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Coffee + Friends

Good conversations start with good coffee!

Welcome to our coffee room- a community of addicts from around the world!

Grab a cup and start mingling. This is the place to talk about life, coffee, kids, parenting, dating, marriage, the best coffee shops, experiences and just regular chit chat! Our website is easy to join. We want you to feel welcome, comfortable talking about pretty much anything and enjoying your coffee with new friends. Simply leave comments and engage in conversations to start with. 

Coffee & Friends

Meet Locals For Coffee Dates 


-If you are new here, introduce yourself in the comments below. You may start sharing your links in other comments

-Reply to others comments. Getting to know someone is the first step to true friendship

-Do not spam the comments with links or you’ll be blocked 

-Be authentic and genuine. Don’t go to people’s blogs and start leaving copy and pasted comments. Not allowed

-Come back daily to interact. We will leave the comments up for a while

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Welcome. Jump in. 

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