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A Coffee Addicts Guide To Blogging

2019 Blogging Goals For CAM

Hello my coffee addict friends! Over the years I have truly loved blogging. It’s always on my mind. I enjoy sharing information, photos, + life in general. For about 2 years, I’ve been thinking about Coffee Addict Mama and what it was going to be. I am honestly shocked that no one purchased the domain name during that time. Ha. I mean, it is awesome right?! Day after day I kept saying, ‘Buy the dot com so no one else does!’ Even when I didn’t know what direction to steer this website in. I was waiting for my head to get straight before I purchased it. I wasn’t able to wait any longer. I just bought it and thought, ‘Everything will fall into place eventually’. And sure enough here we are with blogging goals for CAM, A Coffee Addict’s Guide To Blogging and Lots of Coffee Talk.

celebrating the start of coffee addict mama

Blogging Goals Be Like

I’ll be completely honest with you! Starting a blog is like walking into a new school year and not knowing anyone. What if no one likes me, what should I wear, how do I start a conversation, who am I going to sit with at lunch. Oh, believe you me……’s one of those things where you have to take the chance and overtime you will be just fine.

For me, I have all kinds of ideas. Building a community, supporting start up bloggers, blogging for myself and connecting. I dislike being on the internet but I love the aspect of blogging. Does that sound weird. I’m one of those people who gets on FB and scrolls for a minute then jumps off. I love sharing my photos on IG but I dislike the scrolling and the vast majority of these two social media platforms just down right intimidates me. The work you put into blogging and then having to share it is overwhelming. I don’t tolerate stress well, so I limit my time on the internet. But at the same time I absolutely love connecting and putting myself out there.

Coffee Addict Mama Goal Setter

This website is all about coffee, lifestyle and blogging. It was originally going to be just a place for people to come meet, like an online coffee house and that’s it. However, there’s a part of blogging that I cannot disconnect with. So CAM is a blog where I share tips, coffee recipes and how to’s, and you can connect with like minded people if you choose. Coffee dates are my all time favorite, so I wanted to form a place that everyone interested could go, feel comfortable and eventually meet in real life. While that is not the case for everyone, it is for a lot of bloggers, moms and even men who want to have a normal, decent conversation with someone.

While sharing a host of other bloggers, my experience as a blogger and my favorite drink, I created a site that is all of the above. There’s no need for another social media platform ( I cannot compete with FB anyways ) – so there’s a coffee addict’s space on the internet that I’m actually loving thus far:

2019 goals for blogging

When you start a blog it is or can be all over the place. As you grow, you will notice change, gain further knowledge about you and your blog, and start to really flourish. A successful blog takes time. While some people do their research and start blogs for their own personal reasons, my reason for this blog is to number one: be me || share advice || be proud of something that I created and of course to have an excuse to drink more coffee.

Upcoming Goals for 2019:

  • fashion posts + my everyday coffee addict lifestyle
  • host blog parties
  • more blogging tips
  • share other coffee addict mama’s
  • build a community of friendships whether it’s here, social media or both
  • write longer posts
  • start using brighter colors with my themes
  • post more about me and who I am

Connect | Be Free | Learn + Grow

I’m looking forward to what Coffee Addict Mama really becomes. I don’t know exactly how it will all fall into place, just stick with me and we’ll both find out together. I’m not a life coach or anything of that nature but I always love when people ask questions!! So please do not be afraid to open up, display your own personal experiences and let’s connect.

I do want to promote small businesses and blogs on our FB page, so go LIKE, invite your friends and have a cuppa joe with us there. Every Friday I will try to post a self-promo there. Comment with your links, etc….

What are your 2019 goals. I know we’re in Spring now and we need to get moving. How can I help. Leave me comments so I can write a post about your needs. XO

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