We are moms who stay at home raising our babies, women who work, own a business, and hustle hard. Our tribe supports + empowers! Without us, you won’t have enough energy….no matter how much coffee you drink!

If you love meeting new faces, like the quaint nature of small communities and building relationships, you’re in the right place. We share blogging + business tips. Join us for free social media promos and grow your brand/business like a boss! Experienced networking enthusiasts with a passion for success, financial freedom and sisterhood!

Coffee Addict Mama

Was created by a 30 something NY gal who’s family practically lives off of coffee. It originated from IG where she loved sharing coffee pics. A background in networking made her want to start an online community where coffee addicts connect, and share their everyday life experiences. Whether you’re a mom or not, this is a place for everyone that loves the drink, rock star barista’s and those that enjoy engaging in conversation.

Do you ever walk into a local Starbucks and feel awkward? Perhaps even a little stressed, because of all the coffee offerings, public meetings, loud conversations, and strangers ‘eye-balling’ you? Well, here’s our solution. YOUR very own on-line coffee shop community! Come on in, grab a cup of joe, and introduce yourself (without all of those above mentioned stresses). The idea is for you to strike up conversations with people near and far (in real time), from the comforts of your home or office. Sounds cool, right? We hope so. Just pull up a chair, say hi, and meet new folks. Welcome in!

Overall this will be a website that you can find related topics and feel comfortable coming to because…..well, there are no strings attached. You can comment if you wish, stalk or just grab a cup and relax.

If you like to blog, own a business, wish to make some new friends, POST A COMMENT HERE TO GET STARTED! Say hello and introduce yourselves. And then send us your links and we’ll add it to our members page where we will promote daily.

Follow our IG and FB page where we feature tons of women. Be sure to use the hashtag #coffeeaddictmama to get showcased.

3 thoughts on “About”

  • Hello there! My name is Victoria. I run the social media accounts and website for CAM. Welcome. Join us by engaging in conversations, sharing your stories, building relationships. We’re going to help you succeed, one mug at a time. I’m a lover of COFFEE—-obvi. My goal here is to make you feel as comforatable as possible. No shame, no negativity allowed. Growth + Real Friendships ONLY.

    Don’t be shy. Introduce yourselves. Let us know some of your links. Follow us on FB + IG so we can share, repost and retweet your stuff. Let me know if y’all need anything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!! Let’s sip to that.

  • Hey there lovelies,
    This kind of group looks right up my street, as it’s fab, fresh & honest. I am about to launch a marketing services business here in sussex, uk, and could use some girl power, and coffee rocket fuel behind me!

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