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If you’re wondering how so many Instagram Influencers grow their account fast, they’re probably paying a lot of money! I’m a sucker for organic growth. I don’t believe in paid ads and to be quite frank, unless you have some dough to spare, go organic. Also, I just read a comment on a group forum that this woman spent over $1000 on IG ads and she received ZERO clients. So, it really depends on what your account is aimed for.

A lot of growth comes from specific niches. Fashion being huge on Instagram. The key to growing quickly is all in how often you use the platform + how well you use these special strategies.

You have to consistently run ads in order to gain 100 likes on a post and that’s not worth it to me. I have been on social media for well over 10 years and know what works. If you follow me on Coffee Addict Mama you will probably say, “Okay, she doesn’t have that many followers so, who is she to preach!?” Allow me to explain: the way the algorithm works is by using these 3 tips to grow your Instagram accounts organically. Or any social media account for that matter. I do this on Twitter all of the time.

The proof is in the numbers, the connections and the income that you can make. My first clients from a cleaning business I started was from Instagram. I had 160 followers. So that’s proof that technically numbers don’t mean Sh*t!

However, I needed to grow that account to at least 160 followers in order to receive 2 new clients. You have to have at least some type of following to begin the process. That leads to our first tip.

How To Grow Your Instagram Organically

  • Follow potential clients or friends in your niche. For instance; it doesn’t make sense to go follow MOM BLOGGERS if you are a MAKEUP ARTIST + vice versa. That doesn’t mean that you cannot. Follow whomever you wish. You never know who will follow you back. I have built numerous social media accounts that have brought me in an income by targeting the right audience. I went and searched the hashtag #naplesfl just to see what popped up! This is where I started my cleaning business. Since it was a service I offered outside the home, I had to start following people in those areas. So if you’re looking to make money in Chicago, search those hashtags related to that city. Same goes for fashion bloggers and health coaches. Follow moms and millennial’s that love outfit posts, wellness, etc. And let me make it very clear that you have to start following people to get followed. Using hashtags alone will not work. How are these people going to know you exist if you don’t set out to follow. My personal tip: follow a chunk of people you find interesting/in your niche, a couple times a week- that way you don’t overwhelm. Join loops if you’re so inclined. ( I just recently did this and have a post on IG explaining why I do not like it ).
  • Use the 3 trick rule. I always try to post 3 times a day on Instagram because the algorithm just works that way. The more you post, the more you grow. I end up completely failing at this after a while and give up. But I have watched my numbers grow instantly from doing this. Post, share stories and start using IGTV. If you need a break, by golly take one! No one needs to sell their soul to the IG devil. Set a goal to at least post frequently.
  • Connect || Build Relationships – in my experience, people love to work with you, not against you! Post your story with your pic, questions for engagement and respond to comments/messages. My other tip for connecting ——> share your friends in your stories. If you look at my highlighted features, we go through and do this weekly! It really puts a smile on someone’s face!! Community over competition.

That’s actually a very popular hashtag #communityovercompetition That’s also why my numbers aren’t SO HIGH. I find success in smaller communities than with big ones and I’m not about to sell my soul to earn a dollar! Until next time, more coffee please!

If you have a topic you’d like me to discuss or you’d like to work with me, let’s collab! Enjoy your weekend. Coming soon- popular hashtags to use on IG to boost those likes + followers!

Learn more about Instagram Influencers and get inspired.

Bonus Tip ++ I also believe that people love to follow with real photographs versus graphics or just a feed of emoji type posts. Let your viewers see the real you! Looking to grow your business in 6 months or less? Follow these tips.


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