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One of the greatest things about having coffee is the conversation that goes along with it! We are a community of fun, energetic friends from around the world that have a lot to offer. If you’d like to be our guest, we’d love to have you!

Coffee + Blogs

Who We’re Looking for-

  • moms and women in general who love coffee
  • lifestyle bloggers
  • fashion bloggers who drink Starbucks
  • recipes, food bloggers
  • coffee shop lovers
  • coffee drinkers
  • dads ( any guy who wants to chime in )

All in all we want to feature great writing material and share your website and/or blogs. This is a fabulous way to get out there, meet new bloggers, create positive content for your portfolios, earn some friends while you’re at it and have an excuse to say, “More Coffee, Please!”

What It’s About-

anything related but not limited to coffee: can be a recipe that has coffee in it, a fashion post with you holding a coffee, a travel blogger who visits coffee shops, your life as a mom carrying a mug around all day……….in general anything, with a lil’ coffee in it!

blog features get featured on a coffee community that supports small bloggers, new blogs and veteran blogging


  • Create a blog post that is nearly 1500 words with plenty of details relating to your topic. I know, I know……sounds like way too much. It’s really not. The reason behind this is so that everyone here in this community will get to know you better. It essentially helps us, help you grow by giving you more blog exposure and we want our posts to be informative, relative and attractive.
  • Include enough photos. All photographs must be clear without any distractions in the backgrounds.
  • Provide links to your posts || blog || social media

Please take the time to create quality content not just for your own blogs but the blogs you want to be featured on. We support small bloggers and freelancers.

Each feature will receive:

  • unlimited shout outs on social media with links to your blogs
  • an outbound link to you as a sponsor
  • random mentions in our blog posts ( which is important to grow your own blogs )
  • the coffee addict mama feel free title with a feature on our IG and plenty of mentions in our stories on FB too
  • + more

Q + A-

  • do I have to have a blog to share my writing? No. Please feel free to write for us whether you have a website to link to or not.
  • can I just submit a photo of my coffee? Sure. We’ll be happy to share your photography and link to your IG account or something of that nature.
  • do I have to be a Coffee Addict Mama member to get featured? Yes.
  • do I have to be a mom to be included? No. As long as you love coffee, we love you!
  • how do I get more involved? Simply comment on posts, get featured, join our conversations, start conversations, show some love and be supportive.
  • what if I don’t drink coffee but I like the pics, etc, etc? The more, the caffeinated. Feel free to join us and maybe soon you too will be a coffee drinker!

Coffee Addict Lovers

It’s pretty amazing when other bloggers support you, show some comment love and form a community not just for blogging but the love of food, life and coffee! Any questions about getting published on Coffee Addict Mama, reach out. And as always, have a mugalicious day!

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