says:

    My wife Marlene and I are a young couple who love to keep our home organized and clean:)

  88. Alex says:

    Hi I’m Alex! I am preparing and trying to learn better organization skills for my first apartment. I like to organize but sometimes I’m just not sure how to organize something and I look forward to ideas from others to help me and my partner have a well put together home.

  89. Elizabeth Kartes says:

    Hi, my name is Liz. I have two children ages 11 and 15. I work full time and have a small jewelry business I run on the side. I need more organization in my life.

  90. Sheena Mimo says:

    Please let me join your group. I’ve read and agree to the rules. 😀

  91. Rebekah says:

    Read and agreed to rules. I’m from IL. I pretty much do all the cleaning at home. But I work at a daycare and have 2 under 2. I need hacks and tricks plus ways to keep my home smelling good! I want to be a SAHM but finances won’t allow that right now. I’d like to be more organized too, like in the bathroom and kitchen specifically!

  92. Ashley O'Connell says:

    Read and agreed to rules

  93. Suzy Dowell says:

    Read and agree. I am Suzy from Collegeville, PA. I am looking for any tips 5o make cleaning g and organizing my home easier so I can l,as more tennis and spe d more time with.my kids

  94. Read & agree to rules. I’m Bianca, wife to a wonderful man named Thomas and mother to a 15 month old boy named John. I’m interested in learning some tips and tricks to keep a cleaner and more organized house – especially with a toddler and dog!

  95. Mckenzie Campbell says:

    Hi! My name is Mckenzie and I’m from Montana. I try to be organized but I’m not the greatest at it. I’m joining to gain ideas and new options to help me with becoming better organized. Maybe I can even help others with the things I do have now that work! Who knows!

  96. Mckenzie Campbell says:

    I also read and agree to the rules

  97. Dana says:

    I have read and agree to the rules. I’m a working mom of two. My husband and I are renovating our house, room by room. I’m trying to keep things orderly and clean during the process while planning for great organization for when we are done!

  98. Nikki Ledbetter says:

    Read and agree

    Stay at home mom of 3

  99. Sara says:

    Read and agree.I am a SAHM currently living in MO, but I am originally from UT. We move often, so I am looking for better ways to organize our home(s) 😅

  100. Rebecca Parker says:

    I have read and agree to the rules. I am a single mother of 3 and am in need of decluttering ideas to get my home back in order due to letting it become overwhelming after the death of my father. My name is Rebecca Parker.

  101. Cari Barker says:

    I have read and agreed to the rules I am a mother of 2 and need help keeping a clean and organized home

  102. Mel says:

    Read and agree!

  103. Mia says:

    I have read and agree to the rules. Super OCD and always looking for new ideas to perfect my organization madness.

  104. Sydney says:

    Read and agree!

  105. Cath says:

    Have read the rules and agree.
    I’m Catherine Lotus and bit of OCD. I usually do most of the organizing in our house and I would love to join your group to have ideas and hacks. Thank you ❤

  106. Barbara says:

    Hi, I am Barbara from Texas…75 yrs. old and looking for ways to unclutter my house and life so my kids won’t have to have a big garage sale when I pass on…..

  107. Ashley says:

    Agree! I am Ashley and would love to know more about no tox life, eco friendly, and get organized

  108. Zoe says:

    I agree. I am excited to join a group with many common interests.

  109. Nadine Smith says:

    Hi guys, agreed 👍
    My name is Nadine, SAHM looking for new tricks and tips on cleaning and being organised 🙂

  110. Amber says:

    I’m Amber, from Florida and I have read the rules and agree to follow them. I’m looking forward to gaining organization tips from this group.

  111. Ryann Cole says:

    I have read and agreed! I am a newer mom who is just hoping to get some tips and motivation to keep my house organized.

  112. Sherri says:

    I am Sherri from Oklahoma. I have read and agree to the rules. I am looking for tricks and tips to keep a house clean and organized

  113. Hi, we are Chop-Master (brand) and we agree to the rules of the group. We are looking forward to seeing the tips and hacks!

  114. LAURA says:

    Hi! I just read the rules and am commenting here! I really love cleaning, it’s a bit of a compulsion fo me, but the good news is there is always plenty to do!

  115. Autumn says:


  116. Tiffney says:

    Hello! I’m Tiffney! I have read rules and all about this page. I’m just looking for cleaning tricks and tips! And anything related to home projects!

  117. AD says:

    I read and agree to the rules. Came here from the Facebook group to leave a comment as requested. Thanks!

  118. Alexandria says:

    Hi I’m Alexandria. I’m from Texas! I’ve read and agree to the rules. I’m a mom of 2 boys and I’m looking for organization, cleaning and decluterring tips!

  119. Tesa Galicia says:

    Im Tesa i read the rules. i do most of the cleaning. im already in the group but just making sure i follow the steps 🙂

  120. Kristen Chandler says:

    Read & agreed. I’m from Alabama & I’m just trying to learn cleaning hacks

  121. Read and agree.
    My name is Brittney and I’m from Pensacola, FL.
    I’ve been married 11 years, but we’ve been together for about 20. We have 2 sons. Oldest will be 13 on the 21st and youngest turns 8 December 3rd. I’m basically a ‘single parent’ during the week. I work full time, I “try” to keep up with nightly school/homework (which is tough when boys are in sports too). My husband works out of town. LUCKILY he’s on a regular schedule. He works in GA. Comes back home Thursday evenings and leaves Sunday afternoon. Because of us really only having ONE FULL DAY together each weekend (because the boys and I are at school or work Fridays) and with him getting back late on Thursdays and then leaving Sunday afternoons, I try to make sure there’s not alot of cleaning to do, since my boys “Sorta” does chores. With everything so GO, GO, GO during my work week, it’s hard to get the things I WANT/NEED done because I don’t want to take away time from my family and husband during the weekend. It’s just really hard to declutter or really organize ANY area in the house. Even keeping a routine together is tough.
    Any and/all information is greatly appreciated.

    1. Welcome Brittney! Your story doesn’t sound unfamiliar at all. Sounds like you love spending time with your family and you’d like to create less stressful routines to enjoy life much more. It’s a daily mindful lifestyle (not chores). I hate that word. When you do the same small tasks every single day or mostly every day, you create balance and wellness in the home. Challenge yourself monthly with our decluttering challenges (link down below) and take a peek at some of our cleaning tips posts. I’m a stress free cleaner and I also don’t use chemicals to clean with. It’s life changing. My days are much smoother. You’re in the right place and right frame of mind. You’ve got this! Feel free to tag me in posts if you need. XO- victoria

  122. Emily says:

    Hi! I have read the rules and agree. My name’s Emily and I’m eager to join the group. 🙂

  123. Rochelle Reiss says:

    Hello! My name is Rochelle and I desperately need advice on cleaning a mirror. All other life hacks appreciated

    1. Hi Rochelle! I’m a lazy cleaner so vinegar dabbed on a cloth usually does the mirror good. Follow up with a dry microfiber cloth to work out the smudges. Alcohol also works great. Sometimes even just a little water on one end of the cloth then dry completely. Enjoy! Reach out by tagging me in the group if you need!

  124. Jody McSwegin says:

    Looking for tips and tricks to cleaning and organizing while having to be careful of my bad back.

    1. YES! Vacuuming is one of those tasks that kills the back. Invest in a robot vacuum if you haven’t already! Go green and use regular mild soap in the shower when taking one. I put the sponge on the floor of the shower and use my foot to scrub the base. Works well. And saves the back!

  125. Nicole says:

    Starting to organize my life at 45 and need guidance. Hoping for the next 30 yrs to be functional and fun!

    1. Nicole, sounds like you’re on the right path to living a healthy and exciting mid life! Feel free to join the uncluttered project and share your thoughts, experience, questions, before and after’s. It’s a mind blowing, life changing experience. The link is down below! Enjoy.

  126. WELCOME EVERYONE! If you didn’t get approved please ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS appropriately! This helps keep spam out of the group. If you want to share your small business/pages, etc…contact us. Enjoy

  127. Brielle Ciarlanti-Silva says:

    Hi my name is Brielle from California and I am looking to learn and feel inspired by home DIY tips .

  128. Ansley says:

    I read the rules and look forward to joining this community!

  129. Hailey says:

    Hi, my name is Hailey. I’m a mom to an 8 month old baby boy, also a wife. Just looking for some decorative inspiration and organizational ideas.

  130. Mary says:

    Hi, I’m Mary, I may be a busy student, but I clean every weekends!

  131. I aspire to have an organized and clean home, so I’m always looking for new tips and tricks to make it easier!

    1. Lacey Williams says:

      Hi, I’m Lacey a single mom to 4 kid’s ages 8 to 16, I can definitely use all the tips and tricks for cleaning especially the boys bathroom. Nasty

  132. Gorette Hunter says:

    Hi! I’m Gorette from Rhode Islsnd. Busy mom of 3 who’s passionate about my family. I work from home, along with my husband. Hoping to connect and get some tips and tricks for quick efficient cleaning routines

  133. Jen says:

    Hello. New here. Hope I am in the right area. Just joined in group. Hoping to find new ideas or organization of apartment and some ideas. Thanks all

    1. Diamond Alize says:

      Hey I’m Diamond, just interested in organization and cleaning tips 🙂

  134. MARILYN MANGINI says:

    Hello! I’m Marilyn from Connecticut. I wanted to join this forum because I need some help getting organized, managing all of the dog hair produced from one short haired Labrador, and tips and tricks for a newish homeowner with a small house. I’m also hoping somebody can help me keep my new gorgeous fern alive!

    1. MARILYN MANGINI says:

      Oh and I read and agree to rules!

  135. Kay Lynn says:

    Read and agree 🙂

  136. Read it and agree. Ft mom with a second on the way and the nesting is real!!

  137. Laura says:

    Read and agree

  138. Lauren says:

    Read and agree. I’m Lauren from Sydney, just looking for helpful cleaning tips and tricks.

  139. Dani Marie says:

    I read the rules and agree 🙂

  140. Jan says:

    I have read & agree!
    Jan from NC!

  141. Katie says:

    I have read and agree to the rules.

    I’m Katie, I’m from Connecticut. I have a husband, 2 toddlers, and a dog. After my second child was born, I made the decision to stay home with the kids, so I need all the cleaning and organizing help I can get. I would love to learn more and get more into the minimalist style- I tend to be someone who keeps a lot of things as “sentimental,” but my husband is military, so we move frequently and that makes having a lot of things very stressful.

    Looking forward to learning a lot!

  142. Kylee Barrett says:

    I have read the rules and completely agree Newlywed in Texas.

  143. Kristan says:

    Hi! I am from Wisconsin and I am excited to join this group!

  144. Alexis Lovin says:

    I read and agree to the rules

  145. Karen Vian says:

    I am here looking for cleaning tips and hacks. My name is Karen and I am from Oklahoma.

  146. Kaetlyn M. says:

    I have completely read and agree to the rules of the group! As a boy mama, I can’t wait to learn new tips.

  147. Christy says:

    Read and agree

  148. Ashly Deering says:

    Read and agree to rules. Thanks

  149. Cassie Spencer says:

    Hi I’m Cassie from Idaho. I have read and agree to the group rules. I love a clean house and am excited to be a part of this group!

    1. Welcome! So nice to meet you. Let me know if you have any questions or if you’d be interested in becoming a royal! Thanks Cassie.

  150. Kristin says:

    I have read and agreed!

  151. Jenna Hood says:

    Hi! I have read and agree with the rules. I love to organize and decorate our home and am always looking for fun and creative ideas. Excited to join this group! 😊

  152. Jessie says:

    Here for the hacks! 🧹 🧽 🧺 🧼

  153. Kiersten says:

    I have read and agree to the rules.
    I’m a stay at home/homeschool mama of twin 8 year olds and a newborn. Just bought our first house in 2021 and looking to make it as functional to our life as I can. We have lots of hobbies (AKA lots of stuff) so everything needs a proper place. I’m mostly tox-free but could use some pointers on fully embracing it.

  154. Tammerin says:

    Hello! I have read and agree!
    My name is Tammerin! I’m 25 I ha e two sweet kids one is 3 the other is 11 months! We just moved into our own apartment in September so I’m still trying to find what I like and where I want things & everything else. I really hope I get some awesome ideas!

  155. Erica says:

    Read and agree!

  156. Kristen says:

    Hello, I have read and agree.

    My name is Kristen, I am 38 and I am a new mom. I would love a better grip on cleaning especially now that we are doing BLW and my lil one is crawling around soon to be walking.

  157. Alicia Fleet says:

    Read and agree to the group rules!
    Hi guys, I’m alicia! Can’t wait to follow along with all the great posts!

  158. Jon says:

    Read and agree to the group rules. From Chicago and all about DIY.

  159. Maria says:

    Hello, I’m Maria from New Jersey. I’m looking for cleaning hacks and organizing tips!

  160. Renae Ault says:

    Hello! I’m Renae and I live in Ohio. In the month of December 2021, I bought a house AND was finally diagnosed with ADHD. Between this being “MY” house and finally treating my “laziness”, I am determined to make this house a beautiful, clean home full of plants and light (and my husband’s toy collection). So glad to have found your blog and facebook group!

  161. Read all! Here to learn all the things!! 💖

  162. Hannah Parker says:

    Read and follow rules.

    1. Megan says:

      Hello! Read and agree.

  163. Tracy says:

    Hey All! I’m Tracy, from Omaha. I am a wife and mom currently living with 3 of the 4 ADHD members of my family. If you’ve never lived with an ADHD person – at least in my experience – keeping things tidy is a CHALLENGE. So I have a challenge *3. On top of that, I have 2 newfoundlands and a long coat german shepherd, so there is dog hair and dog drool *everywhere*.

    Also, coffee is life.

  164. Nicole Hopkins says:

    Read and Agree

  165. Kryslin Gortemiller says:

    I read all the rules and am excited to join the group as a soon to be new mom I really need help with cleaning and organizing!!

  166. Amanda says:

    Hi I am Amanda I have ADD an find cleaning very hard. I look forward to learning. I have read and except the rules

  167. Sofia Perry says:

    Hello! I’ve read the rules and I agree to them. I’m currently a Nursing student in the Pacific Northwest, and I am desperately seeking more cleanlieness and organization. I’m living in a difficult situation with someone who is extremely messy, so I’m trying to problem solve where I can.

  168. Christie says:

    Agree with the rules. I’m here for all of the tips. I’m tired of having massive clean sessions – I just want to do it right and not have to keep starting over!

    1. Mel says:

      Read and agree (and love the don’t be a dick rule)

  169. Wendy governale says:

    Just requested to be in your group looking for helpful tips to clean and organize home

  170. AJ NICHOLS says:

    I LOVE monstera albos and have four plus a Thai Constellation. I’m also currently a high school special education teacher.

  171. Michelle Hage says:

    I read and agree with the rules.

    My name is Michelle, I’m new to deep cleaning but so excited for it! I have two small kids (1 & 3 years old) so I’m trying to avoid heavy chemicals as they are often attached to me even when I’m cleaning so I’m looking for tips and tricks to do this thing 🙂

  172. Rhiannon says:

    Read and agree

  173. Lisa Faveluke says:

    Hi, I’m Lisa and looking for tips to keep a clean house with multiple pets.

  174. Tracy Akamine says:

    I have read the rules and agree.

  175. Alyssa says:

    Read and agree! I am Alyssa from Tampa, Fl. My boyfriend and I are about to move into his childhood home as his parents move out. They have not kept the house up to the greatest condition and I am hoping to find some tips to make it safe and beautiful again.

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