5 Reasons To Say More Coffee Please

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I love the weekends. It’s my absolute favorite time to have coffee dates and walk around my go to stores with a cute cup in hand. If you’ve been dying to get out of the house or even stay indoors for that matter, here’s 5 reasons you can say, ‘More Coffee Please!’ The heat index got nothing on us iced coffee lovers. I either spend my weekends thrifting, walking Home Goods stores or scouring rummage sales. When I do stay home I find ways to get crafty and mix up some coffee related concoctions. If you follow our IG you may have seen that I attempted some soap making not too long ago.

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Coffee is not just for morning my friends! It’s an all day kinda thang over here.

Skip the Target run and done for later, this weekend we’re going all out of our Starbucks element. { the reason I’m saying this is because the local Starbucks closed and the only one near is in Target, um NO! } I don’t particularly care about running into Target just to grab a damn coffee…..y’all know I’ma rack up a $100 bill in a matter of ten minutes, so not today friends.

  • It’s Hella Hot Outside- and we must take the dogs out. I mean what better excuse than to make that iced coffee. Have your packets ready, throw some ice in a water bottle and fill that baby up! I cannot tell you how delicious iced coffee tastes when it’s this scorching——-ahhhh!

5 Reasons to Say More Coffee Please

  • You have a new outfit you’re wearing and what goes better as an accessory?!……..You bet! Coffee Coffee Coffee. I know that one of my 2019 goals was to get more fashion posts out there and slowly but surely I will. I have been learning how to deal with my body since my gallbladder removal and as soon as I’m feeling 100, I’m busting out more OOTDFASH posts!
  • Early Bird Gets The Worm– Yeah, so I know I said up there that coffee isn’t just for mornings but set the alarm early and hit those summer garage sales. Make a date out of it and go thrift. There’s nothing better than a jolt of energy from your yummy coffee drinks and the thrill of finding good deals. BTW: bring a friend……it’s funner + better with someone you love.
  • You’re ready for change- this is a super fabulous way to need more coffee! I cannot tell you enough how just having a cup of joe each and every day has changed my life. If you are a rare coffee drinker or don’t drink it at all and you’re seeking something to fulfill your lives, try this simple drink. I promise it will change you forever. All the more reason to meet for coffee dates.
  • Mompreneurs- organize a local mom challenge to get together once a week and share your goals, your success, your future desires, work life, the babies. This is a necessary coffee date. To make it even better let one or two moms buy everyone in the group the coffee for that week and that way each week someone else is treating you, you’re making new friends, gaining business ideas and you have an excuse to say, more coffee please. You can host at your home ( and a new moms home each week ), take turns….it’s so fun!

With our busy lives it’s really important that we take these moments to capture simplicity, have another cup of coffee and just chill. Life passes by so fast. I really love meeting new women, moms who love coffee dates ( even if it’s with ourselves ) and supporting our small businesses. Share your weekend with us in the comments. Like us on FB and join our group!! XO

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